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'Today Marks the End of TTIP': Greenpeace Leak Exposes Corporate Takeover


'Today Marks the End of TTIP': Greenpeace Leak Exposes Corporate Takeover

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

Confirming that the TransAtlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) amounts to "a huge transfer of power from people to big business," Greenpeace Netherlands on Monday leaked 248 secret pages of the controversial trade deal between the U.S. and EU, exposing how environmental regulations, climate protections, and consumer rights are being "bartered away behind closed doors."


Now Barry won't be able to maximize his speaking fees. Sob.


The One World (Corporate) Government and its Corporate Coup in progress. Stay tuned.


The leak provides evidence of what many of us knew in advance.

We knew because:

  1. NAFTA shows how these items operate
  2. So many jobs were lost and with that displacement, unions were gutted
  3. The deals were executed in absolute secrecy... which shows absolute disdain for citizens' rights including the right to know!
  4. That entities like Monsanto which are major players in these deals already arrogate to themselves the right to hide what's in the food that many depend upon
  5. The revelations of the Pikety study and how the deregulation of Wall St led to such vast sums of wealth SENT to the top of the financial "food" chain

The way Obama pushed this says a lot about his credibility and totally dissolves any pretext that this President is progressive.

The selling of war and the selling off of all natural resources to the world's most muscular corporations is anything BUT Progressive.

Obama is so calculating that he probably didn't push the Canadian tar sands pipeline through knowing full-well that if the TPP and TIPP snaked their way into law, such decisions would be rendered null and void.

Gotta have those Insider State Dispute tribunals doing for corporate trespass what military courts do for law in zones of war.


Maybe. If so, it's not for lack of trying. He's convinced Goldman Sachs that he's still firmly on their side, even if this leak might make this round of TTIP more difficult.

He certainly tipped his hand at the White House Correspondents' Dinner this weekend, joking that he can't wait to talk to Goldman next year and "earn me some serious Tubmans."


Thank you Greenpeace Netherlands. What a great service, ripping the curtain away from the monsters manipulating the reality.


Good work by Greenpeace. Yet, the main thing, I await, with interest and only marginal optimism, to see if any of this story will be reported on the MSM news tonight. If the people don't know about it, they can't get justifiably irate.


"Pay no attention to the man (and his masters) behind the curtain" was the attempt by Obama & Co to sell the people the TTIP & TPP cons as "free-trade" deals.
What the Trojan Horse TTIP & TPP represent is the fulfillment of consolidation, of domination, by global corporate fascism, empowered by corrupt government agents, negotiated & written in secret by corporate lobbyists, lawyers and principles, excluding advocates for the common good and environment! Hey, what could be wrong (or criminal) with that MO?

Now, the curtain many knew was hiding an attempt to subvert and evade so many protective laws, is revealed, and it staggers, at the enormity of the conspiracy and collusion! Those that paid attention knew there was a smoking-gun proving the con, now, thanks to dedicated people we have it!

What we now need is the Clinton Goldman speech smoking-gun, exposing the Red Queens overt (but carefully concealed) subservience and services to big-money! Her "payment" for the "speeches" is itself a con - they all were/are payment for services rendered (and promised) by her and Bill - the Clinton Crime Family - to the 1% to increase profits at the expense of our nation, people & world!
The enormity of those crimes in public office rise to the level of capital crimes! Where is the "Justice" dept investigation?


At the end of the day , whether the deals passed or not, this still demonstrates the lengths the Governments will go to appease the Corporations at the expense of the people.

Were we living in a Democracy these negotiations would never have occurred.

Remember MAI and Seattle. Those negotiations were much more open and there widespread opposition to the same. The MAI proposals were even less a give away to the Corporations than these in the TTP and TTIP are. The Corporations will keep pushing their agenda. Plan A and the MAI failed so they went back to reset and take another tack , this time secret negotiations. If this in fact fails there will be a plan C.

Politicians and the media keep admonishing the Public at large for trying to create a "class war". The fact is this has been a class war for decades , one that was undeclared and one that was orchestrated by the 1 percent to gain control over everything.

The Corporations must be dismantled. If they can not serve a Public good there is no good that can come from them.


Hilary declared: "Today marks the end of TTIP. Total secrecy was the only way the European Commission could keep the European people from learning the truth about these appalling negotiations, and now the cat is out of the bag."

Given the chance, I would vote for this Hilary in a heartbeat!


Brother Malcolm said something about the House Negro and the Field Negro. When the Master's House catches fire (the TTIP is in danger), the House Negro runs around trying to put out the fire. Watch Obama. He'll try to the very end to put this fire out. Now the Field Negro (that's me), when the Master's House catches fire, he (me) hopes for the blowing of a mighty wind (I do).



Barry the Liar will be raking in some VERY serious bank next year when he starts whoring himself off to the very same corporate "interests" that he has worked for. His huge speaking fees should be classified as "for services rendered". Who knows? Maybe he will make even more money than Bill Clinton has.
Also, lets all hope that the loathsome TPP meets a similar fate. The idea that a foreign corporation, under this secretly negotiated treaty, has a legal right to sue a city, county or even a state over the loss of projected profits (due to regulatory enforcement) from a proposed development scheme is outrageous. With this heinous treaty the concept of national, state and local sovereignty is flushed down the toilet and so-called "globalization" wins again.
"All hail our corporate overlords!"


This is fantastic.,Just the Ammo that is needed here in Germany and elsewhere to drive the final nail in the coffin of these slime balls.


First go to the attorney generals office - who will refuse and then do a private criminal prosecution against the negotiators (politicians) and the attorney generals office. At least in court the right to examine these pricks and ask how screwing the public is good public policy.

the meme "sovereign criminality" should be used constantly. if not for a dysfunctional A G these politicians would be in jail for criminal conspiracy.

lets face it anything negotiated in secret is because it reveals improper behaviour.


the guardian.co.uk and CD "forgot" to mention obama's numerous public remonstrations defending TTIP, whi are now blatantly belied by his negotiators' requests.
PS. so progressives, get ready to defend in nov.2016 not only obama&hillary's coup d'etats, death squads+organized-crime regimes, and ruined latin american and specially middle-eastern states (2 vs.W's 1, W's was half-trashed by slick willie's sanctions) but also the priority given to the ultra-rich's recovery and to monsanto and assorted usa polluters and the fossil fuels and chemical industry over consumer and environmental protections.

that's what progressivism is all about!


When I was a young fellow, some seventy-odd years ago, I asked my dad what GOP meant.
"Greedy Old Parasites," he answered.
* In the decades that have passed since them, I've never seen anything that would contradict Dad's definition.


I still can't believe a friend of mine, diehard loyal Democrat which may explain things, says he trusts the President on TPP!


One of the not too funny things about this is that it was all predicted in the movie "Network" in 1976. I was really surprised to see that appear in public, in a movie no less.

* I wrote warnings about it for years, but everybody just seemed to think it was funny.
* I doubt that many think so today.


What like Hillary wasn't part of it?


As long as there are no uncomfortable consequences to the elites in their attempts to increase their power they will continue in these attempts. Without a push-back that is seriously focused on reducing corporate and elite power they will keep on attacking us and increasing their power. They have forgotten the lessons that their grandparents learned, that we can hurt them, that we can take back the Commons, that we can organize ourselves and that they are not invulnerable nor are they omniscient.