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To Stop Trump’s Military Police State, the House Needs to Withhold Funding From Trump’s Department of Homeland Security

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/07/29/stop-trumps-military-police-state-house-needs-withhold-funding-trumps-department

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I have come to the conclusion that somewhere in the disfunction junction known as Trump’s brain he rotates through an occasional orgasmic thought of becoming a martyr, having failed at nearly everything else. That makes him all the more dangerous. His cult following would surely aid the cause. Interesting times indeed. Watching history play out is trying, at best. Got an aspirin? Is it 5 PM? Somewhere?


why do so many authors on use the term democracy “this will not end well for our democracy”… we don’t live in a democracy !!

for fucksakes we don’t live in a democratic republic … itss called an oligarchy … Please use the right term …

everything will end fine for the oligarchy no matter who wins the election , no matter who dies in the protests or due to covid >> NO MATTER WHAT THE OLIGARCHY WILL BE FINE

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The DHS was formed long before Trump as were a number of Alphabet agencies that have been used against the peoples of the USA.

Barack Obama deployed them against the occupy movement just as example. He alos used them to help round up and deport millions of migrants from latin America. Johnson and Nixon also used these Alphabet agencies (Counter Intel Pro , project Mockingbird MK Ultra and the like were all very real). Snowden fled the USA because of what the NSA was doing while Obama President, the bulk of the leaks from Jullian Assange display corruption at the highest levels through a number of Presidencies where these agencies were used in ways that most would deem unconstitutional. Added to all that the Supreme Court of the USA has the final say as to the whether a various act violates the Constitution and they tend to favor the State.

Suggesting this is all about Trump and that with a Trump gone all well again is the very definition of not being able to see the forest for the trees. The Congress, The Senate, The Supreme Court, Republicans and Democrats both have all went along with this stuff in the past. They will not act unless they have to act so as to protect THEIR best interests. They will not act on the behalf of the people.


Aspirin is so yesterday,WiseOwl. But it’s 4:20 where I am. It eases many pains even the pain in the ass Trump…

Just Fucking Do It.

Agreed. These writers seem to conveniently forget that the NYPD has done the exact same thing as these federal agents, and that Trump wouldn’t have sent them without the explicit invitation from local police and unions, and the implicit acceptance of state officials. Everyone sees that Trump is playing to his base, but what is also happening is that state and local leaders and police are being made to look like ‘reasonable’ alternatives without moving an inch towards reform or defunding.

“Trump’s use of these federal agencies to turn our country into a police state is not only unconstitutional.”

For so many communities - poor, black, brown, trans, etc. we already live in a police state.

Democratic leaders will engage in all types of performance art over this issue, but the one thing they will not do is defund police and agencies like the DHS unless they are forced to do so by public demand. The people in the streets are the leaders we should be looking to - people who refuse to be intimidated, and who expose the ugly reality of the society we live in for the world to see.

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If the House does not approve funding for DHS, Trump has found that he can just declare an emergency and take government funds appropriated for other purposes. He did that for his wall and got away with that autocratic abuse, clean with no skin off his nose - so now he can give his middle finger to the appropriation requirement of the Constitution and to those who ask him to play nice and comply with the rules.

Trump’s supporters love that shit!