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To Stop It From Pulling 'the World Into the Abyss,' Climate Groups Deliver Groundbreaking Summons to the Company

To Stop It From Pulling 'the World Into the Abyss,' Climate Groups Deliver Groundbreaking Summons to the Company

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

A coalition of environmental groups issued Shell a court summons Friday demanding the company shift course from its fossil fuel business model and act on its responsibility to stop fueling the climate crisis.

The legal fight is "not only to protect present generations but also to protect future generations," according to the document (pdf).

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A Summons? Puleeze… they’ve been Fined how many times? These Action Groups should be fined for doing nothing while bragging about it.

They will have to change their entire infrastructure, a very expensive but necessary proposition. They will have to base their decisions on respect, not exploitation of the earth. They may have to lower wages, but I guess the last thing they will do is lower their executive pay. If I was invited to their board meeting, I would say, “You guys can all live very comfortably on a million a year. I live comfortably and without debt on $24,000. The CEO does not need a mult-million dollar salary. Your business model is based on greed.” But then they probably won’t invite a peon like me into their golden halls.

What tune are you playin’ … Stranglehold?

Since we are not going to quit using fossil fuels until other alternatives are available, we must stop them from being used to further pad the bank accounts of those already rich beyond imagination and who control the fossil fuel industry.

  1. The fossil fuel resources belong to all of us everywhere.
  2. As such, we need to take control of them.
  3. Nationalize all of them from the extraction industries to the production industries and tax their use.
  4. All profits derived from the above, including all taxes derived from their use will be used exclusively to fund renewable energy research and development and to subsidize those new industries until they are established.
  5. This way fossil fuel use, jobs and profit will go towards a programmed effort to save us from our certain demise by using resources we all own. Government’s around the world must come together to undertake and provide leadership in this endeavor; or, such government’s who cannot see their way to do so in this most important task to ever face humanity should be eliminated. Our very survival depends on action now.