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To Stop Keystone XL, 8,000 People in Just 24 Hours Make 'Promise to Protect'


To Stop Keystone XL, 8,000 People in Just 24 Hours Make 'Promise to Protect'

Jon Queally, staff writer

"TransCanada has many hurdles still ahead on Keystone XL, and if they ever run out, thousands of people have promised to be the biggest one."


Big Oil, along with baseballs, hot dogs and apple pie (Chevrolet, et al.) fought the efficiency trends that were begun largely in the 1970’s. Watching the soccer-mom meme sell SUVs made me sick. How much of the KXL, fracking and WARS could have been avoided? I don’t know, but not to have tried by staying on the efficiency/alternative bandwagon was a MORAL SIN committed by BIG ENERGY. The money system has to be revamped with taxes, subsidies for renewables, etc. if we expect to turn this tide. I applaud these brave souls defending what they hold sacred, but without a FUNDAMENTAL change in our decision making (money system), no significant efforts will be made to ameliorate anthropogenically induced climate change and its horrific effects.


At this point the best hope would seem to be the courts. The courts did not stop the Dakota Access pipeline but that was already constructed except for a river crossing. No construction has begun on this northern segment of Keystone XL. I think there remains a good chance it can be stopped. Keeping up the protests and fighting it in court may work.


If we had 8000 armed members of the “Protect America’s Lands and Waters” militia standing ready to oppose the raping of our lands so that a small group can profit from it, this Madness would stop.

Wind, solar, and geothermal energy needs “no” pipelines and doesn’t present a risk of contamination of earth and water.

We can use non-violent methods as were used at Standing Rock with the same result most likely to occur.

Mother Earth is crying for us to save Her from the ravages of greed that we have unleashed by supporting the parties of the Duopoly who both serve the Military Industrial Complex.

They only understand one thing, and it’s not a group saying, “We will overcome.”


Mini Wiconi -water is life
Stand strong for Gaia.:mushroom:


Water is life and we all have an interest in protecting it. Tar Sands and extraction change water usage. It is a finite resource. Here in CA people are already living without a water source. Many thanks to Promise to protect.!!!