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To the Good Old Girls: Working Class Women Matter on Super Tuesday


To the Good Old Girls: Working Class Women Matter on Super Tuesday

Donna Smith

It felt worse to me than any good old boys slap down ever has during my adult life. I went to the California Democratic Party's convention in San Jose this weekend, and I decided I would attend the Women's Caucus and try to say a few words on behalf of Bernie Sanders. I had no illusions about the situation, so grabbing a few moments to speak was my goal. But not only was I excluded from doing so, I also watched the women convening the caucus celebrate what it means to be a wealthy and privileged woman during this campaign season.


Deeply felt, Donna! Thank Goddess you are on our side.

If you can, would you mention to Bernie's campaign that giving volunteers lists (online is fine) and having us call on our cell or land lines would be better than the robo calling that annoys people. We can check off the same answers. It just irritates people and they hang up.

If we could afford a storefront with a phone bank, even better. I'm not sure how to go about raising that money locally, although I'd better there are people in this town who wouldn't mind pitching in to rent the storefront and set up the phones to elect Bernie.


Donna, as a woman with working class roots I know of something you express. Here is a link on Hillary and her ilk:



Great piece and what you feel is heartfelt by many people. One thing has become more obvious in this election is that the status quo elites have dropped their pretenses about we are all the same and that we are all equal.

The elites feel confident that the average working class person will be controlled and manipulated by the media and therefore can be dismissed as a group. The media tells blacks that a civil rights marcher somehow has a race problem (which no one ever found any evidence of) while his opponent supported the crime bill that helped incarcerate so many minorities with sentencing differences for crack cocaine and powder cocaine, harsh sentencing, super predator characterizations and worse yet she is supposedly the friend of black people? Why is that anyway...where was any evidence that she was a friend to black people like maybe her being in a civil rights march or getting arrested during a protest for civil rights back in the day?

So the elites dismiss the public like they would children and in particular women and minorities because they can be told what they should think by the media and supposedly the public does what the media tells them.

This election reveals the contempt that the elites have for ordinary people. It is our own fault for letting them think that this is their democracy instead of it being ours.

But maybe they are right in one sense. We went from the fairness doctrine in the media to media consolidation where freedom of the press switched to being thought of as a corporate owned press that reflected the views of the elites that owned it.

That has caught up to us. This election is showing us all why media consolidation was not in the public's interest. The elites dismiss us as being susceptible to being led by the nose.

They dismiss us all...with a wave of the hand.


Donna I hear you! I'm in my 60's, have an advanced college degree, consider myself intelligent and well informed, but I was never part of the country club or sorority set of liberal women. I have never been a fan of Hillary and am supporting Bernie. Recently I joined a progressive women's group of women over 50, and have been appalled at how arrogant and rude many of these women are about women like myself who are supporting Bernie rather than Hillary. After attending 3 meetings, I have dropped out. I live in a very conservative city and was looking to make friendships among other educated like-minded progressive women in my town, and I realized just how elitist they are. I felt frozen out. They were angry because young millennial women are supporting Bernie, taking it as a personal affront that these young women have had it too easy and don't have sufficient appreciation of the struggles that Boomers went through in the women's movement of the 60's so the women of today have it "so good." I gently suggested if they wanted to influence young women to support Hillary, that harkening back to "the early days" might not work because young people aren't just interested in women's issues, but also in the environment, income inequality.....all the things Bernie stand for. They see Hillary as establishment, a wealthy arrogant woman with ethics problems who is out of touch with the world today, sort of like the women in this group. These women don't even want to hear another point of view. They saw me as a traitor to the "Cause." I, on the other hand, am disillusioned by the elitism of women of a certain age (mine) who call themselves progressives, but shun diversity of opinion in their own ranks.


Ah the hierarchy, why women think they have to model their behavior after the current (dysfunctional) mode of operandi is beyond me. Lack of imagination? Desperate for a piece of the pie? Mean spirited, fearful or all the above.

I salute you for your efforts on behalf of a model that is all inclusive. It's the only way to go that is sane and heartfelt. And a path littered with bodies.


Hays off to you, Donna and all who struggle!


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i did some robo-calls on behalf of GMO labeling in WA state, and i agree. They think it is more effective because it is "more efficient" but they do not measure the turn-off of answering the phone and getting a pause before a volunteer grabs the connection and tries to sound personal.


Yes. And a lot of people hang up if they don't hear a voice immediately b/c they assume it's a sales call, which most robo calls are.

Hopefully someone at the campaign will get the message. They could do a friendly "ask" by a good, local campaign manager to several wealthy donors for a local (real time) phone bank.


Thank you Donna Smith for your article and zuzumanu for your comment.
I agree with both of you, so I thought to share a direct quote from HRC on youtube
to confirm how "Elitist" She really is; this is her reply to a campaign supporter at some small event:

"Gee, you know, I don't even remember the last time I drove my own car...
Hmm... maybe it was back in 1990...?

Limo Ladies Club with Diane Feinstein and The Good Old Girls...


I remember Donna, with much respect, from her days in Dubuque, IA. So glad you wrote about this experience. Your voice is valuable and your perspective is much needed! We do not take it for granted!


Dear Donna,
First, I want you to know how very much I have valued every one of your postings. As an English teacher and professor [grades 9-12 and English 101] I can recognize thoughtful, persuasive, eloquent writing, and you girl, are a VERY TALENTED writer. I salute you and thank you for your efforts for BERNIE and for the restoration of our beautiful democracy which seems to have lost its way.

As a case in point, look @ the once magnificent John Lewis, bashed in the head for daring to march for civil rights. Now he not only supports the liar and warmongerer, for President; I just learned through a BERNIE volunteer of an equally passionate BERNIE supporter, John Lewis' constituent, who tried to deliver a petition for Lewis to respect his constituents' wishes as a superdelegate. She & her group were treated pretty much as were you. Mebbe Lewis' head was damaged years ago? Mebbe he has a bad case of DC Establishmentitis?

And here in SC I am just ill over the misinformed and politically illiterate African Americans who gave SlickWillieShillarytheHawk a landslide in our Feb. 27th primary. I can say with pride that I persuaded a close AfAmer friend to sport BERNIE signs, BERNIE bumper stickers, and to vote --as Spike Lee might say, "the RIGHT way."

I am much intrigued by the post above from the RN who urges a Peoples Party. Mebbe too late in the game?

Stay strong, Donna, and keep inspiring all of us who are still working for a living, or who certainly worked long & hard when we were in the trenches. You are a treasure and an inspiration to us all.
Marjorie Trifon proud BERNER Columbia, SC


There is so much 'baggage', deservedly or not, that any Republican will have to sling against this Republicrat that I think she will be eviscerated. You can bet Trump will never 'get tired of her damn emails'. The Republican party is imploding; The Democrats are deeply divided. Democrat turn out is down; Republican turnout is up. Clinton is exciting no one but her core base. The DNC machinations have disgusted countless numbers of those hoping for a 'fair and balanced' process, hoping to restore just a little of our 'democracy'. Sanders has re-energized many 'old-timers' like me: excited a new generation of 'young-uns'; appealed to many independents, middle-roaders, undecideds, and even real republicans. It is challenging enough to get 'Sandernistas' to show up for caucuses etc, but I seriously doubt many'any of them will turn out to support more of the same old shit that the 'Democrats' have been bamboozling us with for decades, even if it means we will be welcomed to the wonderful new world of Tsar Trump. They will simply throw up their hands, keep on trying to survive, and say "Why bother, our vote doesn't count and we don't matter", and they would be right. If only Elizabeth Warren had shown the same courage and commitment to her 'principles' as TULSI GABBARD, and actually walked the walk with so many of us, the future might have been a little brighter, at least for the 'young-uns'.
History will/has trashed "The Clinton's", so I'll just add this:-


People's Party sounds good, but no way would it help until after Sander's already in the White House. I fear that doing it mid-campaign would on cause much confusion and little doubt the subject Wall Street/1% 'ladies' a victory.


Oh, just one more reminder:-


Thank you, Donna, for all your postings. When I see your name I check it immediately. I am only one of the very many (I assume) who value your contributions for all of us.

You've really nailed in on the head. I work in and around too many of these privileged people. They are the ones placed in charge whose only "job knowledge" is martini-party type conversations and schmoozing. Their toys are just "bling" for the rich - - programs and products which harm us or at best are indifferent to the fate of those not rich. That includes "philanthropy" which is really just rich people playing toy soldier or doll house with our (very real) lives. Basically these are "royals" all over again. The more I see of them the more the horrors of the French Revolution make sense.

They will never truly see you as "one of them." Nor do they deserve to be one of you or any of the rest of us in the work-a-day world.


Great job shedding light on something that needs saying.

Just how much Hillary Clinton does not speak for me or to me hit me like a brick when I read about Madeline Albright's comments and noticed the fact that Hillary thought that it was fine to consign us all to Hell.

I wrote a rant that day saying these women had no clue how some of us have lived. I do not have a degree but have enough college hours to have more than a Masters Degree. I'm not ignorant and I don't come from the trailer park.

These women and those they are associated with do not comprehend what it is like to have a sick child with no insurance and no child support, making just enough money to survive, while the man next to you makes $15,000 more per year for the same job and thinks he can tell you to get his coffee too.

This woman, Hillary, who told us we shouldn't ask for so much in health care. It has apparently not crossed her mind that many simply cannot pay a $5,000 deductible/year. Simply cannot do it and eat too. We can't ask for Single Payer, because why ? She would have to work to hard to make it happen ? Or does she not want to make it happen ? That would please some of her donors.

How can you care about the people and/or the country and take this position. This position that not only punishes the people but is against the most efficient and least costly thing for the nation.

Sure some of these things I mention have gotten better over time. But there is still plenty of room for improvement.

Never should we be so naïve as to believe that these elitists, women and men, but none so disappointing to us as the women, really care how the middle class and lower classes live. No, not really. If for no other reason than because they haven't lived it themselves and haven't really known others that have lived it. Or,if they have, they think it is somehow our fault.

Yet, all we ask for is a Fair Deal.

They will live in their arrogance and stay tone deaf, occasionally doing something good and then can pat themselves on their backs.

We should never allow them to con us into believing that we don't deserve any more, or that it is ok to take away our voice. The middle class, the working class, has always been the backbone of America. Always. Without us they cannot exist, even if they are too shallow to realize it.

Without our sons and our daughters they have no military and protection from the world.

Without us their factories would shut down.

Like Bernie, who should not be underestimated, nor should we allow ourselves to be underestimated and undervalued.

I will never do such a disservice to my country as to promote or vote a candidate for the United States who I do not believe is the best and can be the most responsive to the people. Not even a woman.


I just said the same thing today at a visit to our new Sanders local headquarters. I've watched and been instructed in that tech phone banking, and I think it runs the danger of being off-putting because of its potential hiccups. The volunteer there seemed to understand and said they had alternative local phone banking. I think it's important to make a contact that is genuine and as much like a face-to-face as possible.


Thanks, Donna, for describing so coherently the often vague but emphatic dissatisfaction many American women are having with the female Democratic establishment. I too have been angered by the complacency of many of my female Democratic friends. They are smart women, and consider themselves progressive, but refuse to dig deeply and examine anything that challenges the Hillary legend. They will nod their heads if I mention Sanders, but you can tell that they are tuning out, so I don't bother discussing it. I am losing patience with them because they are discreet stumbling blocks to a real progressive future.