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To Walk With the Wind

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/further/2020/07/30/walk-wind

Obama arrived at the White House with more potential to make systemic changes than possibly any president in history – and a mandate to make it happen.

Instead, he bought into his own rhetoric about promoting bi-partisanship (he was either naive or stupid), passed the heavy lifting to senior members of Congress (who passed it on to their favorite lobbyists), and reinforced the narrowness of options available to government (whatever corporate money wants). In the process, he asked people to “make him do it,” while shutting those people out.

Now he wants to be a political firebrand but speeches are all he’s got.

And we have Joe DiMentio to play the role of Obama 2.0, except a daffier and more conservative version, to prove that a leopard like Obama can’t/won’t change his spots. A middle-of-the-roader til the end.

John Lewis was an actual firebrand at one point. Then he morphed over time into a run-of-the-mill d-party hack. But he delivered thrilling speeches too. Ho hum.


One of over 40 arrests says it ALL

To ALL those with the Courage to be in the Streets

God Bless You. You DO Make a Difference

Lewis was hardly the man to confront racism head-on. That would have been Stokely Carmichael, Eldridge Cleaver, and Malcolm. Most of his life he was content to be an establishment Democrat, not seeking to do the things that needed to be done–such as promoting a broad Medicare-for-all plan. When George W. Bush, Bill Clinton, and Barack Obama are all delivering praise at your funeral, you know that you hardly rattled the cages of power.


The reason M$A doesn’t ever pass is because it is NOT a good plan and doesn’t address the problems of healthcare. Period. We do need a plan, not milk toast crap which is what M4A is.

Right on Mr. Lewis

“De mortuis nil nisi bene” - ‘Speak only good of the dead!’
But John Lewis was dishonest here when he only called up the names of the few who died recently, namely under Donald Trump a President, and conveniently forgets the many Black Lives who got lost under Barack Obama and Joe Biden - who were many, many more - and over 90% in “Democrat” cities, killed under “Democrat” police chiefs.
This applies even to the ones Lewis mentioned, Floyd and the other three:
I can understand Obama’s dishonesty -with his Nobel “Peace” Prize- as it seems to be his nature to hide important things, in his past, as in the time of his Presidency: He was put up as puppet and dictator of the “gender ideology”, and all we have seen, and see now, is for the purpose of destroying Mothers, Fathers, Children, Families for a false “All Happy Drug World”.
I give Lewis the credit that he was unaware of this, like of the “grey eminences” who direct BLM now in favor of the man who did most harm to Black people by laws excusing police brutality, and by putting more colored peole in hail that ever before, with his ‘3 StrikesLaw’. Lewis saw Selma Bridge and Martin Luther King - he did not notice the traitors who had sneaked into his dream. May HE rest in peace! But don’t give any to Biden and Obama!

as I listened to Obama’s eulogy i kept thinking. where were you when we needed you Pres. Obama. You never spoke up for the “people” when you should have. Your friend John Lewis must have suffered dearly when you tried to reduce our social security and medicare benefits. What a hypocrite Obama turned out to be. Easy enuf to speak such eloquence at a funeral, we needed that bully pulpit talk when you were in the white house and you failed us miserably. John was the true saint, may he rest in peace.

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