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Together We Will Make It: This Is What Makes America Great


Together We Will Make It: This Is What Makes America Great

With Harvey's devastating rains and floods ongoing, a sliver of heartening news. Urging "Houston Hang On," members of Louisiana's Cajun Navy, a ragtag group of several hundred "citizen samaritans" and "bad asses" have arrived with boats in tow to join rescue operations. Most cite a simple logic: If they have a boat, they want to help. Others take a broader view: "We don't have an American leader, but we have each other."


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While I have made some disparaging,and sometimes political comments on CD and other websites about hurricane Harvey. I have to come clean. The one thing that makes: America Great Again and again and again. Are her people. To see dedicated first responders and caring, selfless people helping those in need brings joy to my heart. Yes, America can be a great place at times.


As a transplant to South Texas, I had my first hurricane encounter this week, frightening! As fate would have it, where I live dodged the worst of the Harvey bullet by a couple hours travel. For far too long I have had little reason to feel pride in my embattled country. Endless wars of aggression on sovereign nations as well as it’s own disenfranchised citizens, war profiteering, lying cowardous politicians enriching themselves at the cost of our country & the rest of the worlds well being. The corrupt powers that be have used the divide and conquer methodology to steal our country, raping and pillaging Mother Earth, selling her gifts and jewels to the highest bidder … The Federal government decided 500 employees were sufficient to handle a once in a life time catastrophic storm, when Houston alone has 6 million residents. After reading and watching the courageous actions of average citizens during Harvey’s wrath, I feel pride and hopeful in what our future could and should be! After the Katrina debacle these folks knew better than to wait for the impotent and clueless government officials who are handsomely paid to come to the rescue of the terrified storm victims. I sat at my computer crying(happy tears). I watched the video of the HEB (Texas supermarket) leadership command center, coordinating storm relief efforts like a well oiled precisioned unit, average citizens performing acts of heroism for strangers and neighbors alike. Stores, restaurants and charities freely giving away storm essentials. Our seasoned hurricane survivor neighbors in Louisiana arriving in record time, with their massive boat calvery to the rescue. This is the country we can be, kind, brave, resourceful, caring and compassionate, with a can do spirit. All of us on the same level of humanity. May this terrifying event be the moment in our history where we take stock of our priorities and commit to working to bring about the change we have been promised by our leaders. Only to realize yet again we have been played for a trusting fool. Viva La “We The People” revolution for change! This is not some stupid reality show. I believe this storm is Mother Earth’s dire warning to take notice of the consequences of abusing her. This is real life with life and death consequences. We desperately need citizen heroes to lead our county out the hypocrisy, moral gridlock and toxic narcissism which has steered us off our true north! May it be so!