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To Survive, the Democratic Party Needs to Stand Up to Wall Street and Global Corporations

To Survive, the Democratic Party Needs to Stand Up to Wall Street and Global Corporations

Sarah van Gelder

With the attention of the nation riveted on the Trump train wreck and on the historic Women’s March, one lesson of this moment is getting lost: The Democratic Party lost an election to one of the most unstable, lewd, and unqualified candidates ever to run for office.

If we are to get through this presidency without terrible damage to our country, ending it and its policies as quickly as possible, we will need a new direction from the Democratic Party.

The Democratic Party has proven itself to be unreformable, time and again. They have become totally captive of and beholden to massive wealthy interests - both individual and corporate. The people running the party are totally entrenched, care not a wit for the rest of us peons and just want us to either sit down and shut up and let the “adults” run things, or only do the protests they want to have happen. I finally became convinced of what people like Ralph Nader have been saying for decades about the Reps and Dems being two sides of the same bad penny after the Podesta emails were released. The truth hurts. And I hope it fatally hurts the Democrats.

I have left for the Green Party. They are welcoming Bernie-crats and true leftists and progressives with open arms. We will have a great say in the future direction of the Green Party. It will not be open to most of the criticisms leveled against it in the last cycle. It will have a new, more progressive-friendly platform that the vast majority of Americans who actually think can get behind. It will not take big money or allow the influence of any industry to dictate it’s positions. It will truly be the People’s party, and the establishment will scream bloody hell about it. So, please come and join us, and help blow up the established order for real this time! #Demexit.


It is the people who must unite not these paid for pols.


I respect your motives but have a different take on it. I have been a Green for 2 decades, including Nader’s run. I am about to become a Democrat for two reasons. First, I think the Green Party has never shown enough life to get it elected except in a few small local elections. I love the values it espouses but neither it nor other third parties have the strength to overcome the electoral system which will not allow their success. IRV would make it more feasible for a third party to succeed but that is not going to happen on a national scale in my lifetime.

Secondly, Bernie’s success was stunning and gave me some hope that progressive change may be feasible within the Democratic Party. Here again, the establishment shot him down and it would take another with Bernie’s values and charisma to overcome it. My hope is that his candidacy demonstrated that massive numbers of people can become involved and won over to progressive values which are the values that polls show the country wants.


This reflects the middle class perspective. What politicians know is that middle class workers are dependent on jobs from those corporations. How many could risk losing their jobs by “rising up,” knowing there’s nothing to fall back on?

From a broader perspective, we can say that the Dem Party is over for the foreseeable future. The reasons are quite basic. The Dem voting base had long consisted of the poor and middle class, for the common good. The Clinton wing split this base wide apart in the 1990s, and the past eight years confirmed that this split is permanent. Dems have little choice but to lean further to the right, in hopes of getting the votes of disaffected Republicans.

Anyone want to try to define today’s “progressive values?” What has been missing from the public/political discussion for years is any concept of “the common good” – the fundamental concept that had always driven progressive politics and policies.

Progressive politics isn’t new. My own great-grandparents were solid progressives early in the 20th Century. It’s an ideology that is deeply rooted in the common good, focused on building a legitimately egalitarian society from the bottom up. We see nothing like this today.


Bernie showed what the Democratic Party could be, and the Populace responded so strongly that he was forcibly stopped by the Powers that he threatened.

We, as a People, have always been ready to coalesce around a just cause, WWII (in reality legitimate, or not) proved that.

The Dem Party has all the apparatus in place, as well as part of the massive national delusion that there can be only two choices, and so a takeover would be ideal, (if at this point, unlikely).

We must realize that we, the 99%, have more in common with each other than not, and that our true enemies are those who control our Captured Media, and thus our information, and that We the People are really all on the same side.

The “99%” Party?

I think Woody and Pete would join.


Up until now the existence of the Democratic Party has never been threatened,they have always had two options, 1) be the party of the 99%, or 2) be addicted to corporate money and happy wearing the lesser evil hat.

With the GOP within striking distance of having the power to burn the US Constitution and Bill of Rights and replacing them with a brand new constitution that outlaws all parties other than the GOP, the Democratic Party today has two options, one the same old option of being the party of the 99%, or the option of being consigned to the dust bin of history within 5 to 10 years.

If the Party doesn’t choose option 1 post haste and get young voters’ (and many of us older voters’) support en masse for the 2018 midterm election, option 2 is the fate awaiting the Party.


Sarah… I’m afraid you identify the “what” as well as anyone but have omitted the more challenging “how.” There are huge hurdles to getting the incumbent-comfortable Democrats (and Republicans) in Congress to change, with campaigns dependent on huge amounts of money. Congress is stuck and the mainstream media are feeble. Bernie hinted at the only remaining solution regularly during his campaign and the Women’s Marches and other marches are part of it. People Power, in the form of mass marches and civic disobedience, are probably the only tactic that can make real change at this point. I hope that not many people get hurt.


To be a true Progressive is to be for the “Common Good”. This is something the geriatric gerrymandering Democrat Party leadership is not inclined to believe or practice because they only believe and serve their corporate elitists masters. Only in the last 72 hours have the other candidates begun to ‘mouth’ the same perspective as Ronan because they fear him taking leadership and see he has a popular following and support. They are only mimicking Ronan in order to falsely appeal to the public. We have seen them do this time and time again and then block progressives. We must continue to hold the Dem party accountable for the “Common Good” and not for the corporatist right of center neoliberal war hawks that have run the party into the ground and handed it over to Trump by nominating HRC.

If you really want to keep the heat on Trump AND ALSO BEAT Republicans in 2018 and 2020, then consider calling the DNC national HQ as well as your home state’s DNC HQ and inform them you want Sam Ronan to be the next DNC Chair and if not, they will loose more in 2018 and 2020. Ronan is the only DNC chair candidate that has spoken out against corporate fundraising and acknowledged that the primaries were rigged.

“So many of those people who are disenfranchised thought the primaries were rigged against them and their candidates. The fact of the matter is, it’s true. The Democratic Party has not been open to outsiders and new members in our entire history, and if we want to bring those people back, we need to prove to them that we are willing to open the doors,” said Ronan during a DNC chair candidate forum on February 5. “The hard part, the truth, the reality is that we messed up as a party. We need to own that and hold our fellow Democrats accountable.”

The Democratic leadership has not been held accountable and has instead been rewarded for their loyalty to the Clintons. Former DNC chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz was hired by the Clinton campaign after resigning from the DNC, and establishment leaders—including Barack Obama, Joe Biden, and Hillary Clinton—campaigned on her behalf in her primary election. Regardless of her failures and ethics violations, Wasserman Schultz is treated as a Democratic Party spokesperson. Donna Brazile is the Interim DNC chair, despite being fired by CNN for helping the Clinton campaign cheat in the primary debates. No Democratic leader has acknowledged the failures and ineptitude of the Clinton campaign. In truth, it was self-destructive for the for the Democratic Party to anoint Clinton as their presidential nominee.

Ronan has called for holding Democratic leaders accountable and making necessary changes to the DNC to make progressives feel represented rather than resented. He is the only DNC chair candidate to call for banning super delegates and donations from lobbyists, PACs and corporations." Excerpt from the Feb 14, 2017, Observer article entitled, “Millennial Veteran DNC Chair Candidate Calls Out Rigged Primaries, Corrupt Dems”


Which, in spite of her campaign rhetoric, few believed Hilliary would do – which is why she lost.   As O’Bummer himself admitted on January 27, 2010, “The differences between the two major parties are not as great as they are sometimes made out to be.”   Until Dirty Debbie is drummed out and party-hack stupordelegates eliminated, there is not much hope that the Damnocratic Party can revive itself.


Exactly!   The Repooplicans are busy shredding The Commons and selling it off to their Multi-NaZional Korporate sponsors owners.   Clean air and drinkable water aren’t even considered a public good any more.

You sound a lot like Nancy Pelosi when she gets up there and says that (unlike the Repugs) The Dems want to be a party that “works for everyone”. Talk about whistling in the dark! No body in their right mind wants an economy that works for the Trumps of the world, and that includes the Zuckerbergs, the Buffetts, the Bezos, or for that matter the Clintons. Trump won by recognizing this fact, and blaming the immigrants and minorities (as well as Wall St. and the Clintons) for the common peoples’ real woes. Even though his cabinet shows him to be the greatest hypocrite of all time, at least he was smart enough to know what to say. Which is a lot more than the Democratic establishment seems to be even now.


I dunno, but it seems to already have a pretty prog friendly platform, that, in fact, if you read opinion polls is one the majority of Americans are already behind - what it needs, indeed, is more folks like yourself to bring time, energy and what ever bucks you can afford, to it … (smile) Good for you!

" …neither it nor other third parties have the strength to overcome the electoral system which will not allow their success"

…Sanders success demonstrated two things - 1) the “little people” can come up with a boatload of money if they choose to 2) a “can’t win” candidate can go pretty far if folks decide to ignore that “can’t win” label and put their time, energy and money behind 'em and that is true for any candidate, regardless of party …

So, as any candidate on a ballot can win if enough folks support 'em, is it better to work to get folks to vote for a good candidate from a non-corp party - or to simply give-in and support a candidate from a corp one … seems to me it’s the former …

What Sanders showed was what folks could do if they decided to - nothing more, nothing less …

What i don’t understand is why folks keep stating “If the DP doesn’t do this, that or the other thing - it’s over, we’re outta here!” - folks have been saying that for years now - and the DP never does this, that, or the other thing, and still they say - how many times do you give a kid an allowance for cleaning up his room - when he doesn’t do it … we have been “threatening” them with leaving for ages and we never do - and they quite understandably feel quite secure in taking us for granted …


Well, so much for Ronan …

Shucks - if the “prog” Dems couldn’t even beat her, for Pete’s sake …

" …that the Democratic Party is out of touch with the pain many Americans experience."

No kidding …

“The Democratic Party has fallen short.”

That’s the understatement of the decade …

“The Democratic Party has a lot going for it …”

Yeah - Donald Trump, and the widely spread falsehood that TINA to the D/Rs

“If the Democratic Party can put women and men of all races and religions first, not global corporations, it might be able to earn the trust and enthusiasm of the American people in time to win big in the 2018 midterm elections.”

Well, let’s see - it hasn’t put those folks first in decades now - are you expecting a Road to Damascus moment?

Good grief, Sarah - time to say NO to the Dems and YES to something much better …