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Tony Blair Says Bernie Doesn't Have the Answers (Public Opinion Says Otherwise)


I don’t understand why anyone, INCLUDING Common Dreams, wastes any time reporting on what Blair thinks about anything. All you do is keep him in the conversation, and he does not deserve that. I don’t want to hear from any Bush, or any Blair. Save the space on your home page for someone with credibility.


Tony “war crimes” Blair needs to be in Guantanamo along with his cohorts in world crime - George W. Bush, Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld.


You are right - he is irrelevant. We already know what he is going to say and we know that there is nothing truthful coming out of his mouth.


is he on Goldman-Sachs board yet?


The insufferable prick and psychopath, Tony Blair, crossed the Atlantic to sell a fucking war. Oh but the war pig is just so damn “civilized”.


At the end of the second world war there was the GI bill and VA health care. The country gave free education and health care to soldiers. The education was put to good use and our country prospered from it. Of course you can’t offer this to the population as a whole, because if you did, you’d get no one to enlist in your military and then who would protect all oil/mining/banking cartels foreign exploitations? We hear you Tony.


Caesar’s ‘fwiend fwom Wome’!


Well, Blair sure had answers. Every time Bush/Cheney said “jump”, Blair answered "How high.


If these people, the Clintons (next up Chelsea), the Blairs and their ilk had to compete with the commoners they’d lose. Why else do they feel so threatened on their lofty thrones.

Neoliberalism for the Clintons, the Blairs, etc is all about the right schools and the right connections – and making sure few others haven’t the opportunity to reach the top as they could not stand the competition. You see, they’ve convinced themselves they are special and unique – only the cream rises to the top. When in reality they’re really a bunch of grifters, silver-spooners, and hanger-on’ers. If they had to compete against a country w/free college education for all, health care for all, opportunity for all, a decent living standard for all, they’d certainly sink to the bottom of the cup. How much talent are we losing in this country because the never well-off hasn’t the opportunity to go to college, medical or law school? How many could-have-been gifted doctors have been lost for having been born into poverty and hopelessness? More than we will ever know.


The US police state is armed to the teeth, even Bernie is pro war. If he was not he would not be in the public face, his opposition in the latest fixed election all fake. The people are played as simpletons. The NFL SOB’S is a ploy to cement wider spread war approval, to demean those who are against war. Blair is like Obama, still diarrhea of the mouth criminally spoken.


My impression exactly. What rock did he crawl out from under to enlighten us with his particular brand of bullshit? Of all foreign leaders, including those retired, why is Blair cozying up to Trump? What political points is he scoring back home? Is he pissed at Corbyn for reviving Labour, the Party Blair once led (into the swamp), so he’s taking it out on American workers struggling to pay for healthcare and college tuition? Is he selling a book? If he’s trying to come back from the dead, he is certainly going about it in the wrong way.


Tony who?


Why are we paying any attention to a British war criminal talking about our healthcare?


The poodle sez whaaat?
Tony, you utter douche.


Obama and Blair fighting for corporate interest and against their peoples interest. Proving Sanders and corbyn absolutely correct.


Tony the little Bush poodle lap dog, he ought to be languishing in prison cell not wearing fancy suits and giving speeches…


There is nothing sadder than Blair’s pontifications.
Sir, you have used up your credentials, go away
with Hillary, escape into Neverland!


Blair is no “liberal” … he’s a just one more corrupt and criminal puppet of elites.

And this time around, he’s again there to move the right wing/elite/wealthy propaganda.

Seems to me that the British liked their national health care system, before the Thatcher
and allegedly “liberal” moves to starve their system.

They sure don’t like Bernie Sanders and his constant reminders to the public that
US still doesn’t have a national health care system for all Americans.

They don’t like that at all … !!


Blair, what a dope, GWB and DCs neocon replicate.