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To Tell You the Story

To Tell You the Story

Yannis Behrakis, one of the world's most respected photographers who chronicled with empathy "the best and the worst of humankind" in global conflicts and crises, has died of cancer at 58. Behrakis won multiple awards from his native Greece and internationally, including the Pulitzer for his coverage of the plight of refugees, for whom he sought "to be their voice." “My mission is to tell you the story," he said. “My mission is to make sure that nobody can say: ‘I didn’t know’.”


Such a brave sensitive man! He shared his heart and creativity with the world; sadly so very few could take in his humanity. I hope he didn’t suffer in his passing. Thanks, Abby.

Why is it that people like Behrakis are so rare and monsters like Dump and the Repugs and Dump’s loved ones all over the planet are so numerous?


Thank you Behrakis–your work truly stirs the conscience of our world. Rest in peace and beauty.

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Mr, Yannos Behrakis— from that video the world can see that you had a beautiful mind. You mentioned a daughter, maybe you had more children too—and I hope that they too inherit your beautiful mind, Don’t worry about Greece, as look at its history, from Thales on ------ surviving Xerxes , the 30 tyrants in the ancient history of Athens—and surviving WW 2 and all since then—Greece will be fine—America will be the next to sink— unless the planet goes first. Still-------- beautiful minds can inspire a world, because minds working in concert can change that world. : )