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Tom Vilsack’s Cozy Relationship With Big Ag Makes Him A Non-Starter at USDA

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/12/22/tom-vilsacks-cozy-relationship-big-ag-makes-him-non-starter-usda

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It’s time we learned that we are all in this together as we fight corporate America. If the Biden administration throws rural America under the bus, we all suffer – and the GOP gets a stronger hold on the votes there.

For city dwellers to ignore the needs of rural America, is akin to the Trump administration only sending pandemic aid to red states. It’s time to work together to turn this country around. Biden can do (much!) better than Vilsack.

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No need to write new articles about Vilsack…just dust off the many Obama era CD articles that evaluate Vilsack during his years in Obama’s cabinet.

The only thing that changed is Vilsack’s patron Monsanto moving off shore.

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For another view of progress toward clean energy and rural development in this country under the partnership of President-elect Biden and Secretary Vilsack, I can direct readers to a major study by Princeton University energy experts whose work was recently featured in The New York Times.

This is an editorial by brother Art, publisher of The Storm Lake Times, in northwest Iowa, “Clean energy, Iowa prosperity” (12/18/20). @dara and @gandolf may choose to read this, and I recommend it to others who are reading this commentary by Krissy Wassermann and Amanda C. Starbuck.

“President-elect Joe Biden has made net-zero by 2050 his goal.” stormlakecom/artice/editorial.clean energy iowa prosperity. (Had trouble providing the link, as there should be a dot before the com)

Iowa and Wisconsin are cited as primary beneficiaries of the Princeton project, along with rural upper Midwest, western Great Plains, and Appalachia.