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Tony Abbott and Co. Declare War on 'Vigilante' Green Groups


Tony Abbott and Co. Declare War on 'Vigilante' Green Groups

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott, described this week by author and activist Naomi Klein as a "climate villain," is cracking down further on environmental groups—and democracy itself—by seeking to repeal a section of the country's conservation law that allows green groups to mount legal challenges to environmental approvals.


Unoriginal, but apt

"If you can't beat 'em

Enjoin 'em"


Governments now pass laws that violate fundamental principals of democracy. A right to be heard. Is the countries natural wealth not all of ours and do we or do we not have a right to a healthy environment. A democracy suggests at the very least we have a right to ask those questions.

Klein is right the man is a villain. And a group should proceed with a private criminal prosecution against him and his cohorts. It is obvious he is only interested in those who pay him.

In Canada the PM calls a judge an activist judge if he takes down their legislation. Some judges are dumb enough to repeat that nonsense. If a piece of legislation fundamentally undermines the mechanics of our societies it is an "activist" judge who permits it.

The US court has 5 of those rogues.

In Canada I often question what possible right does Harper to muzzle scientists. They are paid by us and the science with regard to the environment is information we are entitled to know. I find it hard to imagine how the feds could survive a court challenge.

fascists like Harper, and Abbott should be in court full time.


Attempting to protect the environment is illegal.

All efforts to limit the right to pollute for profit will be severely punished.

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Fear is conservative's best weapon.


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Australian mining firms are mucking up American soil, too--very American, Native American. See: The Apache vs. Rio Tinto This boondoggle harms native and rural communities too, and gives away who knows how many billion dollars worth of publicly owned minerals to a foreign mining operation while stripping the Apache of their ancestral heritage. And it all happened through the duplicitous actions of Arizona Senators John McCain and Jeff Flake and the US Congress.


It is uncanny how the policies and speech of the latest batch of parliamentary leaders in the realm of "The Queen"- Abbott, Cameron, Harper, (and John Key? I don't follow NZ politics) are so stereotypically the same! One can practically see the puppet-strings of the same unified capitalist neoliberal juggernaut attached to all of them.


"Section 487 of the [Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act] provides a red carpet for radical activists who have a political, but not a legal interest, in a development to use aggressive litigation tactics to disrupt and sabotage important projects," Brandis said in a statement.

The fact that he considers anything done that conflicts with what he would like to see happen must be done because of a "political interest" betrays his assumption that everyone is motivated by the same self-centered advantage-seeking that possibly motivates him and others like him. One wonders if he entertained the possibility that they actually wanted to protect the endangered species, and their habitat, because those things have value, even if it's a kind of value that's harder to monetize than that of the "natural resources" (a euphemism I try not to use) he wants to sell off.


The reactionaries' best weapon, rather. I don't fear the honest conservatives, it's the neo-cons - the reactionaries - who want boxing up.


Reactionaries and neo-cons call themselves conservatives. Why shouldn't we?


Probably for the same reason we shouldn't call brutal kleptocratic dictators socialist even though they do. It's framing. Who benefits when they colonise words and we meekly accept their linguistic aggression and hegemony?


Conservatives have long demonized liberals. Why shouldn't we let conservatives call themselves what they want?


There's a distinction between the original conservatives and today's reactionary neo-cons. Garrison Keillor captured it well:

Intentionally using the same term for different groups increases mystification. There's rarely, if ever, a good reason for doing that.


You're too kind:

“The modern conservative is engaged in one of man's oldest exercises in moral philosophy; that is, the search for a superior moral justification for selfishness.”

― John Kenneth Galbraith