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To Trump's Threat That Biden Will Ban Fracking, Climate Campaigners Say, 'Yes, Please'

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/11/06/trumps-threat-biden-will-ban-fracking-climate-campaigners-say-yes-please

Biden ban fracking, in a climate change event no less, only goes to confirm drumpf is completely delusional. The next thing he’ll be lying about is Biden passing Medicare For All during a pandemic.

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Yeah, have to love how the media and both political parties go all in on convincing voters that the very thing they and the planet need, are the worst things in the world for them.


Fracking is a money loser. Please correct me if I am wrong. (Yes, a few people dip into the industry cash flow and line their pockets).

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Biden will be too busy firing all of trump’s puppets, reversing all of trump’s executive orders, and laying out a case against trump, I hope.

A money loser for EVERYBODY not at the pyramid’s tip (a real KILLER for farmers, property owner, surrounded by well-pads, eight diagonally drilled, then blasted, then fracked, 20K’ down or two miles out). They’re re-re-re-fracked, they overlap, they kick far sooner than suggested, the cement-jobs, annulars, even casing FAILS or they simply blow out. The radioactive, lethal fracking brine destroyed local water treatment plants (outsourced to mostly mobbed-up foreign multi-nationals and at least PA’s Democratic administrations have basically legalized watering it down, or injecting it into… basically anything hole-like: Pennsylvania was the first cancer valley, in 1859) Since the bores go through different strata, they can’t be “plugged” at taxpayer’s expense, as they kick and are hastily, legally abandoned) we workers are virtually ALL from other states, countries. 1.9 million wells are envisioned by the folks at the top. Bursmina was a failed one, Bloomsburg bought another, Hillary & Madeline were the fracking Queens ALL over the planet.





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Yep. And it’s the same story in Canada. Abandoned wells all over the country. Canadians have fracking under the unstable and over budget site c dam and the us has fracking under the nuke waste storage in New Mexico. Mad hatters are in charge.

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Pittsburgh has two GINORMOUS 45yr old reactors ~1/4 mi from the nearest of MANY pads (across the Ohio from the FIRST commercial reactor’s sarcophagus). Shit, I’m betting they’d at least considered fracking with the steam?) But, this is BLUE Pennsylvania, where reservoirs are repeatedly fracked, powerstations, steel mills AND water “treatment” plants were all clogged with “brine” by 2009 (you can likely GUESS where all the fracking fluid & TDS went?) As folks succumb to the various well documented water, air & food-bourne toxins; fewer & fewer of the “essential workers” red-lined into Cancer Valley Appalachia will have ACA “medical” insurance… or homes. So, everything’s back to NORMAL!

This was why Pittsburgh’s 2009 G20 was dress-rehearsal for federally integrated, militarized police/ NSA/ DHS/ FBI & Company Thug suppression of First Amendment rights.

~https://wolfstreet.com/2020/11/07/state-of-the-american-debt-slaves-q3-2020-the-stimulus-forbearance-phenomenon (just IMAGINE who the next Trump will be?)

~https://www.wsws.org/en/articles/2020/11/07/elec-n07.html (Senate, Judiciary, House AND state legislatures)


~https://www.curbed.com/2020/11/nyc-cuomo-eviction-order-election-night.html (thank GOD, shit’s back to normal!)