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Today We Grieve, Tomorrow We Fight

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/further/2020/09/18/today-we-grieve-tomorrow-we-fight


True heroism is in rising superior to misfortune. Napoleon

. RIP dear Ruth Bader Ginsburg. How you will be missed.


"We’ve been through
Some things together
With trunks of memories
Still to come
We found things to do
In stormy weather
Long may you run.

Long may you run.
Long may you run.
Although these changes
Have come
With your chrome heart shining
In the sun
Long may you run."

–Neil Young

Thanks for all of the heavy lifting RBG!


Once again, Mark Luckovich illustrates that which cannot be put into words.

RIP, Justice Ginsburg.


Once more unto the breach, dear friends, once more;
Or close the wall up with our English dead!

Such a Huge Defender of Honor and Justice

As Teacher she marked Well the path we must take


Thank you Abbey; always a strong voice we require in the face of corruption and madness…
The good-fight must be joined, now more than ever, by all of reason, wisdom and conscience. Quislings and milquetoast complicit cowards removed from representing us; their milksop timidity and complicity not acceptable!
This tragedy is a reminder why the court must be expanded to 13 or 15 to have more honest nonpartisan judicial representation - not young know-nothings or political hacks, but a representative recognition for an honorable steady lifetime of service.

To think that the malignant creature could have secured his twisted vision and mental illness on our republic for near half a century is too much to tolerate or our free republic to endure!


She had 4 remissions but cancer hit her 5 times. And so in the end, RBG, and America, loses one more 5 to 4 decision.


Very sad. When I read she didn’t want to retire after Obama’s folks approached her (softly) in 2013 because she wanted a woman to appoint her replacement, I felt at the time that was a fateful decision. History is replete with justices replaced by people with judicial philosophies they oppose. The seating of the Taft Court wrecked progressive initiatives, like minimum wage, for over a decade, which the previous court iteration was at least neutral to. As much as I love Ginsburg, I fear the decision not to retire then could prove more lasting than any she authored.


I am sitting Shiva for seven days in honor of the life of RBG, a Warrior and a great person. The entire country should do so, to show respect. Rituals are meant to hold a culture together as well as to give comfort.
I will not go outside under the open sky without a head covering. I will cover every mirror. I will sit in every evening reciting the prayers for the dead. After seven days, I will rise up, do the warrior rituals, and prepare to battle those would continue to despoil Gaia and exploit the Helpless Ones of all species.


Shana Tova to you Gretchen. May the next year be sweeter than this last one.


Shana Tova to you as well. Next year, the Goddess willing, will be without Trump. McConnell, and the rest of those, well, trashy folks who didn’t even wait until RBG’s family had finished sitting shiva.


A VERY poignant note.


Follow and respect her last wish----------------republicans have zero honor-----I guess they think they can’t win???


Hi WiseOwl:
There’s another old song that’s perfect for her too:

“I am woman hear me roar
in numbers too big to ignore.
And I know too much to go back and pretend,
cause I’ve hear it all before
when I was down there on the floor,
and no one’s ever gonna keep me down again…”
YES, I am wise, but it’s wisdom born of pain,
Yes I paid the price–but look how much I’ve gained.
If I have to, I can do anything!
I am strong. I am invincible—I am woman!"

That’s the RBG song in leading by EXAMPLE! : )