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Tom Price Is Enhancing the Health of the American People By Wasting $60,000 On Private Jets, Trashing Medicaid and Committing Crimes Against Humanity


Tom Price Is Enhancing the Health of the American People By Wasting $60,000 On Private Jets, Trashing Medicaid and Committing Crimes Against Humanity

Hypocrisy, thy name is the malignant gang of grifters, liars and swamp monsters trying to rob poor and sick Americans of their right to health care. Today, we salute ever-slimy Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price, who just last week spent $60,000 on private jets - look Ma, I'm rich and ripping people off! - on several short trips he could have taken for as little as 50 bucks. This is a guy who likes to rant about cutting waste, proposed slashing Medicaid by $880 million, and voted against funding for children's health, regulating tobacco, and fighting AIDS and malaria. This is a guy, notes one pundit, who's "a fantastic piece of shit."


I think “a fantastic piece of shit” would be universally accepted.


The price of this kind of dick is just too high.


Price – and many others put in place like him - “Foxes guarding the hen house” …
are there to destroy any positive efforts and the overall purpose of the agencies.

They are there for the purpose of destruction as far and wide as possible in
service to Elites/wealthy.


Notice how several of Trump’s Cabinet as well as Agency Heads, and Assistants are Southern suburban “Christian Right” white men. I’m sure it’s just a coincidence, though

These are exactly the wrong people to determine policies for a modern diverse nation. Tom Price is one of the worst!


Isn’t there a fraud and abuse hotline for thefts like this?
I am sure if a Medicaid recipient received an unauthorized $10 credit, they would end up in the slammer.

Some pigs are more equal than others…


You suppose if trumpers could or would read they might take offense at the ongoing wastrel, elitist, entitled behaviors of their boy’s people?


I recall Grandpa Caligula Reagan nominating Anne Gorsuch Burford to head EPA and James Watt for Interior.

And the beat goes on…


Isn’t it time we collectively did something about the likes of Price? It might feel good for a moment to vent but we need some serious organizing and action. The French used to lop off the heads of such cretins. Gandhi showed another way too.


Well he is an administrator like any other and there is no doubt plenty of reason to remove him. But, you have to think about who would replace him because sometimes that is worse. Administrators represent policies and if you notice that is how republicans have gained control of this narrative.


They can’t. They don’t. They need a bunch of prettyfied dumb asses yelling the same lies-of-the-day at them all day every day. Honestly, their spin is sometimes so convoluted, they need to repeat the idiocy to drive it in through repetition because it doesn’t hold up to critical thought. You know, in my day, we had a colloquial term for what liars would say. We would say they are selling Wolf-tickets, after the boy-who-cried-wolf story.

It seems we could easily, and perhaps should immediately co-opt this, like Tea-Baggers for tea partiers, and call lies: Fox-Tickets! Forget Wolves & Sheep, let’s tell them the story of the Fox (news) and the henhouse!


thanks for the giggle. i needed that. trumpers can’t read, think, or walk independently of the puppet strings attached to their legs and bobbing heads.