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"Today, I Was Trumped": Pruitt's EPA Axes Half of Key Scientific Review Panel


"Today, I Was Trumped": Pruitt's EPA Axes Half of Key Scientific Review Panel

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

Scott Pruitt's Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has abruptly dismissed as many as half the members of a key scientific review board, and is seeking to replace them with representatives of the very industries the agency is tasked with policing.

"Today, I was Trumped," wrote Robert Richardson, an environmental economist at Michigan State University and former member of the EPA's Board of Scientific Counselors, on Friday afternoon.


If the wolf keeps taking off his sheep's clothing, there won't be much left to fool anyone. Not even the dumbest sheep will fail to see through it regardless of the amount of choking smoke and mirrors.


Where are the checks and balances? When is enough too much. When do our leaders in the dem party stand up and be heard. Corporate media is shameful, fox so called news has destroyed our democracy.


and all Clinton does issit there, very smug, at another Hillary Worship Event, and brag that she too is now an "activist"

doesn't say anything about the war on the environment, the war on immigrants, the war on
the poor and working class, the war on.....(fill in the blanks..)
All she is doing is trying to get ahead of a movement that she feels will leave her
to the dust of the "also ran"..back pages of history, .which is an insult to her "legacy"...
plus, she was ordered by the shadow powers to get a hold of the Resistance movement before
it REALLY pushes back...
which we have to do...we have to say enough is enough and start taking more risks than
just marching....maybe get some rocks....
I'm scared, but that is what must be done...and have all these $@%$ in both sides of the
same uni-party run back to their (gated/private security guarded) mansions for their lives.


We have to FIGHT BACK, and HARD...enough is enough...
don't trust ANY of THEM, which includes PSUEDO-"activist" smug as she sits there,
glowing in the worship
Hillary Clinton at a recent such event..
Guess who is some of the leaders of her "psuedo-activist" movement?

Howard Dean, now a lobbyist for the healthcare industry
Dennis Cheng, who helped run her corporate, destroy Bernie Sanders at all costs, campaign.
et al..
DON'T TRUST HER....she / they want to infiltrate the Resistance Movement
to find out what is going on, and DIFFUSE IT/ DEFANG IT
and coral it right back to the corporate/neoliberal/neocon demoRATic party.



This entire administration is the 1% way of saying "FU to science--we won the battle (of being on top) even though we lost the war (as in the Earth). And who cares?, we even hate our grand children. But as long as we can roll in the green while those below us starve, then it's all good."

They are still concerned with the type of car they drive, even though there will be no planet on which to drive it.


For all that we progressives had warned in dire terms about fascism and about the right's attempted assaults on our liberties, only now under Trump is it feeling real. Where once the right gave tax cuts for the rich and cuts in social programs for the poor, yet we never really tasted fascism. Yes an Alito and a Rehnquist felt onerous in our democracy and Cheney/Bush went too far as much as they could, only now under Trump is it truly getting scary.

The Trump administration tramples our democracy openly and it is only just beginning but here we see the real face of fascism staring back at us. They seek to make people afraid to speak out, to oppose the agenda, afraid to hold to an ethical stance instead of giving way. That is what happened here... these mass firings will make people in government much more afraid to oppose Trumpism. These firings are so odious and worse so obvious an attempt to intimidate that the word will go out that the truth will not save you.

In short the guiding principle of fascist bullying is now in play... the truth won't save you!


Dear Robert Richardson,
Might I suggest that members of scientific review boards, and other professionals who have been contributing to the integrity of governance through actionable information for the good of society, consider taking a page from the members of the intelligence community who found that their consciences could no longer permit them to contribute to tyranny.
Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity


Is there such a thing as a honest scientist who is also a right wing scab. Who are these all these newly vacated positions going to be give to? Scab physicists or botanists?


Dump The Duopoly



Unfortunately by then I fear it will be too late. The sheep will quickly realize that the pack of wolves have already boxed them in and are going to go in for the kill.


Ah for the good old days lighting rivers on fire and bathing in sewage.