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To Stop Threat of 'For-Profit Surveillance,' Rights Groups Demand End to Partnerships That Give Cops Access to Amazon Ring Data

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/10/08/stop-threat-profit-surveillance-rights-groups-demand-end-partnerships-give-cops

So you paid Amazon (Ama-fuckin-zon!) for an internet connected surveillance system and then you’re upset that you’re a data point participating in your own invasion of privacy? You didn’t see that coming?

Maybe you should have.


Anyone who uses Amazon is betraying themselves.


And you are making monthly payments* to be spied on? This one is easy: My garbage collection day is every Thursday.

  • Some would say its free after installation. Which reminds me of my children: Dad, why don’t you get on Facebook so you can keep up with family affairs … its free. My answer: So you are telling me Suckerburg got richer than god giving away a free service?

Does it get any more clueless than THAT?!

We may have reached critical mass of people who no longer have the survival instinct.


We have gone so far beyond anything imagined by George Orwell. It is astounding to me that people voluntarily connect themselves to the spy net. Astounding and disgusting. Sheep asking for directions to the slaughterhouse.


CIAMAZON should be their company name.

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I work with and otherwise know lots of Millenials and Gen Zers.

Never have I encountered a bunch as cavalier about turning over their identities and privacy.

And I’m not kidding: They pretty much across the board love being bombarded/targeted with ads and offers “just for them.” I’ve come out and directly asked them which is more important, convenience or privacy. By a factor of 9-1, they prefer convenience and my sample size is not small…They do, however, admit to being fearful of hackers…

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See my response to Phred above.

True. I work with several - same thing.
However two of my republican friends (one is a MAGAt and it’s very difficult to be around him any more) BOTH use to tell me “well I’ve got nothing to hide”.
One time I told them they’ve been programmed to answer the wrong question. The question is not, Do I have anything to hide. The Question is: Do I have anything to protect and you guys are answering NO to that.
They dont go there with me any more but I think they still look at it their original way.

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Yep, I get the same “I have nothing to hide” response.

But, hey, they get discounts on pizza and shit.


The gig being that “the consumer” is actually the product from start to finish.

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And do we not believe we are being spied on here?

Good point. That’s the main reason that I have a flip phone and never signed on with Facebook or other media.
I can get in enough trouble just bantering on line right here.

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Yeah, I do notice the way you tempt fate here. Stick with the flip phone, yo.