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'Today, We Celebrate': Net Neutrality Advocates Cheer New FCC Rule Proposal


'Today, We Celebrate': Net Neutrality Advocates Cheer New FCC Rule Proposal

Federal Communications Commission chairman Tom Wheeler confirmed on Wednesday that the FCC will have the chance to enact the strongest possible protections for the internet at its February 26 meeting.


As dark as the day-to-day news is, there appears to be enough conscious raising that certain limited victories are sprouting up. If in fact the net is classified as Title ll it will give democracy a continued window to fight global corporatism, fascists, and the eternal war state.

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Let’s not be naïve. Those “internet protections”, which probably will prove to be fairly meaningless given the power of the telecoms, apply mostly to those who operate websites and provide corporate content. Ordinary readers, viewers and other users remain completely vulnerable to government and private snooping and privacy abuses. America still lacks the stronger – sort of – privacy protections provided by Australia and other more-democratic nations. By the way, beware of those who praise the social media as liberating. Those media are rapidly being turned into just more tools to perpetuate the status quo and further empower the top 1 percent. As valid as it remains, for instance, the African American struggle has become largely a useful distraction employed by the corporate establishment to distract the public from the more fundamental political and economic problems that keep Americans enslaved to that top 1 percent. The rich and powerful don’t feel threatened by any number of civil rights demonstrations and are perfectly willing to allow them to proceed and be talked about endlessly. After all, if Americans are complaining relatively mildly about discrimination they’re too busy to talk about making changes that might actually threaten the status quo. Very clever, those top-1-percenters.