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Tony Blair Says Bernie Doesn't Have the Answers (Public Opinion Says Otherwise)


Tony Blair Says Bernie Doesn't Have the Answers (Public Opinion Says Otherwise)

Jake Johnson, staff writer

"People like Blair and Macron are poster children for the utter vapidity of neoliberal centrism."
—Will Bunch, Philly.com


And Blair has proven without a doubt that he HAD AND STILL HAS NO ANSWERS, especially when it comes to social and/or foreign policies. He and GWB made quite the pair.


Tony Blair, just one step ahead of the law. Well, Mr. Blair will soon slip and fall, and fine out what real justice is all about.


Where I live lap dogs get eaten by coyotes and cougars.

To label Blair and Macron “centrist” confirms just how far to the right the center has moved not only in the US but also in Europe.

Blair deserves a bunk in the same Guantanamo cell block that Trump and his four predecessors will hopefully occupy after they are brought to justice and convicted.


Why is anybody still listening to this snake-oil salesman? The only words I ever want to hear from him are “Guilty on all counts, your honor.”


Blair has made a living for himself by kissing asses. First, the Clintons, then the Bush & Cheney Crew, then Ohbummer’s Bum, now the House of Saud and other hairy-assed Princes and, who could forget the Zionists and the tuckus of Netanyahu.
Send Mr. Blair a large box of Chapstick and a bunch of dental floss, it appears his work is really cut out for him. Trump & Co. are the biggest asses he’s ever really smootched on. Maybe Poodle Boy will just lick them all. He’s really found his nitch, finally.:grinning:


The Baloney Tear - rippin’ it agin. Fatuous fraudulent finkster flapping his jaw in the breeze.
Try zipping it Baloney!



Last week we have HRC dismissing Bernie and now this week the UK’s Tony Blair. The privileged must be getting restless.


Of course, as war criminals they both have much to fear from the succes of the people’s will.


Tony, you belong in the World Criminal Court along with W. Bush for the lies that brought both our countries into an unnecessary war where more than a million Iraqis have perished, millions more maimed for life and thousands of US soldiers dead or maimed for life and then off to prison for the two of you! In other words, you have nothing to offer, not Bernie.


Says someone who should be executed for war crimes/terrorism, says someone who led the Thrid Way movement that led to the shit world we have right now.


Let’s make sure they stay that way.


In the same prison cell now!


I was going to write this clever,caustic, cutting critique but find that Common Dreams posters beat me to it and are by far witter :smiley:


Yeah, we hear ya, Tony. Privatize everything, deregulate health insurance, hand over tax revenues to corporations so they can take profits and charge us a second time for what we already paid taxes for in the first place, only this way we get less service or product in exchange, and cut corporate rates on taxes they already don’t pay with impunity, and, we haven’t forgotten, continually lie us into more war (p.s. read your own government memos on Iraq and Libya, the rest of the world already has).


Brilliant scene! We should have Tony Blair fighting wabid wild animals for our entertainment!


Blair has absolutely no credibility.


This guy should have disappeared as Killary Clinton mostly has. This guy is the epitome of an evil and corrupt politician. He also debated Hitchens or Dawkins on religion, and I’ll bet you’ll guess what side Blair was on.


Tony Blair is an empty suit. He is at his best with an apéritif and silence.