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Today Is the Day to Fight to Save the Internet


Today Is the Day to Fight to Save the Internet

Amy Kroin

The Trump FCC — like the rest of this administration — is doing everything in its power to serve corporations and harm the rest of us. For proof look no further than Chairman Ajit Pai’s efforts to destroy the open internet and let companies like AT&T, Comcast and Verizon control what you do and say online.


#Protect Freedom!

With this crowd in Washington, Freedom is under attack.


WE NEED TO BREAK UP THE MEDIA! BREAK UP COMCAST! BREAK UP TIME WARNER! BREAK UP VERIZON! The internet needs to be a public utility----people need the internet for basic needs,looking for a job,getting basic information -------This tool is to important to be in the hands of the corporate overlords-----towns and cities should create their own service-TAKE IT BACK! SUPPORT THE COMMONS!


you know, the airwaves belong to all of us—and not only humans, but to every living being. years ago i read of a study based on the theory that our cell phones may be encroaching into the communication channels traditionally accessed by bees. if so, the scientists proposed this interference may well explain hive collapse. maybe further investigation proved the theory baseless or perhaps the oligarchy squelched the study?

for us humans “freedom of speech” has long been designated as an inalienable right. why even #1 of the bill of rights states, “congress shall make no law abridging the freedom of speech.” if i were called upon to define proper use of the net, i’d suggest four divisions.

  1. www-dot-edu: i do agree with t. jefferson’s observation that “information is the true currency of democracy.”! we the people have a right and a duty to be well informed.

  2. www-dot-gov: i find the secretive deep state and the unchallenged habit of those who presume to represent the will of the people to meet behind closed doors especially repugnant. we need to quit referring to elected government employees as “leaders.” most of them lack basic ethics and i for one do not wish to follow their lead.

  3. www-dot-com: this is the division where advertisers would pay a fee to advertise products. i would imagine that these for-profit entities would allow shoppers or consumers free access to better sell their wares.

  4. www-dot-?: i don’t yet have a name for #4, but this would be a place for community conversation–a place to share our concerns and ideas for workable solutions. for example, parents might gather at a site to discuss problems with certain childhood behavior and also share responses that work. that’s just one example, but there are many areas where “we the people” need to talk. actually, this post is an example as i’m presenting my own thoughts about net neutrality. we have lots of great ideas, but those who presume to lead don’t want to hear them.

Join the day of action and show Chairman Pai you don’t want his corporate overlords to become the bosses of the internet.
i do enjoy hearing that the high volume of calls shut down a government site, but the most venal among us do not care what we little people think. we need to assert our inalienable rights and stop bending the knee before those who listen only to mega-corporate voices.