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Tom Vilsack Is the Reason Urban and Rural Progressives Must Unite to Fight Corporate Agribusiness Control Over Democracy

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/12/11/tom-vilsack-reason-urban-and-rural-progressives-must-unite-fight-corporate


Don’t fight it, just ease into it.
That’s the whole point of voting LOTE.


This will continue as long as you have Republicans or Democrats in charge.
Things will not change until this government collapses… which is well underway…
Gosh, just as the Twin Towers collapsed from within, so will this Government. One mourning, you will awaken, and it will have happened… If Biden is sworn in, he will serve as only a Band-Aid for what is unfolding…rapidly… I am no fan of Trump nor Pelosi-Biden Democrats…


The Democratic Centrist Caucus has taken up where the Democratic Leadership Council (DLC) left off, to make sure that Wall Street continues to be well represented.


One of these days, I hope CommonDreams can implement a comment system that is organized on topics and not tagged on each article. But since it doesn’t, can I ask @BillinDubuque and @KC2669 if either are still interested in this topic to reply here to comments from ~https://commons.commondreams.org/t/biden-provokes-frustration-by-sidestepping-rep-fudge-for-usda-treating-hud-as-consolation-prize/84976

I read this article and there are concerns. He will be confirmed obviously as Republican support is now greased with Grassley. I admit I’m more likely to hear about when people like this turn into disasters vs. when they are better than expected (since that isn’t news - though maybe it should be), so I’m trying to be optimistic. I won’t put Vilsack in the same camp as some of Biden’s other appointments yet, but he is not inspiring.

Of course Vilsack will be confirmed, as he is a win-win for the Multi-NaZional Korporations that control both wings of the duopoly:
    • He will continue to advance Big Ag’s kontrol over the world’s food supply.
    • He will discourage rural and Black voters from supporting the DimWit-Rats.

The latter is especially important because even just nominating him affects the current Senate races in Georgia and as I pointed out in a different thread yesterday, if McConnell is no longer in charge of the Senate then the DimWit-Rats will no longer be able to pass legislation in the House that is not in the best interests of their korporate masters who control the DNC, and thus they’ll no longer be able to pretend that the majority of DimWit-Rats have the backs of hard-working main-street and main-stream Americans.  If McConnell is no longer there to block legislation and take the blame, then the DimWit-Rats will have to own up to their own failure to defend the middle class from korporate greed.


More good cop/bad cop distraction. My two cents, Tom Vilsack will make economic growth more important than equally important issues.

Discussion groups become the effect of this division or contrast between two things that are or are represented as being opposed or entirely different

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Re. Tom Vilsack: Right after Obama’s election, I took the for-me unusual step of writing the President-elect a letter, in which I said, “if you really advocate for CHANGE and want to give us HOPE, you must surround yourself with agents of change … people who hold the same vision.” The indirect response to my plea was obvious a few days later, when he made his cabinet appointments. “We Fooled You Again!”

It was the nomination of Vilsack as Ag Sec’y that had particularly pushed me to that despair. A longtime ally of industrial /corporate agri-biz, Vilsack was emblematic of corporate influence over policy, and made clear that NOTHING was effectively going to change.

Now again, Biden has chosen the same asshole. The author of this article may hold out hope for some transformation, but cats don’t change their spots and corporatists NEVER buck their patrons.

So we can expect yet more concentration of control of the food-production system, continued environmental degradation and disruption of rural communities as smaller, family operators are replaced or else made serfs under the controls of the largest corporate consolidators like ADM, Syngenta, IBP, Bayer, etc.

I personally think he is as bad as any, and his history, his funders and his predilections don’t give me any reason to believe he might change. In short, he is exactly illustrative of what I expected from Biden.

“Economic growth” is an euphemism that implies benefit without any context. As measured by GDP, for instance, it fails to account for (often externalized) costs.


I would add here, that we have reached the environmental/ecological limits to economic growth. What we need is someone that understands remediation.

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“If progressives ever want to gain more votes in rural America, they must rid the Democratic Party of the Corporate Agribusiness stranglehold over everything rural and strike fear into any politician who attempts to pander to those interests.”



And a perfect illustration of why, after falling for O’Bummer’s rhetorical bullshit in 2008, I wrote in “Bernie & 'Beth” in 2012, 2016 and 2020, and will NOT support a “LOTE” candidate in 2024 in the unlikely event that I’m still around.

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“increasing concern about the direction of Joe Biden’s cabinet choices from many Democrats”

This is the idiot’s wing of the progressive sub-party? How can anyone who doesn’t like these appointments be even a tiny bit surprised by them? They’re the only kind of appointments that Biden was ever going to make. Concern can’t be increasing; follow-through on certainty doesn’t allow for it.