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Today’s Court Ruling, Though Expected, is Still Shocking – Especially for Those Who Grew Up LGBT in the US


Today’s Court Ruling, Though Expected, is Still Shocking – Especially for Those Who Grew Up LGBT in the US

Glenn Greenwald

By a 5-4 majority, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled today that laws denying same-sex couples the right to marry violate the “due process” and “equal protection” guarantees of the Fourteenth Amendment to the Constitution.


How much of a… “threat to democracy”… Was the courts decision to stop counting the vote and give the election to bush based on the 14th amendment?


Interesting perspective.

Once a Mexican woman told me decades ago that for all of our talk about freedom, in her view we have none. I asked “Why?” Her response, “you have too many rules”.


Your fantasy about using your guns against the invading government army is the typical conservative wet dream.

You guys are on the side of the people in charge of that army. They’ll be coming to thank you, not take away your guns.


Now everyone can be equally miserable as my daughter put it…ha. “My wife and I had 25 wonderful years…then we met” Rodney Dangerfield… lol


If that day ever comes you conservatives will be cheering on the military - just like you do in every conflict.

You’re on the wrong side.


just by way of reality check:

America’s Peculiar Amnesia

People have already forgotten how George W. Bush and the Republican Congress expanded government spending.


At last, some progress.


“You need to step out of the box you’re in and think for yourself.”

OMG you made me spit out my tea! Thanks for the laugh!


I’m still wrenching from the entire decade of the 1980’s-I was a young man, did avoid AIDS, did not avoid 50% of my gay male friends from college being now deceased. And we were just part of it-blacks, browns, women all got sent to the hell Reagan’s crew I knew he wanted for us in 1980 when the imbecile was elected. What’s wickedly funny is Scalia’s finally coming unglued over this and the upholding of the ACA yesterday, He is writing for the court using words like hippie in his dissent, take a look a the insane stuff he put out, that and the Southern Republican Christian reactionaries freaking out with their expected melodrama. Tough shit, Reagan appointed Scalia back in 86. Looks like he’s as far as ever from being an influence on the Court again with his vitriol. Life goes on.


Normalization of homosseualist identity? Don’t think so, just gay marriage.


Here are my pessimistic thoughts on the Supreme Court decision. I wouldn’t expect to change anyone’s mind about anything, especially this issue with anything I write or say. I don’t have Blog and my age afflicted brain rarely comes up with these kinds of outpourings so I am “venting” them here for whatever they’re worth.

I wouldn’t be doing a victory dance just yet. Anything about gay people is such a hot button not only for Radical Right extremist activists but among the not wholly right wing but somewhat conservative middle Americans who are “uncomfortable” with the whole issue of same sexuality. The modern version of today’s fervent conservative movement, as in the John Birch Society, built itself on the “Impeach Earl Warren” rallying cry campaign that was inspired by the pro Civil Rights for Black Americans SCOTUS devisions such as Brown Versus Board of Education. African American civil rights, as recent events clearly show, is by no means a “done deal.”

I fear that, because the self righteous rage the so-called conservatives express is deep and real to them, this issue will become the dominant all encompassing theme of the 2016 Presidential Election, pushing the important issues of climate change and other chemical water, atmospheric and oceanic poisonings; the financial sector’s destabilizing manipulation of currencies that put the global economy at the very real risk of collapse; the determined and largely unchallenged moves towards wars that could easily go nuclear with either Russia or China – or both; the threat to food production from the agribusiness conspiracies such as GMOs and patenting and control of crop species that could lead to famine and the weaponized destabilizations that famines can produce; the looming possibility of a breakdown of the infrastructure especially in the realm of electric power production; the growing incidents of mass murder and other forms of dangerous wack violence; the increasing attractiveness of irrational gun behavior in deranged and stressed out people for whom it seems more and more like the only available form of doing something definite and decisive – all these and other important issues will be swept “off the table” by the resulting clamor about this decision.

The chances for extreme right wing candidates to get the nomination and win the election by promising to appoint Supreme Court justices who can be “counted on” to rule against all gay related issues have improved. Spokespeople against this decision will have the debate advantage of being able to use loud anger as a tactic and have it seem “justified,” even to themselves. More liberal candidates and spokespeople will be left to try to raise arguments that will seem to the undecided as quibbles about things like the definition of equality. There is no one I know of from the left-liberal side of things who can come even close to matching the Right in the arena of political rousingness and the effective uses of indignation and self righteous rage.

If one is interested in how the tactical uses of speechmaking and the taking of “positions on issues” will play out, it will be fascinating to see what people like Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, and Elizabeth Warren do with this as they struggle with ways to avoid “alienating needed constituencies.”

But people who are openly gay or been gay friendly and who have openly supported same sex marriage (that would include me) stand a good chXance of experiencing backlash of some sort, and could be in actual physical danger. The battle has not been won and it would not surprise me that middle class possible voters who have been recently won over to being in favor of same sex marriage largely on the issue of “fairness” will find it difficult to maintain their positions of support in the face of death threats and hostile public denunciations. Already people are asserting online that ministers who refuse to perform gay marriages will be treated as lawbreakers and arrested, then tortured and made to permanently disappear.


First I don’t dance and I felt this was such a none issue based on the 14th amendment it never should have gone to the extreme court. The reason it was highlighted may have been to activate the hate vote but only time will tell. It will be interesting to see if we are still so far right we we think some people deserve more or less based on personal prejudices.


That’s a BIG leap! It looks to me as though you came short of the other side and are doing a Wile E. Coyote.


Now let’s legalize polygamy and polyandry among consenting adults who love one another.

ps: and way past time to legalize weed…


You don’t know what you are talking about. If you did, I’d give you some real numbers. Very strange.


Awa an bile yer heid.


Ah, the voice of another bigoted half wit. I do wish evolution would take care of these “neanderthals” like yesterday. Apologies to neanderthals.


Evolution won’t do it because they’re already a product of evolution, just in the wrong direction. One of those on the reject pile, as it were. But if we build a healthier society we can at least provide them safe space in which to live out their lives without constantly feeling threatened by ordinary people doing ordinary things.