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To the Press, after 18 Months of Trump


To the Press, after 18 Months of Trump

Robert Reich

1. Stop treating Trump’s tweets as news.

2. Don’t believe a single word that comes out of his mouth.

3. Don’t fall for the reality-TV spectacles he creates. (For example, his meeting with Kim Jong-un.) They’re not news, either.

4. Don’t let his churlish thin-skinned vindictive narcissistic rants divert attention from what he’s really doing.


Journalism is dead, and we have killed it."
–Nietzsche version 1987*

*(death of Fairness Doctrine)

Sorry Prof. Reich, but the owners of this country (see George Carlin) control the (allegedly) Free Press. The “Game Over” message has been flashing for quite some time now. If Net Neutrality really goes down the pike for good, this message will just double down.


If the press won’t do it then the rest of us need to be convening town hall meetings in the form of pot-luck dinners in every burg throughout the country. Human dignity, strength- not power - truth, documentation and stalwart community interaction.

For the better angels of Constitutional governance, these are coups by bulldozer.


Reich is an important liberal voice. He should run for elected office. He would be a great add to the senate. That said, most of his should be’s never will be. To echo Reich’s own point, America’s voters are moved by tweets (the new bumper sticker), not essays.


Not mentioned by Reich is the HISTORY that is NEVER taught regarding secret operations in Mexico, and central and South America which has for centuries been undermining humanity. The FACT is that despite this, the methodologies STILL FAIL and are, quite literally, destroying the planet. The fact that these coup operatives lie so blatantly is evidence that they are just itching to trigger a revolution that can be put down by force - the ONLY “operational” methodology they [think they] know. But just like the kids from Parkland stand to sing, enough of us KNOW THE TRUE HISTORY and will not be manipulated by operatives who will only become more and more desperate and violent. Don let them manipulate you.


The MSM resort to resort to actual journalism? No going to happen. The profit isn’t there. Tweets, tantrums, lies, the latest verbal grunting, display of idiocy and all the rest of the Trump show get an enormous number of hits and require no expensive and time consuming journalism in their reporting. In an industry run for profit and a consumer base with a short attention span and more interested in being entertained, than informed, actual journalism just doesn’t sell.


Whatever the press is doing it isn’t that hard to see what Trump is up to. The problem is if a viewer wants to keep non-whites out of the US and deport all of the undocumented immigrants then Trump is the viewer’s guy regardless of what the press says. Trump is a demagogue using racism to gain power. That is what it all comes down to.


Today’s Real Clear Politics Polls summary:

President Trump Job Approval Rasmussen Reports Approve 48, Disapprove 50 Disapprove +2
|President Trump Job Approval|Reuters/Ipsos|Approve 43, Disapprove 54|Disapprove +11|
|President Trump Job Approval|PPP (D)|Approve 39, Disapprove 54|Disapprove +15|
|President Trump Job Approval|Economist/YouGov|Approve 45, Disapprove 51|Disapprove +6|

I wish Professor Robert Reich would run for president. He would be the highest IQ of any president in our entire history.


Right ON! Lamestreet Media owned by the 1% are not looking after we the people, only their cronies in industry and government.

They are as big as problem as money in politics “Citizens United” “Too Big to Fail Banks” and no accountability. Instead of the GD fines on Corporations, JAIL THEM.


It’s really difficult to prevent the widespread dissemination of “news” about the Trump administration into local channels–Local news outlets (this has been made worse by the Sinclair network) regularly recycle the latest activities, and statements, whether tweets or verbal, and normalize the Trump presidency–There’s almost no move to fact-check, and probably budgetary constraints play into this–I have heard the local Bay Area news outlets pass on Trump’s easily checked lies as merely statements the President made today without any attempt to point out they’re retailing the latest lies.


In the last 7 days I’ve found new stories about Venezuela, Nicaragua, Columbia and Mexico which are absolutely MSM propaganda ( read State Dept.lies/spin? ) containing outright lies.
The offenders include The Daily Beast, CNN, MSNBC and, of course, the AP. Reuters and Bloomberg aren’t any better, really.
There are other news forums/aggregators like Democratic Underground which perpetuate misinformation. Progressives at DU have their hands full, without a doubt. And, who the hell knows what is going on inside regional and city news outlets. Their bullshit meters are all down, oddly enough, at the same time. Who’d of thunk it could happen here?
Here’s the deal; all the above mentioned countries had free and fair elections ( whether you like the results or not ) with international monitoring. The Carter Center was in the mix, too. The U.N. had observers in these countries, as well. Better than American elections, often.
Were there voting irregularities? Corruption? Yes and possibly. But we know there was recently in the Honduras and previously in Columbia, etc. What went on in Argentina 2 years ago? What is going on in Brazil with Lulu? Soft coups abound? Who’s zooming who, here? American interference? R U crazy! Must be a Socialist!
HELLO-these countries are not dictatorships!!!
Neither is Bolivia or El Salvador, for that matter.
Why do many countries on this planet absolutely hate dealing with agents, agencies and gov’t officials from the United States?
The better question is; why wouldn’t they, in asking honestly.


Can we say Operation Mockingbird ?, It never ended, regardless of what the CIA says.
We haven’t had real journalism in years.
Not meant to be directed at you Mrs. Hitts, I’m pretty sure you know this.