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'Today Is a Great Day': After 7 Years, Chelsea Manning Takes First Steps of Freedom


'Today Is a Great Day': After 7 Years, Chelsea Manning Takes First Steps of Freedom

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

"Today is a great day!"

That's the message from supporters of U.S. Army whistleblower Chelsea Manning, who on Wednesday, after seven years in military prison, is a free woman.


How can you thank someone who endured torture for years, lost everything, to inform her fellow citizens of what their government was doing in their name,i.e., bombing journalists, and civilians, children? There aren't words. Like many others, I contributed to Chelsea's defense fund., and thank you to all who helped her defense and stood up for her rights. So glad to see she has a nest egg to start out. Good health to you, Ms. Manning.


Not blowing my horn, but I gave a little, what I could afford to give, for Chelsea Manning on GoFundMe....
why they were not able to raise at least $500,000, for all she did for liberty and what
America supposedly stands for, is beyond me....
God Speed Chelsea....
we will watch out for you!


Thank you Chelsea Manning. I must also hold in context the fact that the forces that were mounted against her continue to be dependant on overwhelming force, for extractive and predatory interests very nearly completely dehumanized by the savagery of their/its premises. The system demands fealty to a lie that it is THE only possibility for Planet Earth. As such it must constantly lie, usurp, undermine, create enemies and do so through veiled use of language as in Citizens United. The struggle for democractic principles has been strengthened by the courage of Chelsea Manning.


National Security.....code words for covering the crimes of govt.. If the public saw what the military in the U.S. and Israel do when engaging 'the created enemy', wars might end. However, the MIC always has the CIA and MSM to propagandize for them. Tell the lies often enough and anyone can be demonized in the public mind. The Rev Wright had it right.


Thank you again for what you have done to wake up Americans and I hope that one
day we will not have a government of, by and for the insane which brings us only to war
and more accumulation of weapons and more death.
Thank you for your unbelievable courage in whistleblowing on all of this.
Will be contributing to the fund to support your new freedom. Love & Hugs :slight_smile:


There is an old saying: "No good deed goes unpunished."
* I'm happy that Chelsea has finally been released and her punishment has ended.
*Chelsea, may the rest of your life be filled with love and peace, and I pray you will not be harassed, ever again.
* Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!


THIS, above all else, is why we should rise up and overthrow our WORTHLESS. RETARDED, TERRORIST government and take all necessary steps to ensure today's f*ckhead terrorists NEVER AGAIN go anywhere but into a dark, retarded cell in GITMO!


means take from the deserving peons to continue the billions in government hand-outs to those who have NEVER. DESERVED. IT!


She of course should never have spent a day incarcerated.
A medal of honor would be a good starting point for exposing the moral depravity of our military behavior in other people's land.


Had you been a bit older at the time, Chelsea, and had a better comprehension of just what you were messing with, you probably would never have taken the leap. But you did! Your courage made the world just a tiny bit better, a tiny bit more honest, a tiny bit more Christian. And you brought Power, ultimately the servant of the people in a democracy, a little bit closer to heel. We owe you. Kindest best wishes, ~garry


The term "retarded" is a most derogatory term that even in the 70s was viewed as offensive. I remember being corrected during a conversation with a friend in 1979 when I used the term in an offensive manner, as you have done; she informed me her friend's sister had a developmental disability. I stopped using the term at that point. Btw, you made your point clearly enough w/o resorting to using the r term.


Thank you, Chelsea Manning.
All best wishes as you live your life outside of prison.
God be with you, Bill


My second son is a 40-year-old man with the mind of a 5-year-old; I had a helluva problem coming to grips with his retardation b/c my first son died of cancer 2 days after he was born -- I felt like I had more than paid my dues by losing my first child. So when Jon was diagnosed with 'developmental disabilities' it took me awhile to face it and I had to admit to myself that he was retarded so that I could say good-by to what I wanted him to be and simply love the child that he is. I use the word 'retarded' so that I never again lose sight of who he really is. I accept that you see that word as being derogatory, but understand that I use that word so that I never slip back to that dark period in my life.


... means never having to say you're sorry.


When I am asked to picture a hero, I picture you. You are the first person I picture when I think of Oklahoma. I hope in the coming days, weeks, months and years you'll keep our picture of you up to date. And may it be a picture of someone who is finally allowed to be herself.

Thank you for your service. The kind of service that throws light on the dark forces arrayed against we, the people. You have already inspired others. May more and more follow your lead until this vicious death cult is ended.


Chelsea. Now you have some time for love. Peace be with you and yours.


All I can say is "Wow!"



If I can change your "Christian" to "Christ like" I'll support everything you say. Christians piss me off because 'they' don't take 'command' of their own religion.


I would use the 'r' word the same way as wolfess to term the government as, because it is 'willful', 'vengeful', and morally and ethically vile. Folks that are either by birth or accident not retarded, are not at fault for their condition, the politicians that 'self-retard' definitely are, and deserve to be called that. They're anti-social by choice.