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To Transform Nation, Sanders Urges Movement to Organize its 'Outrage'



The electoral college assures that the November election outcome will indeed be determined by swing voters in the 6 to 10 swing states.

Those of us who vote in Blue or Red states, including Sanders, have already had ALL of the influence we will ever have in 2016 when we voted in our state's caucus or primary.


Bernie (and I) continue to do what we can to push the existing system toward getting onto the revolution. After the Demo convention, "what we can" may indeed be limited to a vote on the presidential line on our individual ballots. But then the real revolution takes over, with downticket votes, with running for office, with speaking up and speaking up and speaking up. And for Bernie, back to standing firmly in the "aisle" of the Senate. The revolution dies only if we let it.


The DNC tolerated Sanders for the past year ONLY because he provides a ready made scapegoat to blame if Clinton loses in November.

The DNC/MSM tag team that serially falsely accuses Nader for costing Gore the 2000 election has been so successful that they have already set Sanders up like a bowling pin irrespective of what he does going forward.


"Yes," he would vote for Clinton—if only to stop a Trump presidency.

Good news. Bernie is coming around. He said that Trump must be stopped at all costs and this a big step in that direction. The leader of the movement has spoken. Now will others follow?


Sanders' "stopping Trump" gesture is token at best.

Clinton will get Vermont's electoral votes no matter who Sanders votes for, or if he doesn't vote at all


With Bernie now voting for Hillary, this should be some political revolution.


I agree thelma and many commenters above.

This is called crazy making behavior: when a leader says one thing with passion and conviction then turns around and does the opposite. i.e. "we can break up the establishment" but "I'm going to vote for HRC"---- the epitome of establishment and worse.

It's what we're used to with Obama who proclaims he cares about climate change but has promoted an all of the above energy strategy and approves drilling-----too many examples of this forked tongue speak to list. We get this more from democrats than republicans and in some ways I find democrats more maddening because of this.

I believe these mixed messages contribute to despair and learned helplessness for a huge amount of the population.

Bernie should know this and refuse to be a part of this.

His campaign was supposed to be based on the TRUTH. We need the TRUTH which is to speak to what HRC represents.


Bernie is "right on." The worst thing the people of the United States have to fear is a total right-wing takeover of the government, and in 2016 Donald Trump is the embodiment of that spectre. I know some out there think that the Democratic party is a carbon copy of the Republicans. Not true. There are many decent, dedicated people (in office and out) who are Democrats and want to protect the gains, if not expand them, that have been made since the New Deal: real tax reform, a people-oriented health-care system, a move to alternative energy, support for the Voting Rights Act, expand Social Security--the list goes on and on. Look where the labor movement is, the civil rights movement, seniors, and others. These are the cornerstones of a new progressive force and they're not supporting the Republicans.
We cannot divide ourselves and let these dangerous right-wingers to destroy all that we have struggled for over so many years. Imagine what things would be like if Donald Trump, Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell, and John Roberts have free reign to run the country.
No one is under the illusion (or very few are) that Hillary Clinton is a progressive, or even very liberal. But the Democratic party this year (and I'm not talking over the long-term) is the last hope to defend us against the ultra-right onslaught.
Only if we all unite and stand strong will we make the advances we all want. We need to build the power, and that will not happen in four months. Bernie has the right idea--we need to build such a movement systematically with a clear idea as to where we want to go.


Senator Sanders may not receive the Presidential nomination, however that is only half the battle.The other half is to revolutionise Congress. Bernie should extend his influence to getting Congressmen of integrity elected.

The political powers of both parties have yet to acknowledge or recognise the fundamental ethic behind the popularity of both Sanders and Trump: the American people are simply tired of Politics as Usual. To not extend The Revolution into Congressional races would be to miss a rare opportunity to clean up Congres.

The reason we Sanders Revolutionaries could have a real effect on Congressional election outcomes is that most elections are decided by a few percentage points and a concerted vote by a relative few can decide the contest. The problem is which candidate to focus on.

On his web page Bernie could have his recommendations for each Congressional seat up for grabs this election season. Imagine a spreadsheet type page: One would click on one’s State then any of the Candidates. The spreadsheet columns would have Bernie's’ recommendation and the candidate's’ position on the critical issues etc.. Whatever variation on this theme is fine; the point being that it focuses Bernie’s revolution on Congress, which is actually more critical to effecting change than is the Presidency.

Whether the subject is the 1%, and their unfair share of the national wealth, inaction on Climate Change, True Election Reform or other critical issues we will not get action until Special Interest Influence is removed from Congress. Only the Voters can change the mentality of Congress. Congress writes the election laws and only our elected representatives can change them. Hence the primary criterion on Bernie’s spreadsheet would be: “does this candidate believe in True Election Reform”?.


Bernie campaign sent out a survey related to the issues/platform yesterday. It was hard to prioritize the top issues as they’re all interrelated!

I did ad in the comment section that I believe HRC, the DNC would not allow for the change necessary to have a habitable, peaceful planet.
Does anyone read these surveys?



Thanks to a Florida law firm usuncut.com has a story about a class action lawsuit to be filed next week against the DNC for election fraud. I signed on and you should too. There is also a law suit against California but haven't heard more about that. Wikileaks promises their release of info will get her indicted.
We all need to wait and see what happens at the convention. It won't be ordinary that's for sure.
I won't vote for Hillary no matter what Bernie does. I think it's time to shatter the DNC and make them get it right or not get our votes. This law suit may well change their minds between now and convention. Bernie may be the only one left standing.
It's a nail bitter but all we can do is wait. Things are coming that may change the whole picture. Too early to throw up our hands.
Never Hillary


Not my opinion. That's exactly the attitude they want us to have. Be afraid enough of Republicans to vote for the criminal Clinton. The most meaningful bills that Bill passed were all republican initiatives. Clintons are as republican as they come.
Dems get a pass on these things out of fear. I'm not buying that shit this time. You go ahead. Remember it was Obama that put Social security on the table and enabled the bankers while letting the country flounder.
The Dems are as right leaning as they come and the few who aren't are ignored like Bernie has been.


Hell no. Not going to give Hillary the election after all the lying and cheating because oooh Trump. Not this time.


I wouldn't consider Bernie the leader of the movement. The current face of the movement, perhaps, but not the leader. If you think even Bernie Sanders could make those of us who want real political change to vote for Clinton, you are delusional.


Two Bernie Rallies !TODAY! Streamed live:

10AM PST Albany, NY - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hZKDq3MbK9I

4PM PST Syracuse, NY - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nNhVKEWF-10


And if he had answered "No, I will not (or in a signal to his supporters and delegates "would" not) vote for Secretary Clinton" - then what? If they even let him into the convention he would surely not be allowed to speak or appear on stage. At this juncture he has surely signaled he will not run as third-party. Reading Kevin Gosztola's account of the NY state D proceedings there is open hostility to the Sanders faction of the party by the old D party machine. If this attitude and this mood metastasizes in Philly who knows how Sanders may react? If it were me I'd tell them to kiss my ass and eat my dust, which is one of many explanations why I'm not in politics.

This is an ongoing internal conflict but at this moment considering how best to utilize my vote my conclusion is to let the D party hang out to dry. Will not be swayed by lectures on the pragmatic benefits of submissive resignation.


It was obvious that if Bernie did not get the nomination the "end game" would not be pretty. It couldn't be because Bernie gave his word that he would support the nominee of the Democratic Party. I view this endorsement as pro forma. I have the highest regard for Bernie, and he has my respect.

Still, HIllary is not an option, she never was and never will be. Because I live in one of the most gerrymandered districts (map drawn by Democrats) there isn't a prayer of a local Democrat, let alone a progressive, winning anything. On election day, with camera in hand, I will seek out a " rural scene, a rural scene, sweet especial rural scene."


In case anyone can read this, I was removed from this site for posting that Bernie can safely vote for Jill Stein.


Sanders didn't have the balls to kick the red queen in the ass when he had multiple chances to do just that. I really cannot understand his weknesss that cost him the election in that regard. Sanders always too soft on the wicked woman.