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To Stop Corporate Power Grab, Gig Workers 'Want Everybody to Vote No' on Prop 22 in California

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/10/23/stop-corporate-power-grab-gig-workers-want-everybody-vote-no-prop-22-california


…“Uber, Lyft, DoorDash, Postmates, and Instacart are pouring nearly $200 million into a giant PR campaign”…These are scummy, greedy asshat corporations that need to be eliminated or broken up into employee run co-ops…

Advocates declare that the laws they pass protect workers, providing with a higher ‘livable’ wage, a union to belong to which they must belong to in order to work, and many other benefits. They want to take the state and the nation to Europe, or to south of the border, where by law all jobs are good jobs.

Both places, particularly south of the border, are notorious for high unemployment. As they say, there are good jobs, “if you can get one.” And those places are also notorious for the existence of a parallel economy operating illegally and outside the law. (I read c.1993 that California also has an informal economy operating below the minimum wage.)

Include the Yellow Taxi monopoly in that demand.
We need something like Linux (replacing Bell’s UNIX) for the ride hailing, etc., industry.

A few weeks ago I ran into an ex-Uber/Lyft driver at the grocery checkout. He was ‘ex-’ because of coronavirus and the decrease in calls to Uber and Lyft. He said that he makes less money now doing deliveries for restaurants and other stores.

Those lists left out that gig workers also don’t get the employer share of the SS and Medicare taxes paid for them - they are obligated to pay the full 15.3% SS and Medicare tax out of their own pockets.

Of course, I suspect that many gig worker evade paying any SS and medicare tax in order to survive, assuring that at a minimum, their own SS benefits will be less, and making the Republican’s hoped-for demise of SS altogether more likely.

Regarding gig companies statements about leaving California in the wake of Thursday’s court ruling in favor of AB5 and threats to do so if Prop 22 is defeated at the polls, the driver called it a bluff. “California,” he said, “is Uber’s moneymaker.”

It’s about time someone called the bluff of these big companies. They are going to leave all that green behind in what is basically the world’s 5th largest economy? I THINK NOT! Similar to (was it google? Amazon?) who tried to extort NYC and the state out of millions in tax dollars to set up shop there. Their bid was defeated and THEY SET UP SHOP ANYWAY!