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TONIGHT: #PeoplesSOTU to Counter Trump Agenda and Amplify the Resistance

TONIGHT: #PeoplesSOTU to Counter Trump Agenda and Amplify the Resistance

Julia Conley, staff writer

High-profile progressives will host the People's State of the Union on Monday evening, a day before President Donald Trump gives his own address to a joint session of Congress on his policy agenda.

The People's SOTU will be held in New York and will be available to stream live starting at 8:00pm EST.

Nice! Looking forward to it.

Some links that might be useful:


There is no link in the article, just a blank space for me.

Does anyone have a link to this? Thanks,

I’ll be watching Bernie’s response to Trump’s SOTU address, which will livestream on YouTube, twitter, and Facebook Live after Trump finishes speaking.

Here’s the link to the YouTube livestream. https://youtu.be/c2ibkHGRyaQ


It is hard to see how Trump could speak for the majority of Americans. He lost the popular vote by 2.9 million votes. And then who knows how many votes Hillary Clinton lost because of ID laws in a number of states, certainly more than Trump as Democratic voters were more affected. It has been calculated that In Wisconsin alone 200,000 people did not vote due to the ID law. And then there are other voter suppression laws such as the one in Florida where anyone convicted of a felony can never vote even if they have done their time. I would say that Trump speaks for about one-third of Americans, the vast majority of whom live in more rural areas. That includes many areas where white supremacy is strong and in areas where the Patriot movement is strong such as in eastern Oregon. Trump has seriously divided the country and most likely his State of the Union address will divide it even more.

Good luck with that one. It would take a miracle, that’s what. Particularly with robotics turning the working class into a non-working class. How many factory workers have lost their jobs because of automation. Many. And workers in retail are next. I would advise people to stop living in the past and come up with solutions that take into account the drastic changes that are occurring in the economy.

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Don’s speech is (protocol aside) just more of the lurid spectacle that we are supposed to spend time dissecting.
F*ck that.
P.S. Does Trump care that he doesn’t speak for most Americans? Sure, he tosses and turns all night, trying to find ways to get more Americans to his side.

Here’s what I commented on the NYT regrading Trump’s SOTE address:

What will faux-EMPEROR/president Trump talk about in his “State of the EMPIRE Address”?

You can bet it won’t be the deadly cancer of EMPIRE that put this clown in the White House!

But if he wanted to brag about this first in the history of the world; ‘effectively-Disguised’, dual ‘Vichy Party’, ‘truly-Global’, and crony ‘Capitalist-fueled’ EMPIRE — which is only nominally HQed in, and merely ‘posing’ as, our former country, and which can only be accurately defined, confronted, and over-thrown by ‘exposing’ this global cancer simply named “EMPIRE” ---- then faux-Emperor Trumpster might say:

“This EMPIRE is sooooo wonderful in hurting all the ‘little people’ in America”

“The EMPIRE is fabulously well disguised”

“The EMPIRE is truly global, although the average people here think it’s their country”

“The EMPIRE is fueled by my style of crony corrupt Capitalism, which somehow the ‘subjects’ think is going to help them — ha ha”

“And best of all, the real benefit of both these Vichy-parties controlled by the EMPIRE is that wealthy liars like me and other 0.01%ers can use violence, looting, and lies to hurt all the people all the time!”


Nice idea. It would be even better if the PeoplesSOTU went head-to-head with Trump tomorrow night.

If this was much more widely publicized for a much longer period of time and held on Tuesday, would love to compare the ratings.

I’m certainly not watching Trump

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facebook evicted me in 2016.
Said the wrong thing, someone complained.

Almost always I try to find points of common ground debating important issues, especially in transportation planning. With self-driving cars, the better term is ‘autonomous’ in that its Level 3 ‘driver assist’ is defensible. At levels 4 & 5, distracting then eliminating drivers, eliminates a safety devise. Period. A driver’s constant attention to road conditions and ability to take evasive maneuvers cannot be replaced with a computer, thus, cars will never be ‘self-driving’ safely.

Important ‘autonomous’ vehicle safety features (except ‘platooning’ or ‘tailgating’) are possible at
Level 3. Empty AVs between passenger drop-off and pick-up increases traffic. Empty AVs correspond to inefficient fuel/energy use and waste emissions. TAAS neglects benefits of household EVs, especially important in emergency grid failure and other emergencies where a vehicle is needed immediately, not one that may arrive too late. Household EVs are a perfect match to rooftop solar. Such households gain the means to more closely monitor and reduce household energy consumption.

Also gained is the choice whether electricity is for household use or driving, which leads to more trips becoming possible without having to drive, whereby other modes of travel – mass transit, walking, bicycling – all struggling with the severe impediment automobiles present. Self-driving cars changes nothing. Don’t want to hear this contrary viewpoint and will completely ignore it? You could become a leader and ‘Resist’ pretentious claims of AV past Level 3 nor past household EVs and related technologic traditional economic development that allows hope for the future. Divest from Amazon.

Is there a livestream that is NOT Facebook?

“If the freedom of speech is taken away then dumb and silent we may be led, like sheep to slaughter” (George Washington). trump has the right of free speech but i won’t be watching or listening

EDIT: Tuesday night = State of the Disunion Speech


Ok! Got it. Silly me.

Spot on, TJ.

No, it does not- they are in a bubble. There are some celebrities who have been involved with causes for many years though such as Susan Sarandon.

Yes, automation is the antithesis of being human. I thought about the Amish who do not even use electricity.

Pablum, pro democrat (at least implicitly), narrow view — disappointing

Or, we could spend our time listening to a Green Party address, for an outside perspective.