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To Win Georgia and the Senate, Democrats Need to Go All-In on $15 Minimum Wage

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/12/13/win-georgia-and-senate-democrats-need-go-all-15-minimum-wage


“No, thanks. We don’t want to win that badly.”


There is a conflict of interest between the establishment wing of the Democratic party and their donors on the one hand and the interests of those who would most benefit from a $15 minimum wage; and that’s a lot of people struggling now, that would be helped, especially as it would tend to raise wages broadly.

Likewise there’s a conflict of interest on Medicare For All, and Joe made it clear whose side he’s on.

I believe that serving the people rather than the donor class would increase the chances of Democratic Party wins in the run-offs.


SHAME ON DEMS, GOP and 3rd Party or indie voters, along with the entire LABOR-ing Ivy League state of PA and alumni like our President and Nationalist CEO Trump for by the end of Pandemic Plague Year 2020 continuing to use the same national MINIMUM WAGE of $7.25 per herniated hour as such Coal-owned states as WEST VIRGINIA or the enlightened KING COTTON PLANTATION state of ALABAMA.

Clearly activism ain’t as popular as Wealth Management for the wealth-concentrating Bad Livers who’ve ignored Saint George Carlin’s observation:
"They call it the AMERICAN DREAM because you have to be asleep to believe in it!"

MAGA as the raven cawed beside us sleeping in the gutter: “For evermore…for evermore…”

The 22nd Annual Homeless Marathon aired by coast to coast remaining community radio stations while the masses tune in to the robo-programmed commercial MAGA of our advertisers…

It is audio-archived here, with call-ins from a small percentage of the burgeoning homeless population "Sheltering in place" like a Third World Country with no sign of an evolved BIG GOVERNMENT capable of maintaining the PUBLIC HEALTH and DEFENDING AGAINST NATIONAL SECURITY THREATS BY GIVING DADDY WARBUCKS MORE IN EACH YEAR’S MILITARY BUDGET THAN IT ASKED FOR this COVID PANDEMIC PLAGUED DARKEST WINTER of our discontents shivering in our streets.

All in the wealthiest and most wealth-concentrated nation in quantified human history. Where the members of our invading armed forces always take the oath that they shall leave no comrade left behind on the field of battle.

Yet, on the field of de-regulated and PRIVATIZED MARKET FORCES ruled by unfettered Global Capital, where we haven’t even the freedom of expression to use the name of our actual nationalist doctrine embraced for decades even by Neo-Conservatives, namely NEO-LIBERAL E-CONomics (God forbid we ever do a post mortem on these doctrines and dogmas that form our ruling elite’s litmus test for governing that even draft-deferred Richie Rich CEO Trump of two failed casino ventures passed).

Reminder: For the HOUSE to lose and have a casino declare and seek shelter in corporate bankruptcy, the CEO has to be either\or corrupt or a moron. Jackpot, our Founding Father Slavers’ Electoral College over-ruled the popular vote and we got both in a corrupt moron with an awfully long paper trail from Media Center NYC! ~https://www.villagevoice.com/2015/07/20/how-a-young-donald-trump-forced-his-way-from-avenue-z-to-manhattan/

Must be what so enthralls the Proud Boys, Patriot Prayers and Q-Anoners. Maybe they deferred their national service and all PUBLIC INTEREST obligations like paying taxes too?!?!?!?

On view for all the world to see: We the U.S. leave each other behind every sentient if calloused moment of every day…Because our only commandment is:
GREED IS GOOD the Uncle Miltie Friedman and Rose Director Friedman and University of Chicago Chicago Boys’ OATH OF HONOR to FREE MARKET HIDDEN HAND DIRECTED UBER ALLES CAPITALISM. [In response those Uncle Joe Far From Status Quo Joe Pinko Commies cawed "Caput-alism ka-ching, forevermore…nevermore…]

Meanwhile, The Golden Rule that has been very slowly civilizing all the known and surviving faith and philosophical systems the world has known and been inspired to ‘humanize’ by is for what Israelis quaintly in their slang call “fryers” and what we in the more accountable Anglo-Saxon Banking World like to call “suckers” who don’t never deserve an even break. So soothsayed by our Snake Oil Sales Person Founding Fathers… Our Founding Mothers who like in the Old Testes finally put an end to Divine Decree’d CHILD SACRIFICE as a part of global offering to the DIVINE, those Founding Mothers of Constitutions and Divine Writ ever since those Founding Mothers are not consulted or quoted.

From DEVO MAGA to for evermore … does the canon ever close? Or did drug-addled Poe actually publish the draft that had the Raven caw quite legibly if not eloquently in that Nina Simone assertive sorta way while comping to “Mississippi Goddamn” "Nevermore…Nevermore…" ?

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“pin all of their hopes on raising the minimum wage.”
Big mistake and will have dems lose both senate seats.
Make medical care and new vaccine available the main issue.
You may even pick up some independent votes.

Now, for the bad news:
Headline says $15 / hour.
This amount will increase food carryout prices at places like burger king.
This amount will increase basic food prices in grocery stores.
There are over 60 million retired people and over 9 million disabled.
Probably 35 million have social security as sole income.
Average retiree uses up all savings by age 72.

The cola for next year is $20 on average, likely used up by medical deduction increase.

We are expecting the worse case cordova = 600,000 dead.
If 500,000 of these losses are retired or handicapped, then
the federal government saves about 5 billion dollars, maybe more.

2021 boomer retirees at 10,000 / week will get about 4 billion dollars
It is a close call to raise social security gift or have grandparents go without.
I believe that both parties are in ‘go without’ mode.

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The Democratic Party does NOT go “All-In” for anything.
(unless maybe a salary raise for THEM)