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Today's Congressional Hearing Is A Huge Milestone In The Fight To Expand Social Security

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/07/25/todays-congressional-hearing-huge-milestone-fight-expand-social-security

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If Nancy were smart (stop snickering, it could happen;) she would rush this legislation through, and place it firmly on the desk of Mitch McConnell, right before the 2020 election cycle begins. Put the onus on him and his Party. Make voting against it a vote against old and disabled people.
This would draw a line in the sand in 2020. And we would find out once and for all, just what kind of nation we have become. If the current generation of SSI recipients shun the GOP and vote for the future we may just save the program, and the nation. If however, they say “fuck you! I got mine” and continue to watch Fox News day and night, we are most certainly doomed.
At least we’ll know where we stand.


She is smart, just not about the right things.

Your idea is great. I hope the Democratic Leadership get it.

There is one piece of unfairness built right into Social Security, which is also a reflection of the unfairness of our economic system. It only rewards paid work.

Every human being alive today represents 2-3 years of unpaid work for a woman, who diapered, cleaned, fed, clothed, and made sure, 24 hrs a day, that they didn’t die by accident or illness. Every single one of us. (Yes, some men do this work, but out of the 320 million people in the U.S. today, men’s numbers as primary childcare gives are not statistically significant.)

I would like to see a paid Social Security Benefit for mothers, as a reflection of their monetary losses for child care work, and of the benefit of this work to our society.

housewives DO GAIN social security payments upon reaching retirement age. - both those who are mothers and those who are not.
working mothers do have a federal income tax deduction for child care.

straighten out the south carolina disability disease and we can handle the boomers - who are the targeted voters for this proposal by dems.

even with part D prescription, current retirees are not always able to afford prescriptions - same as in 1965.

Interesting, Not one mention of Bernie in this article, yet he has been pushing this for decades.


Not necessarily. https://www.investopedia.com/retirement/8-types-americans-who-wont-get-social-security/

Thank you Martin
I knew about the 10 year rule for divorced couples.
Ok, if no children were raised.
and usually these couples usually have both partners working.

where we need some clarification is debt beat dads who forced their partner, married or not, and children into deep poverty. The existing federal, state and local assistance that mom and kids utilize to survive can be balanced against dad’s SS income. punishment = yes. too harsh?