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Tomorrow Is Today


Tomorrow Is Today

Robert C. Koehler

The icon’s day has come and gone, and — oh, the irony — eight people were fatally shot in Chicago on his weekend. Another eight were shot during a Martin Luther King rally and celebration in Miami.

God knows how many more died this past weekend: around the country, around the world.


If there is a way forward Robert, I have to think it has to be the United Nations.

Overwhelmingly in this election, Americans voted for business as usual, with the only progressive, honest voice being Jill Stein and her Green Party, which did double their vote from the previous election, something like the way green energy sources are coming on stream, but unfortunately, like the fossil fuel industry, the advances are at present being swamped by the even greater increase in support for yesterday's solutions.

For myself, I think I will turn my attention away from this 'protest - resist' meme - which is broken.

I live in The Anthropocene, and I and my family act accordingly.

Until the other 98%, or a majority of them, do the same - we can only hope the UN will do what it can to set a higher tone - to enact a general assembly resolution for "Rights for Nature", for a "no nukes" policy, for setting aside half the Earth as a nature preserve, as E.O Wilson thinks necessary.

We need the UN so we can look up again, instead of into the pit as personified by Trump and his ghastly crew.

The dinosaurs proverbially went extinct because they didn't have a space program.

Pathetically, the same scenario is unfolding in scientifically illiterate America, and in a United States which has lost the ability to look up.


capitalism, imperialism, patriarchy! which came first, huh? these three ideologies seem like conjoined triplets born from the unholy union between fear of and the desire to control the "other." the buddha suggest that all actions stem from desire. i'd say that every living entity shares the same quintessential desire, "I want to Live!" well, that sounds like a superbly life-affirming desire, doesn't it? yet the chroniclers of our world history describe the "advancement" of human progress from earliest recording on into the 21st century as war and conquest. what the hell, (excuse my french), is wrong with our species!? how did our anthropocentric singular interpretation of "i want to live" materialize itself as warriors carrying ever more sophisticated and ever more effective weapons of killing and annihilation? somehow the desire to live evoked in too many hearts the converse, an overwhelming, irreconcilable fear of death. a good cyber friend often reminded us, "life is a gift; death a given." the very idea that humans can kill our way into eternal life is most preposterous! as raymond e. fiest explains, "What man does not understand, he fears; and what he fears, he tends to destroy."

last week robert koehler implored. "What if we began waging peace against terrorism? That is to say, what if we began to recognize that understanding the enemy is what’s crucial, while thinking we can destroy what we fear is an illusion of monstrous proportions?" capitalism, the desire to exploit Nature's gifts for profit, stems from the fear of lack. capitalism creates a highly competitive environment in which we cannot celebrate a fellow traveler's good fortune for fear that her/his gain is "my" loss. those spirits most awash in rabid and unreasoning fear see only an enemy so vile and threatening that any attempt to understand would serve only to condone and give power into the hands that most frightening evil. we who look in astonishment at this materialistic world of war see that those who succumb to fear also become what thy fear most--death squads. the enemy of the very Life they wish to save.

imperialism also stems from fear of the "other." those who see life as a shark's tank believe in their trembling hearts that they must either control of be controlled. life offers no nuances and because they cannot see the humanity in the other, they lack the maturity and self-control to deal effectively in the spirit of love and understanding with life's challenges. i so enjoy hearing people like jerome scahill, vandana shiva, bree newsome, julian assange, ed snowden, grace lee boggs and of course, martin luther king,jr. and all those who speak in a tone of "controlled" anger hoping to bring sanity to a world gone insane! now, the arms industry capitalizing on war marches on the soles imperialism for mere monetary profit!

perhaps patriarchy is the first born of the evil, uncompromising triplets. the patriarch feels compelled to control his mate, his offspring and everything in his domain through brute strength. gentlemen! please, i mean no offence. although males exhibit this control by force nature more often gender bias which sees the femme as symbolizing the weak and fearful, overly emotional human frailties, women also fall to gender bias. patriarchy is a divisive concept barring all humanity from working together in the spirit of love, peace and unity. none of us has the power to change another's perspective. we must avoid allowing their divisive fear and hate poison our resolve!

"As I Am lifted up, I draw all men and to me!" (paraphrase)

today is the first day in the rest of our life. have a great and meaningful day! :slight_smile:


hi, steve! when we get down to it isn't the united nations just another institution of human construct? the u.n was formed in 1945 after ww2 for the express purpose of assuring that we would never again come so close to total annihilation. yet, today the u.s. under obama has budgeted mucho billions for nuclear development. if we are to look up, we must look within. you may argue that thus far the u.n has succeed in forestalling ww3, but i think you'd agree that the war on terror is just an undeclared world war, right?



Thanks, Robert.
I left after I saw the consequences of millions around the world marching to protest the Iraq War.
I teach English overseas. I figure that countries conduct warfare less with countries that can speak their language. This new country isn't perfect by any means, but it is easier when I'm ignorant.

Best wishes and my condolences to Trumplandia.


To 'hummingbird':

First of all, if you were replying to me, 'manysummits', my name is Mike, not steve !

Now - to your points:

1) Yes, the UN is a human construct - but what a magnificent construct.

Like a big city at night, from far away - you can't help but see the beauty of human striving.

Also, like a big city, on closer inspection you see the dirt and the crime as well - the dark side of the human condition.

But we can't do much about that - humans are light & dark, both, at the same time.

2) I am a believer in action - not words.

True, the UN was set up ostensibly to prevent WW 3 - I don't know if the verdict is in yet on that one - we may just have been lucky - and, as you say, the war on terror indicates that money still rules. But that is also just the way it is these days, and for a long time into our past.

But if you look at what the UN does - you find that mostly it is about people and justice, and about the natural world, the environment, because we truly are inseparable form nature.

You have the world's only scientific and social forum on climate change - ongoing now for decades.

And the IPBES is set to be the next world forum on biodiversity and extinction, which we are causing.

You have UNICEF - for children.

You have the World Health Organization, and on and on - Immigration... the International Atomic Energy Agency...

So if you look at what the UN does - you see much more than the Security Council.

I would like to close by adding a link to something I just read which I think we will see more of - Edward O. Wilson's new idea, outlined in his book "Half-Earth", for setting the goal of half the Earth as a natural preserve - a combination of parks and less protected natural areas, to maintain 80 % of biodiversity - to keep a habitable Earth.

I have read "Half-Earth", and agree with the premise.

But this interview by Mongabay is frankly even better ! The interviewer seems to have really good instincts - and Edward responded !!

I urge all to take a look - it is an extensive piece.

But if this idea gains traction, it will be the UN in large measure - which will end up guiding this initiative, and lending the weight of the IPBES to it.

The UN is a world democracy.


oops! sorry, mike, i confused you with another common dreamer.


No problemo !


Robert is so, so, so, uncomfortably correct that wishful thinking, hope, prayers, and trying to elect the political leaders that can fix us, have left us in a “Tomorrow is Today” condition.

The only fix that I can see, is for every one of us that has the will, to pair up a known bigot-and a person of color and mentor them. Tie their wrists together if you have to, but stick with it until something positive is born. Do this across the nation and in no time we will all be brothers.

The ones that refuse to cooperate will have to be killed of course. G


It’s nice to think that if we make rules, they will be followed. Businesses illegally employ border crossers. Those supposed highly taxed businesses seldom actually pay them. Trickle down is a friendly sounding plan that does the opposite. Clear skies initiative does the opposite. There are a multitude of policies, plans, and laws that would be great for America if we could get people to follow them.
When people start to reach for more than we need, the system begins shake, and then rumble, and then the darts begin to fly. To believe that the rules set out by the U.N. would be adhered to is wishful thinking. :confused: G