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Tony Blair Admits His Ignorance of Middle East; Immediately Calls for New War


Tony Blair Admits His Ignorance of Middle East; Immediately Calls for New War

Nika Knight, staff writer

Former U.K. Prime Minister Tony Blair admitted underestimating "forces of destabilization" in the Middle East when Britain joined the U.S. in invading Iraq in 2003, the Guardian reports, but stopped short of actually apologizing for the U.K.'s role in the Iraq War in remarks at an event on Tuesday.


Poodle still barking, yap yap…


In a civilized world, Blair would be sharing a cell block with Bush, Cheney and the gang.


Yup, back during the Bush Regime this toady was referred to as “Tony the Terrier” and “Bush’s Lap Dog” for his support of the barbaric “war” that was being planned and executed by the U.S. war pigs. Blair is a disgrace.


Thick as a brick and dumb as a stick. Did anybody ever buy that useless book he wrote or was it submitted to the GW Bush library so the collection would have at least one volume?


Better idea - load all these criminals on a plane (Obama, Clinton too) and drop them off at a refugee camp they created; and let them spend the rest of their lives caring for the people who have suffered immeasurably due to their actions. Now that would be justice!


Blair’s comments show that not only did he know nothing, but that he has learned nothing. In a truly WTF moment he places himself and his cohorts outside the forces of “destabilization”, as if the the US and GB were not themselves forces of destabilization by invading Iraq. I guess you really can’t fix stupid.

“For they sow the wind, and they shall reap the whirlwind.” Hosea 8:7.



Bus, meet Blair. Blair, meet bus…


He’s just a very u$eful idiot.


I don’t get the connection. Most of the really smart people I know are far from rich and the rich are as dumb as it gets and can’t see what really matters because of the $ signs pasted over their eyes and that lump of coal they have for a heart.


To be honest, Tony Blair is an admitted idiot…quite frankly.


Taking the Calvinist tack?


This self preservation and little else. Blair has committed war crimes. He feels if he can convince others to commit more of the same there will be less a chance he tried and convicted for his own, it will be a “look they did the same thing I did arriving at the same conclusions and using the same justifications therefore I was not in the wrong” type moment.


Am I the only one here who has seen the movie “In the Loop?”


He’s a freaking warmongering Reptile. : ) Go back and sliter in your hole you snake.


“these people.”

As I sat on a beach in Miami listening to the news on my transistor radio (awaiting to be drafted the next day), I distinctly remember hearing President Tricky Dicky use those same words to describe American Vietnam War protesters.

The Elite never stop being stupid. And btw, why isn’t this man behind bars?


That makes him the fool who never learns from mistakes


Blair’s comments show the readers just how disconnected he is with the reality on the ground. Rather than labelling some obscure coalition of freedom fighters as the “enemy” and emphasizing the necessity to engage them, the real answer would be to ‘disengage’ all military involvement so as to repair the damage the West has done to the region. The bit about overthrowing dictatorships is a morally bankrupt statement as Blair has been just as aggressive in supporting brutal dictatorships around the world… as long as they give western corporations free reign of their country. Libya for example took care of their population far more than Saudi Arabia, yet their resistance to U.S. imperialism left them in a precarious position. Now Libya is a failed State in complete and total disarray, all at the behest of Western intervention. Civil war and anarchy has transformed the country from being the richest and most prosperous country in North Africa, to being a basket case… all in the name of “regime change”.
The disconnect from reality that so many establishment candidates share, is astonishing given all the evidence to the contrary. But any deviation from the corporate narrative results in an immediate black listing by the corporate media of any politician seeking to buck the system. Whether the American people ever get a chance to have their views represented by the politicians they elect remains to be seen. In any case, the introduction of policies reflecting the general populace’s world view, will be an up hill battle distraught with set backs, empty rhetoric and an endless stream of misinformation.


The elite are far from “stupid”, they are protecting their turf and cannot stop status quo money flowing to their coffers only. They are stuck in a vicious circle and afraid if they slow down the process of looting the public will take that as a sign of weakness and get bolder and bolder demanding more and more of what they claim is rightfully theirs and to death will they part from their assets, cash and unimaginably vast wealth. I keep hearing how the CEO’s are making stupid decisions, etc… but what some progressives don’t seem to grasp is the fact that once you have joined the billionaires club you cannot say I quit, that all I wanted pick up your chips and go into the sunset. Perhaps some do but the mega wealthy like the Rothschild’s, Koch’s, Rockefellers never have.


Anything they do is always about the money & markets.