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To Support 'Urgently-Needed Clean and Just Energy Transition,' 450+ Groups Demand Federal Regulators Rebuff Attack on Community Solar

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/06/15/support-urgently-needed-clean-and-just-energy-transition-450-groups-demand-federal

Who the hell is NERA? Some industry front group. Certainly not one that is looking out for rate payer interests as the name implies.

Sounds like another one of the faux groups designed to promote fossil fuels.

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I have a question;

What is Just about the atrocities committed to obtain the unobtainium required for high tech energy desperately hoping to carry on growth to infinity on a finite planet ?

Sure, some sleazy billionaires accept taxpayer bailouts to develop dreams of interstellar capitalism, that’s a different storyline written into many novels, the capitalists are always evil, just like now…

A sham to shut off the sun

Why so cynical? I trust Public Citizen who I have donated to in the past. If they are on board, then I don’t doubt the intention is to get a more favorable result to people who have solar panels on their roofs (not me as I have too much tree shading and not a lot of other people too, but I fully support the concept of utilities being the battery for the homeowner. If they put more into the grid than they use - they pay zero (or get credited for the next month or get a check) - that’s the way it should work. I don’t give a crap if the utilities don’t like it or want to complain about their costs in moving energy around. We are trying to solve a very big problem and we don’t need them getting in the way.

Re-read the article.

Public Citizen is NOT NERA. It is one of the signatories on the letter questioning NERA’s petition to move all decisions about net metering to FERC. Given FERC’s track record under both repub and Dem admins siding with the oil and gas industry, usually acting as a rubber stamp for what O&G wants, that is a major concern.

Net metering, which balances what those with solar put into the system with what they take out, is what we have now in most instances.

NERA wants “gross metering” which compensates those with solar at a lower rate for what they put into the grid then what they take out. Hence, an imbalance in the utilities favor. In other words, what Public Citizen and the other 450 groups don’t want to see happen.


Thanks for straightening me out. I read the first part and thought NERA was a signatory on the same side as Public Citizen to prevent utilities from screwing over solar panel owners but it is NERA doing the screwing which the end of the article makes very clear.

So yes, who the hell is NERA? I’m sure they don’t have any normal New England Rate Payers among their members.

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Appreciate you recognizing this and acknowledging it.

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I’m not going to be popular saying this, but electric energy is a commodity, and like produce, grains, or any bulk commodity, the selling price from the producer is always somewhat less than the buying price for the end-customer. Net metering is a great incentive to expand solar power, but it has to be understood that it is an incentive. At some point the incentive will not be needed and can be phased out. Public money - a government subsidy - may be needed to keep net metering going - and I think it would be money well-spent.

Home solar generators may want to consider saving for a battery syatem so they can use more of the electricity they generate themselves.

I’m LOL because there is another (or is it the same?) NERA that is a common think-tank/regulatory witness outfit hired by public utilities to help them screw residential ratepayers. Think neoliberal economics here.