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Tom Cotton is the Worst Bully in the Senate –– Here Are 10 Reasons Wh


Tom Cotton is the Worst Bully in the Senate –– Here Are 10 Reasons Wh

Medea Benjamin, Nalini Ramachandran

Hailing from Arkansas, 37-year-old Senator Cotton boasts the title of being the youngest member of the Senate, but he spouts the old warmongering rhetoric of 78-year-old Senator John McCain. From Guantanamo to Iran, food stamps to women’s rights, here are ten reasons why Tom Cotton is a dangerous dude.


From my perspective, Cotton is not so much a bully as an Israeli puppet. Tom received at least 1 million $ from them, that we know about, so when Tom accepts that kind of filthy lucre from a warmongering regime, Tom has no choice but to be owned lock. stock and barrel and be nothing but a fawning parasite who has no conscience and has sold his soul to highest bidder!


" … this freshman senator is an arrogant bully who needs a time out."
Yes, a time out in a ‘rubber room’ with a nice white jacket with v-e-r-y long sleeves! And all those idiots who voted for him and contributed to his campaign need to be in that room with him!


Wounded souls like Cotton, who 100% lack empathy for any person who holds different looks, ethnicity, religion, gender, or beliefs than his own is what entities like The Koch Brothers love to fund most. The man is completely devoid of any compassion and has an incapacity to view the world from a perspective other than his own.

I’d like to see a system of representative government where no more than 15% of those in Public Office can remain there if their beliefs and actions are obviously commensurate with those of card carrying sociopaths, Nazis, and other serial killers.

Right now, between Scott Walker, Rick Scott, Chris Christie, Cruz, McCain, (added to the Neanderthal team of climate change deniers) and this piece of walking human excrement, there are too many of these miscreants in places where they can and will do real harm.

To the forum’s remaining blame-voters chorus, keep in mind that when these sacks of shit are voted in, it’s white Christians, usually white male Christians who put them there. NEVER do they get a majority of the vote. As was shown in the most recent election00based on low voter turnout, the maniacs who took office at best gained 30% of voters’ votes.

THAT is no mandate and it sure as hell does not speak for many U.S. citizens’ views.

Direct from “the land of Cotton,” this creep’s daddy and granddaddy could well have been KKK members (and perhaps still are).


Even for someone with $700000 of Israeli money, it is hard to believe such a man with his extreme ignorance and bias could have received any sort of education in what is supposed to be a developed modern democracy and could entice real citizens in such a land to vote for him.


It seems to me public office attracts sociopaths and psychopaths. Those are exactly the type of people who most desire power and control over others, especially the helpless. Given the fact they must lie to get elected, something they are particularly adept at, it seems the deck is stacked against any normal people gettting into office. Most of us have a conscience. They are not burdened with that problem.


Cotton Underwear is full of it. He needs a change. He is the reason countries feel the need to get the atom bomb. They see the USA leaving North Korea alone. Nuts like Cotton only make them more determined, by stating that the USA will not honor any peace agreement. He is a chicken hawk war monger who knows he will not have to fight the war, nor will his children. Yet he is grinning to send young men and women to war, and accept the donations from the military industrial complex. He is in a low stage of consciousness, unaware of our shared collective universal Self.


You are 100% on target. 100%. These miscreants, as SiouxRose aptly named them, ARE psychopathic or sociopathic opportunists who seen politics as a forum to get the adulation they require for sustenance (since human blood is not widely available for drinking) and whom other opportunists, unbelievably fantastic puppeteers like the Kocks (sic) and Adelson and far too many more are chemically drawn to in order to lay their eggs in and watch maggots emerge. If Amerikans don’t wake up and stop idolizing Faux News soon, they can kiss the democracy they actually know little about good-bye. I WISH that all candidates for public office had to take psychometric tests to ferret out the sick ones and let us get on with governing the country with normal people who DO have conscience and compassion…but the ACLU et al. would never allow such a thing…and neither could any legislature or congress… Yech…


Ha ha, TMP! Your last sentence shows that you grossly overestimate Cotton! And his ilk. Otherwise, I agree with you totally!


His dysfunctional and discredited ideology makes him a part of the problem, not a part of the solution!


Cotton is playing to an Audience - and sadly it’s a large one. We have a very healthy, large, mentally deficient percentage of our population who flock to the ‘Thug’ Leaders. Putin and the Russian Orthodox Church are very much like Cotton - and speaking to the same elements of society who thrive on violence. Moths to a Flame. He’s not alone in this regard, as we all know - but he’s quite snappy in his youthful ‘look at me’ sort of way. It’s nice to see he’s getting quite a global Smack Down, not that he gives a shit about that right now, but he will learn how it may seem ‘grand’ in the moment while long term he’s a total Loser.


If Cotton feels the only thing wrong with Guantanamo is the number of empty beds, perhaps, given my belief that the letter he wrote verges on the treasonous, we ought to let him occupy one of them.

One down. 46 to go.


The state that gave us William Fullbright and John McClellen has surely slipped a few notches in the interim. Now they are electing frat-boys that resemble Dan Quayle (remember “p-o-t-a-t-o-e”).
So lets take a look at frat-boy’s worldview:

  1. The underhanded letter that 46 other know-nothing “nobomabots” signed. The Iranians to their credit see this for the posturing propaganda that it is and have reacted accordingly.
  2. Too many empty beds at the Guantanamo prison/torture chamber. I agree with frat-boy on this one and my nominees for residency include Henry Kissinger, Cheney, G.W. Bush, John Yoo, Rumsfeld (the “stuff happens” Sec-Def), the army general that consulted to create the torture climate at Gitmo and then went on to do the same thing at Abu Ghraib.
  3. The P5+1 negotiations. These are just window dressing until the NED (with Israeli and American help via shock and awe type bombardment) can install a compliant puppet government in Tehran just like the one they will install in Damascus. The Republicans and Democrats only disagree on the style but not the final outcome.
  4. Send in the Drones! Frat-boy may just change his tune when some of them start landing at airports in his jurisdiction as the Pentagon increasingly militarizes the nation’s police departments. Then maybe frat-boy and his 46 know-nothing “Nobomabot” colleages will get the chance to hear "sorry 'bout that " from their local constabulary the way many middle east residents have heard from US embassy personnel.
  5. “Bombing makes us safer”–Actually that was a typo, frat-boy really meant “bombing makes us richer”.
  6. Crackdown on immigration across our southern border–Frat-boy better watch his step here because too many of his two-fisted, free enterprise loving business types rely on cheap grunt labor to pick our crops, build our homes, work in fast food and big box retailers, and on the loading docks of warehouses. He done stopped preachin’ and gone to meddlln’.
  7. Whoring for Israeli (actually American) money–In the land of free and the home of the brave, where anything goes and nothing matters, this is accusing someone of breathing or drinking water–everybody else is doing it.
  8. Prosecuting NYT journalists. Good luck frat boy! Their lawyers have pretty well resisted such antics from the likes of Hoover and NIxon and are quite competent to their task.
  9. Food stamp recipients as “addicts”. Yes they are and so are the rest of us who rely on food to stay alive. We are also air and water addicts but so what–so is frat-boy.
  10. Opposing women’s rights legislation–well okay, just let his wife or daughter get raped or otherwise molested and let’s see how his views might change. When you live in a bubble that resembles the Disney Magic kingdom, such empathy is a difficult stretch indeed.


Too bad that so many Americans have not figured out that voting for an idiot is a bad idea.


Bullies are cowards. They are bullies because they have something to prove to the world, and to themselves. They do not deserve mercy. Don’t be afraid to kick them when you get the chance.


Haven’t seen him in action, but I’m guessing his whole shtick revolves around him bein’ one o them thar war heroes. How stupid do you have to be to see failure close up and still pimp for it?


Cotton is from Arkansas, the same state that gave us the Clintons.



Code Pink should write an open letter to the wife of Tom Cotton and other right-wingers to ask why they stand by these lunatics.

Most of the thugs, killers and corporate predators who make the world a worse place might reconsider their life choices if they didn’t have positive reinforcement.


Cotton, with less than one year in the senate, is now better known, and will receive more media recognition, than Bernie Sanders. He will be cited in the media and and appear on TV more than Bernie. I love Code Pink, but attacking the right is not effective, inasmuch as it merely draws attention to them. There is no such thing as bad publicity. Don’t Think of an Elephant. It will be more difficult to promote progressives than attack reactionaries, but that’s what has to be done. Code Pink did a great job with Cindy Sheehan. Do that with Bernie, or Elizabeth, or Sherod, etc. Respectfully, …