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Tom Price as HHS Secretary: A Disaster for U.S. Health Care


Tom Price as HHS Secretary: A Disaster for U.S. Health Care

Carol Paris

The Senate’s vote to confirm Rep. Tom Price, R-Ga., as secretary of health and human services, while widely expected, should set off national alarm bells.

Price’s congressional track record, combined with his extensive health-policy paper trail, have shown him to be unabashedly pro-big-business and contemptuous of human needs – particularly when it comes to women’s and poor people’s needs. But the damage he will be able to do as HHS secretary will go far beyond that.


The 20 plus trillion dollars in too-big-to-fail TBTF bank bailouts that Congress put US taxpayers on the hook for after they crashed the economy in 2008 would pay for the first decade of Sanders' proposed single payer medical insurance for every American, with enough money left over to provide free four year college tuition for every eligible high school graduate.

The TBTF banks that controlled 25% of US bank assets when they crashed the economy in 2008 now control 50% and will get exponentially larger taxpayer funded bailouts, not to mention depositor funded bail outs thanks to Dodd/Frank bail in laws that will not be axed as Trump cherry picks Dodd/Frank..


I predict a serious shortage of pitchforks in the next few years.


I find as a foreigner that it is almost unbelievable that trump can manage to extract out of millions of people the very worst possible choices for every task of importance, if the well-being of the country and its people were the aim. Tom Price (I had never heard of him, of course) has every possible terrible characteristic to deal with health in any way. The few good features of the "US health system (sic)" are medicare if you manage to live through decades of problems, medicaid, if you are very very poor, and the veterans' part, which will probably soon be history. Now Price wants to ruin the only good sections and destroy lives when every other nation which cares about its people looks after their health.


Price's sole concern is sustaining high returns on his (and his cronies') insurance, pharma and other medical sector investments. Its not personal, its just business.

Recall Obama's September 9, 2009 TV interview where he told the audience "health care reform needs to preserve insurance company profits". When he signed ACA into law six months later Price and other investors loaded up on insurance and pharma stocks as a merger frenzy launched in those industries.


Anyone here got a line on some remote acre or two somewhere in South America where the building codes are lax and also with good universal med ?


IF and of course neither is their concern. Astounding really. It's as if all the flag waving is supposed to substitute for a national conscience.


"As a physician, 28 million uninsured is unacceptable. ": Thank you Dr. Paris.


Careful. It's over 100 F all across Chile right now with fires everywhere. Even Tasmania caught on fire for the first time in centuries.

Maybe up in the Andes is the answer. Not sure.


Disaster seems to be the theme of the orange clown and friends. The only question, which is the worst one? My personal feeling is that it is short term extinction of this 2 legged hairless chimp and all that means for the rest of the species on this planet that is rapidly being changed from a garden to a desolate ball of rock and obnoxious gases that just might be able to support one celled life if luck prevails.


Yet another Fox, one of a years long, multi- Presidentially Appointed Parade, of Treacherous Foxes, assigned to "Guard" yet another Public Interest Hen House.


It has been estimated that the Bail Out Funds, if distributed to the Populace Itself, on a person to person basis, would have resulted in a $30,000 check, going out to EVERY living man, woman and child in the US, regardless of age, be they 100 years or 100 seconds old.

ALL of which would have been put RIGHT BACK into the economy, serving as a True Financial, and EconomicTransfusion, reviving, and beginning, the Sustenance of Our Society.


Uh, the Obama administration was pursuing, and enforcing, anti-trust against several insurers and hospital chains. Aetna specifically pulled out of the market places to try and force approval of their consolidation efforts:

It's a right-wing myth that the ACA caused consolidation, as a feature of the market prior to the ACA was consolidation. The Right basically argues that by not allowing insurers to sell crappy insurance ("tailored policies"), that ACA forced insurers to consolidate. However, there's just not enough data to support that claim. The dirty little non-secret is market consolidation had already occurred in most parts of the country. That's what the movement toward HMOs was about in the 1980s and 1990s and it's why in most places in the country, there aren't a lot of insurance options on offer. After all, the ACA isn't just the market places for individual purchasers. A company can choose not to participate in the exchanges but still participate in the employer provided market.


On a trip to Norway last year we had a discussion about Trump or Clinton and what it meant for America. Our relatives had a hard time understanding the unwillingness of Americans to see that acting collectively has been good for them. I've seen studies where they have compared ours to the Scandinavian models and we pay as much and get far less in return.

Sure they have high taxes, but also wages. Sure they have higher cost of living, but it's secure for a lifetime. They have concerns, but generally not fears. We have fear of nearly everything because we are told to fear something, no self analysis just acceptance that what we are told is true.

Oddly enough in a society considered to be Socialist and destroys one's freedoms. You have people who are more free to pursue many interests because they have the liberation of knowing they have a safety net to catch them. We have our fears...


I spent a summer in Sweden in the 1990s and the vibe was the same. Life changing for me having grown up in a rural, generally conservative community.


Hey Tom Price,
Want to make United States of America great again? Stop tethering workers to jobs they don’t like just because they need health coverage. Why should employers have to be responsible for health coverage? Liberate worker’s creativity and watch the United States of America become the innovators and problem solvers we are preordain to be. Unshackle business responsibility for health coverage and watch the United States of American become healthier of mind and body.


I agree to an extent, but having "free" insurance is not free- someone has to pay for it.