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Tomorrow's Terror Today: Pentagon Documents Detail Dystopian Dangers


Tomorrow's Terror Today: Pentagon Documents Detail Dystopian Dangers

Nick Turse

For almost 20 years, U.S. drone warfare was largely one-sided. Unlike Afghans and Yemenis, Iraqis and Somalis, Americans never had to worry about lethal robots hovering overhead and raining down missiles. Until, that is, one appeared in the skies above Florida.


Interesting that there are no scenarios mentioned which involve domestic right-wing militias. I wonder why notā€”havenā€™t they heard about the bombing of the Murrah building?


Nightmares conjured in dreams of dominance


No guild they cannot include such domestic threats as it might be looked upon as thought seeding. But you do bring up perhaps the best point of all; and the fact is that if terrorism evolves along the pathway that it tends to then we should begin seeing actual domestic attacks within the US begin by way of elements abroad. Just as a domestic attack must be considered, a deadly attack directed from abroad cannot be ruled out. Look at the evolution for example, the 2009 Christmas Day bomb plot by Umar Farouk Abdulmuttalabā€”who was trained and directed by Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsulaā€”failed only because the explosive didnā€™t work. The Times Square bomb plot by Faisal Shahzad, who in 2010 managed to place a car bomb in Times Square undetected after training with the Pakistani Taliban, which again did not detonate properly, is another example. Despite these cases, the most likely threat continues to be lone individuals or pairs inspired by jihadist ideology without the type of extensive plotting, communication, or travel activity that would tip off the layered counterterrorism defense system. I believe that before we see ourselves hitting ourselves from within our borders, I unfortunately see the the successful execution by enemies abroad of an attack inside our borders long before we see an attack by our own, upon our own. Time shall tellā€¦ as might the way in which the US government continues to piss of the people.


Dwight Eisenhower saw and warned us of the dangerā€¦the assassination of Jack and Bobby and Martin and Malcolm cemented their power, vast wealth allowed them to buy and control the Congress and politiciansm and thus more beneficial legislationā€¦one way or anotherā€¦ā€™'control the messageā€¦the narrativeā€¦swallowed by a population increasingly trained to become wage slaves, not thinking, educated, knowledgeable, informed by truth, citizens.

For-profit MICC wars became the crime, not ā€œnational defenseā€ā€¦the enormity was increased by other acts of violence and false-flags blamed on ā€œthe enemyā€ - our very own September Reichstag Fire to further cement the treasonā€¦and now a malleable moron is elevated to show-biz carny status to further divide and divert limited pubic citizen attention with his mindless blatherā€¦citizens deprived of a full education, truthful information, and time to think about their predicament or the crimes of the cabal responsibleā€¦why are they trying to destroy the potential of internet communication and sow so much false diversionary info?
We are at the crossroads for certainā€¦


America and Israel are masters of the ā€˜false flagā€™. Events will occur that will enable the diabolical Empire to go to war with anyone they desire. Corrupt McCain predicted a hundred years war and the money will keep rolling in for the MIC. The MSM will co-operate fully with the scheme. Sit back taxpayers and prepare to be plundered. Keep saluting the flag.


You have to justify that Trillion dollars a year somehowā€¦