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Together Against Evil Personified

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/further/2020/07/06/together-against-evil-personified


"Let’s go shut these haters up…We are one family."

I think I will steal that for an upcoming event to heal our earth and people and dedicate it to Bubba Wallace and his team members.

Long ago, I showed up at court in this small town in upstate NY where on the main street a family had hung a huge Confederate Flag. I waited my turn and when I approached, with a ready made “captive” audience, I protested that flag displayed arguing to the judge that for too many people that flag represents hate and division. The judge looked astonished but the flag was taken down.


Our local upcoming gathering:

One Life, One Home Planet, One Human Family Gathering

Event: Jul 18, 2020, 2:00 PM to 3:00 PM

This gathering is dedicated to Bubba Wallace and his courageous team who stood with Bubba and continue to do so with their statement, “Let’s go shut these haters up…We are one family”. We are ONE human family in different colors depended on ONE Home Planet. We need to look deeper than skin color to heal our Earth.

We will gather on VT 15 outside Mills River Park from 2-3pm on Saturday, July 18. Bring messages of human solidarity that include concern for the Earth. Our health in body, spirit and mind are linked to a healthy planet.

Every participant is encouraged to continue to show-up on Saturday from 2-3pm but to also start thinking of organizing into a local group to press for real, positive change

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Like his obsession with statues, he Just Doesn’t Get It. Hell, even slimy Lindsey Graham disagreed, arguing, “You saw the best in NASCAR.”
Oh he gets is alright. It is this ongoing playing to his base that got him where he is. The only question is whether there is enough votes beyond his base in swing states to get rid of him. And then we get another corporate oligarch neoliberal to screw us over for the next fours years assuming Trump does not pull it off once again, especially with all the outright voter suppression taking place even more so under the guise of protecting us from Covid-19 by shutting down 95% of polling places in some areas. Don’t count out Trump stealing this one. Either way nothing that truly matters will change regardless of who wins.

“NASCAR, it’s just rednecks chasing each other in a circle”
George Carlin


Thank you, ma’am. Thank you.