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TONIGHT: Sanders to Host Online 'Medicare for All' Town Hall Meeting

TONIGHT: Sanders to Host Online 'Medicare for All' Town Hall Meeting

Common Dreams staff
"For the first time in American history we will be holding a nationally televised town meeting on Medicare for all."
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It is my hope that at least 50% of America watches this event, The F/B link showed 4K going to the event and 11K interested as of 11am AZ time. Here is the link for TYT’s youtube channel. they will be hosting the event as well so tune in and thanks.


Thanks for the link Ditton. I don’t do BookFace.


You are most welcome.

In the meantime here is some necessary homework to do before participating:


Let’s all participate to make sure Bernie’s bill, S 1804 becomes the House Bill HR 676!!

More info.:
Here are links to the information that we discussed tonight:

The Sanders Medicare for All Town Hall can be watched Tuesday, Jan. 23 at 7:00 pm.

Here is Sanders’ Facebook Event Page: https://www.facebook.com/events/923471961163492/

Here is the page for the Twitter Storm that will also start at 7:00 pm: http://healthoverprofit.org/sanders-town-hall-twitter-storm/

Afterwards, we are going to host a Facebook Live discussion on the Health Over Profit for Everyone page. Here is the event page for that: https://www.facebook.com/events/212121552690479/

And here is the HR 676 vs S 1804 Handout: http://healthoverprofit.org/hr-676-versus-s-1804-hand-out/ (I also attached it to this email to make it easier to print)

Please participate as you are able during and after the Sanders Town Hall to spread the word about National Improved Medicare for All (NIMA) and to push Sanders to improve his bill.


Agree. I’ll review those details (thanks for the link,) and I have read the entirety of both bills and imo HR 676 is the better proposal.

The link more in the article provides a youtube link.

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Gearing up for 2021. Three years to build support. Just need a Democratic president, a Democratic House majority, and at least 60 Democratic senators. Big Pharma and the healthcare insurance companies are probably already planning for the battle if the Democrats take over in DC.

This is a very good link that summarizes the differences. I admit I was skeptical about what was in Bernie’s bill.


Thanks, neat and sweet, short and to the point, clear and understandable!

And unarguable! We need to demand all these provisions be included, to make S 1804 much simpler and more effective, and make it reconcile with HR 676.

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It would be nice if CSPAN would air this live.

a few links:


Can you explain how this would be put into practice?

Yes – Reduces administrative costs and unnecessary duplication of facilities through global and capital budgets.

Glad many U.S.'ers say they’ll watch - I will. But, as I wrote two weeks ago, my concern is:

I am concerned that a digital Town Hall will reach already active progressives; but that it will not reach or mobilize the low income people that Sanders - and progressives generally - need to win, whether on the issue of “Medicare for All,” or any other progressive issue.

Below, a recent Jacobin article, “When Poor People Vote.” I hold that what Mound argues re the Sanders campaign is true for progressives generally: we have so far not been able to form a broad movement without which we cannot win.

"Without the participation of the low-income non-voters Sanders referenced [as not voting during the presidential campaign], the type of social-democratic politics he advocates, let alone something more radical, is doomed. In that sense, Sanders’s conception of a democratic political ‘revolution’ made possible by luring habitual non-voters to the polls with the promise of progressive policy is accurate. His problem has been execution, not vision.

“Poor non-voters do support Sanders and his social-democratic platform. Sanders’s campaign just hasn’t been able to sufficiently mobilize non-voters, or reach other portions of the electorate generally sympathetic to his policies, especially African Americans.”

Bernie Sanders is right that many of the poor don’t vote. But the Left can’t win without them.

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“Three years to build support. Just need a Democratic pre-”

Just need a Democratic Party platform that can build needed support.

"Sanders is right that many of the poor don’t vote. But the Left can’t win without them."

"[A]s depressed voter turnout among African-Americans and Latinx voting trends suggest, all Americans, regardless of color, need a principle to vote for, not just an enemy to resist. For those living on the margins, incremental change is a life sentence to inhumane conditions…"


Kindly read what I posted above to Justaman.–it lists the problems with Bernie’s plan which, as it stands, is not true single payer. I and H.O.P.E support HR 676, true single payer and want to press Sander’s in adopting HR 676 not his S 1804 bill. and check out HOPE: http://healthoverprofit.org/about/

Now, I will add nothing more.

Read the materials provided.

I thought the Democratic platform in 2016 was pretty good. Was there something specific that you thought was missing? I think it was Charles Blow in the NY Times who said all politics is identify politics. I think he has a good point. Your race, ethnic group, sex, etc. matters no matter what. In other words politics is identify politics. Blacks and Hispanics usually do have low turn out but part of that is because of voter suppression tactics. The ID laws make it especially hard for those groups to vote. They often live in dense urban areas where there is lack of voting machines which creates long lines and discourages voters. In some states people with felony records can’t vote which particularly hurts minorities. The idea that if the Democrats somehow had a great platform that would magically turn out minority voters is wishful thinking. These people face a lot of obstacles to voting including purging of the voter rolls. All candidates ruin on a platform. The lack of a positive platform is not the problem.

Healthcare based on your medical needs, not your bank account, not your insurance, nothing but your need. This is what every other wealthy country in the world offers their citizens and often at less than half the cost of per capita healthcare costs in the U.S.

Tell me, detractors of universal healthcare, if the rest of the world has inferior healthcare, how is it no country in the world would trade their healthcare system for ours? Even the most conservative countries (Switzerland for chrissakes) offer universal healthcare for its citizens.

Meanwhile, the U.S. manages to find $700 billion a year to police the world.


Thanks for posting the material. I didn’t really see how reducing healthcare to a single source would accomplish the stated goals in reducing healthcare spending but I found some additional information.


Very few countries have single payer. Most have some sort of a mix which provides options. Why so much emphasis on single payer? What is the advantage? It seems very dogmatic.

Some countries have MORE than single payer…the UK has full out socialized mediicene, a model the US Veterans Administration follows.

“Emphasis on single payer” results from Democrats and even some progressives having a history during the past half century of demanding an inch and getting nothing.

Unless you demand a mile you are not likely to end up with much.