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'Today Feels Like a Betrayal': Sunrise Movement Blasts Biden Pick of Big Oil-Back Cedric Richmond for Key Post

Suck it up. dRump is leaving. Everything else is gravy.

This is what I’ve been advocating / writing about now for a few years. The peoples’ only remaining power is our collective power over the economy… to influence, ‘perturb’ and otherwise intervene consciously in it.

Conscious intervention means that it must be guided by clear principles, strategically targeted & planned, coordinated and of such a scale that it is able to force the power establishment to deliver what is needed. In my view, it must also be completely non-violent.

Looking to the Labor movement as an example, it will not be easy- it will require much, hard sacrifices, and it won’t be quick. To whatever extent such a movement is deemed an actual threat to the profits of those calling the shots, it will be suppressed and hit hard. Are there enough people of principle and conscience with enough spine to commit to the long haul - for the sake of the children & grandchildren and others to come? To forego their own comfort, security, freedom, and possibly, if the repression turns really ugly, their lives? Is there a potential leadership with the wisdom and patience to help initiate such a movement? Are there enough people who understand the critical importance of temporarily setting aside individual agendas to work on the most fundamentally important issues- the existential threats we now face and the common denominators for them?

I’m not at all sure about the answers to these questions. As a former community organizer / initiator/leader, I understand the realities, possibilities and challenges; but know that these understandings aren’t widespread; and I’m getting long in the tooth. In any case, the organizing must begin soon and it must not rest its hopes solely in marches.

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Biden was more of a policy loaded gun, and the Democratic voters chose suicide. If you think you won because you accepted Biden Harris, well bless your heart.

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