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To Win Power, Progressives Must Embrace 'Primary' as a Verb

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/09/05/win-power-progressives-must-embrace-primary-verb

If three primary challenges that replace center right Dems are successful, I’ll be shocked.


Solomon sez:
“Insurgent progressives need a lot more allies elected to Congress as well as colleagues who feel rising heat from the left in their districts.”

Inasmuch as we (and USAns in general) are overly fixated on the presidential race each quadrennial cycle, a decent set of coattails at the top of the ticket doesn’t hurt when it comes to supporting and generating voter turnout for these congressional “insurgents.”
I’m not sure Frontrunner Joe™ possesses said coattails to any greater degree than did Sec. Clinton’s pantsuits.


"Progressive activists often see a frustrating pattern. Many Democrats in office are good at liberal platitudes but don’t really fight for what we need. "

That very accurate statement could have been directly aimed at the great pretender Barack Obama, the most direct recent example of using progressives and our issues in his rhetoric and “promises” to get elected, than at once betraying all progressives and our issues!

It also relates to many/most of the crop of DP prez candidates, with the exception of Bernie Sanders!

Rescind the outrageous fraud of Obama’s Nobel Peace Prize! A grotesque travesty that should be revoked if the Nobel Committee is to restore any semblance of integrity thay lost awarding that accolade to a warmonger!!


“In short, all too often, progressive activists are routinely just too frigging nice—without galvanizing major grassroots power.”

I love Solomon - even when he drops an f-bomb, he’s effin’ nice about it!

Not being ironic here…

…oh, makes a good point, too…yup, as I often quote Frederick Douglass as saying, “Power concedes nothing without a demand.” And primary-ing is a serious demand: get in line or get out.


The only way to change your Congresscritter’s mind is to change your Congresscritter.


Thanks Normon for another good article. I believe that we have to “primary” every election if we’re to have any chance of having a functioning democracy. Even though the ‘blue dog democrats’ have unlimited financing, I still think it is possible to unseat these enemies of the 99%. This is about as ‘grass roots’ as it gets!


Something that wasn’t talked about in the story, a coalition of campaign venders supporting progressive candidates, not beholden to the dem party, must be assembled if we want a high success rate with these challenges. And don’t forget, if you support a progressive primary challenger, only send money to their campaign, not the party itself.


Linked in this article is another from Solomon from earlier this year on the same subject. It appears to be a good foundation about the people gaining power and exercising it. Take a read:

thanks - easy to lose sight of greater progressive analyses - developed, e.g., in the link

“The only way to change your Congresscritter’s mind is to change your Congresscritter.”

Yea, mainly agree, Mr Peabody - though I’d look on a binding platform, high-level progressive organizational and institutional positions guaranteed in advance as one point of that platform, and total submission to the parliamentarian system concept of coalition building as a fair compromise…

…I’d rather a politician’s heart and mind were in her/his platform, but don’t care so long as she/he enters into binding, pre-agreed-on commitments to work her/his ass off to realize that platform.

Those who do not remember the past are condemned to live in the status quo. Remember a significant number of the Founders believed that the purpose of government was to protect the Elite from We, The Unwashed Masses and not much has changed since. We can look back to the 1960s in my home state of Texas for the clue on what has to be done first. “Primary” is definitely hitching the cart to the Democratic Donkey and The Republican Elephant. My parents were an union activist liberal activist during the 1950s and 60s. They along with thousands upon thousands of others attacked the problem head on. They fought against the infamous Poll Tax that was used to stop minorities and whites who would vote against the Elite’s Agenda from voting.

The Constitution clearly assigns the various States the power to determine who may vote in their jurisdiction, including for federal offices. SCOTUS has done a very effective job of removing any protections of the right to vote at the federal level that were clearly designed to destroy the semblance of any democratic country we may have believed we once lived in. They have also upheld or only slightly modified the multitude of voter suppression laws now flourishing in the majority of the States. Today’s assault upon the right to vote surpasses anything in modern history and makes the Poll Tax look rather parental. Until we once again secure the right for everyone to vote that wants to vote the word PRIMARY is just another word for everything left to lose.

Until we secure the right to vote this article is a roadmap to continued irrelevancy.