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To Stop Trump’s War with Iran, We Must Also Confront the Democrats Who Laid the Groundwork

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/01/06/stop-trumps-war-iran-we-must-also-confront-democrats-who-laid-groundwork


With both parties laying down the kindling in Iran since 1953, there is plenty of blame to go around and the average American knows next to nothing about any of it. However, presidents are expected to be informed and not play with matches. That is IQ45’s crime, in my opinion. Ignorance, arrogance, and gullibility. To the extent that he let the likes of Team Mike (Pompeo and Pence) goad him into his “action Joe” mode, he is culpable. Most of us know he was probably only seeking headline relief from the impeachment narrative, because it is always about him. Hell of a way to “run” a country. Banana anyone?


The best part was when Tim Kaine spoke up two days ago, bemoaning Trumps actions of assassinating a foreign national without trial, full well knowing that he cheered when Barack Obama did the same thing.
A plague on both your houses.


If/when there’s a vote to invade Iran, count on lots of Democrats voting to support it.

And watch the Biden/Buttigieg position: We support this war but we’d be better CICs than Trump.


Thec 2001 AUMF isn’t written in pencil, is it? The reasons not to be a member of the Dimocratic Party grow … no more watering necessary. Please someone, connect the dots on terrorism, Iran, 9/11, without mentioning Saudi Arabia, etc. etc. etc. Then work on Iraq, next. Thanks.
Rome might not of been built in a day but Empires don’t need a lot of help falling apart very quickly these days. Weirdly, they fall on the 99%ers repeatedly, too.
Just mix Republicrats & Demicons in equal measure, add $Trillions of dollars of dark money and stir for 5 minutes, tops. One of several recipes for disaster listed in the Congressional Cook Book since the end of the X-mas season.
Now they’ve got to be at least half off.


Thank you Sarah and Michael, and which one of you is the golfer?
Your article so perfectly expresses the poison of the Democratic
Party “teeing up the ball for Trump’s swing,” a hole in one.
And if Bernie is still in the clutches of Hillary’s Russiagate web,
Norm Solomon’s got a lot of explaining do.
Ever grateful for lifting the mask on the leviathan


Yes, the birthing, nurturing, feeding, and care of the MIC is a wholly bipartisan project, and has been for oh, call it 70 years.


“Imperialism” is the N word of American politics


Well, at least Pelosi and Schumer aren’t praising Trump the way they did after Trump launched the Tomahawk missiles on Syria in 2017. (Schumer congratulated Trump on looking “presidential” on that one.) Of course, they complained about being left out of the process, then, as now.

I also remember Obama assuring everyone that he would never abuse the powers he was adding to the office of president thanks to his continual attack on the Constitution. Not a peep from any of the Democrats as he pursued his extrajudicial assainations. When someone pointed out that this may be opening a Pandora’s box with future presidents, Obama just shrugged.

Excuse me while I vomit, once again, at the hypocrisy of the Democrats as they feign alarm at Trumps latest madness. Trump isn’t the only one that needs to be dumped.


Some of us did complain… as loud as we could. The PARTY has deserted humanity, not all democrats. We need to build the ranks of Congress and the Senate more to favor humanity and not war profit.


And, this mindless blunder has the potential to end up robbing the American people of $Trillions more than any previous military engagement has.

And the human costs I can’t even imagine.

The wrong human was assassinated last Friday.


That means voting for Green Party candidates.


And getting a better overall selection of candidates.


Biden has never questioned his vote in favor of invading Iraq in 2003 and this assures that he has zero chance of winning the general election on November 3.

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“Still, [Sanders] was demonized by some in the Democratic establishment.”

Oh, come on, the Democratic establishment doesn’t demonize Sanders. They would never.

BTW, did anyone catch this headline the other day?
“Scientists reveal worsening of insectapocalypse. Democratic establishment adds it’s Bernie Sanders’ fault.”

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Remember that President Obama and Vice President Biden refused to uphold the rule of law and prosecute the Cheney/Bush war criminals for their war crimes (9/11; war of aggression against Iraq; torture; …); thereby becoming accessories and accomplices of the Cheney/Bush et al. war criminals.


it seems CD never misses an opportunity to try to divide and demoralize the opposition to the Trump regime by unfairly demonizing Democrats, the only real political opposition. This despite Obama’s Democratic administration entering into the nuclear agreement with Iran, even returning their impounded money, that took a lot of political capital.
As for the Greens, their national campaigns have already accomplished nothing but a lot of damage by helping tip close elections to the GOP, their presence is a comfort to the Republicans, fossil fuel barons, and warmongers who may have indeed helped finance them.

In which party - the McConnell-Trump party or the Pelosi-Schumer-Hoyer-Clinton-Biden-Wasserman-Schultz party?

That would be a start. Even a third party if we could get traction. But since money controls the media, that would be harder. They black out anyone who stands in their way no matter what party.