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To Trump and His Supporters, Blacks and Muslims Are the Enemy


To Trump and His Supporters, Blacks and Muslims Are the Enemy

Sonali Kolhatkar

From Minneapolis to Chicago this week, thousands of Americans are marching to demand justice in the police shootings of two young black men, 24-year-old Jamar Clark and 17-year-old Laquan McDonald. Despite the fact that fatal shootings at the hands of U.S. police far outnumber American deaths at the hands of terrorists, right-wing politicians in the U.S. are focused solely on the specter of Muslim fundamentalism in the wake of the Nov. 13 Paris attacks.


The title is not fair to Trump. He also hates Mexicans.


they hate pretty much everybody, and, I suspect, themselves, too, 'cause you gotta have a ton of self-loathing to feel the way some of those brothers and sisters do.


They need to bring the T.V. show back called: ALL IN THE FAMILY, because they would not need an actor to play the part of Archie Bunker, Trump would just have to act naturally!


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Trump justified Southall’s beating on television, saying, “Maybe he should have been roughed up.”

Yes, because he was black in a crowd of white people, there to protest. Foolish man, didn't know his place.

Contrast that to Minneapolis, where a crowd of black protesters are stalked for several nights by several armed, masked white men. Concerned that these men with masks and bulletproof vests might be up to no good, the protesters form a security detail, which confronts the men who are taking videos of the crowd. They are asked to leave, and then moved away from the crowd where they stop, turn and start shooting into the unarmed crowd, and then flee.

I don't know what Donald Trump had to say about those events, but the right wing bloggers and commenters are claiming that these peaceful whites were there to exercise their rights, were attacked over and over by a mob of black thugs, and were entirely justified in exercising their "right of self defense."

Sure. It's all perfectly logical.


Ben Carson should say something about Trump's comments.


While the cops watched. That figures. Rule by money, rule by hate are now the law-enforcement guidelines in this country.


Prior to Hitler becoming dictator, Germany was ruled for several years by an appointed cabinet which set the precedent for authoritarian rule. The communist and socialist parties which might have opposed Naziism were so consumed with hatred for each other that they provided no effective opposition to the rise of Hitler, much like the two U.S. parties today.

In a similar way, recent American presidents have set many authoritarian precedents that a President Trump easily could follow, from waging undeclared war to massive surveillance. Barack Obama has been particularly good in establishing a solid foundation for a fascist successor, however unwittingly. He has directed the deportation of millions of Latinos and ramped up militarization of the police while expressing sympathy for Latino immigrants and Black Lives Matter protestors, outraging the ignorant white masses who see only his skin color. The resulting reservoir of white hatred is integral to the Trump campaign - "Make America White Again" is what they hear him saying.