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To Use His Space Against Him: Learning As A Form of Protest


To Use His Space Against Him: Learning As A Form of Protest

Every Friday lunchtime this year, Jeff Bergman has joined the gawkers and 1%ers and Secret Service in the glitzy lobby of Trump Tower, the "Ultimate Residential Building Worldwide,” for an improbable teach-in, reading aloud into the prevailing crassness about power and justice from Orwell, Neruda, Yates, Zinn, Camus, Malcolm X. For his last resistance reading of 2017, because we need it, he read from Rebecca Solnit's "Hope in the Dark": "(Hope) is an axe you break down doors with in an emergency."


The caption to the photo says ‘garbage truck surround’ the building. They look like dump trucks to me, lined up in front of the building, probably full of gravel…I’d hazard a guess that they are there as a protective barrier. Nothing gets to park in front of that building without the police’s say so.


Yes, and the sand and gravel (salt in one of them) in those dump trucks is hardly “garbage” - it is a valuable product used everywhere in the built environment. Why is the US left so illiterate regarding everything technical and infrastructural? And why does the US left get so loose with facts - just like the right - when they need to make a point? I thought that facts and science were the friends of the left (well, except for GMO’s, vaccines, and nuclear power).

But, back to the topic, the lobby and viewing decks on the upper floors of the Trump tower in NYC are legally public spaces by contract with the City of New York. And, the entire Old Post Office in DC, currently, and temporarily being used by Trump for a hotel is actually owned by the US General Services Administration - i.e. the people of the USA. So nobody should be being blocked from entering there either.


I had to look up who this Mel Tormé guy was. Uuugh!! Pure Trump - Pure rich fucks!


why are you trashing Mel Torme? He was not only a singer but a songwriter—most noted for “The CHristmas Song” (“Chestunuts roasting on a open fire…”) Was he rich?Yes: but, BY HIS OWN TALENT as an artist. NOT by ripping off workers &being a crass opportunist (like Trump).


I was hoping they were filled with various kinds of manure—bull, horse, etc.



Let’s break down those doors with our axes of sacred Truth!