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Together Again: Snowden, Poitras, and Greenwald Talk NSA


Together Again: Snowden, Poitras, and Greenwald Talk NSA

Jon Queally, staff writer

During a unique conversation hosted by the New School and the New York Times on Thursday, the three people most responsible for bringing the story of mass global surveillance programs orchestrated by the U.S. National Security Agency were brought together for the first time since they first met in a Hong Kong hotel in 2013.


Privacy critical to human freedom. In private, that is, the condition of solitude where contemplation,
sensory equilibrium and meditation are natural and essential aspects of life. In
company, the human capacity to perceive, rather than as a thing/consumer subjected to the internal divisions imposed by identifying human beings according to ‘consumer’ marketing metrics, which break down the coherence of living for the purpose of market ‘capture’. These, in turn for any other outside entity with an agenda that ‘pays’ sufficiently, neither recognize nor respect the cumulative effects of its activities until the damaging consequences are made material. This impingement on life today forges into every aspect, every sphere of activity, using all aggregate tools possible.

These, in order to ‘work’ are goal/objective oriented and shape otherwise natural processes into disparate silos more today than at any time in history. Notable is how the term for an agricultural storage structure became the term for nuclear weapon storage and intentional construct to isolate.

The billions spent on system shaping analysis in order to get you to ‘buy’ / ‘buy into’, are intensely focused on colonizing the human heart and mind and in the process eroding perception resonant with creativity and empathy in order to impose a dependable manipulation of the person to go here, do that, buy this, adhere to time stamps, be regimented, and the list of what the model “hides” goes on. Is it any wonder that those immersed in this late-stage manifestation of extraction couches its claim in terms of hiding?

This model does not recognize even the most fundamental interdependency of the diversity of sentient electro-biochemical network of life of the very planet it refuses to recognize. It is an atavistic extraction paradigm. Because it is at its root extractive rather than collaborative, it faces a constant existential threat, hence it must refer only to its own metrics which, as noted, do not recognize the breadth of life essential even to its own existence. Hence it is an extinction model with death rising ever
higher in its priorities in both practice and consequence.

All of the above also seems to describe in close parallel a perversion of necessity into addiction to
scrambling (“brinksmanship”) to generate situations of “too big [too–fill-in-the-blank] to fail” based on aggregated extractive ability, in turn based on a silo mentality of making the pitch for a neo-colonizing at
any cost rather than integrity of the diversity of life.

In the elegance of the natural equilibrium, also notable is tone of simple respect and long term thinking in
contrast to the above. No more demonization tactics – they have already come home to roost and the essential human integrity naturally increasingly rises.

In the spirit of Gandhi –to try a form of western ‘civilization’ would be a good idea – in a timely manner.


“too big [too–fill-in-the-blank] NOT to fail” should be the shibboleth.


Three of the most courageous people on the planet - Snowden, Poitras and Greenwald. How is it that anyone needs convincing about the importance of personal privacy from what is essentially unaccountable world government? The potential for abuse should be very obvoius to those who are able to think critically. All we like sheep have gone so ignorantly astray.

Stay safe, you three. And rest in peace, David Carr, and thank you for all of your great work. May the timing of your most unfortunate demise have nothing whatsoever to do with your having just interviewed three people whom the ruling elite despise perhaps more than any others.


" Three people whom the ruling elite despise perhaps more than any others".

I would add Julian Assange to that statement.


A wonderful example of “Truth to Power”…


It’s reassuring to know there are still real journalists in the world, minus David Carr who indeed did something courageous by interviewing these three. The whole world should see this interview and yet I’m afraid it will just be the “fringe element” like ourselves.


Is this David Carr the same NY Times media journalist whose obit is currently up on the NYT website? What happened, if so?


One key question has not received a satisfactory answer yet: How can everyone lose their privacy but not the oligarchy?


Cancer happened, sadly. http://www.chicagotribune.com/entertainment/breaking/chi-david-carr-autopsy-lung-cancer-20150214-story.html