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Too Early, Says Sanders, But 2020 Run 'Not Off The Table'


Too Early, Says Sanders, But 2020 Run 'Not Off The Table'

Julia Conley, staff writer

In a radio interview set to air Thursday, Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT)—currently the nation's the most popular elected lawmaker—alluded to a potential 2020 presidential run.

Sanders told the host of "Make It Plain with Mark Thompson" that while it's too early to make a definitive statement about whether he'll run, he is "not taking it off the table."


If Bernie runs in 2020 as a Democrat, I will be very wary. I gave of my time and treasure to his campaign in 2015/16 only to have him endorse a weaker, NeoLiberal warmonger.

If he runs as an Independent, I will be more inclined to trust him.

If he runs as a Green at the top of the ticket with Jill Stein, he will get my vote for sure.


This is far too harsh a judgment of Bernie Sanders. He ran a wonderful campaign, but was undermined by the DNC/Democratic Party entrenched powers that be. Having lost the nomination, though, he did the rational thing and supported Hillary, a candidate I disliked and viewed as a fraud, but who was far better than the Tangerine Twit.

Of course, I would love to have the Green Party be a viable alternative, but in 2016 it simply wasn't there yet. I doubt that it will be there in 2020 as well.

We shouldn't let the perfect be an obstacle to the good. No other politician of our time has been able to resonate more with the social democratic principles that can move us forward than Bernie Sanders. If he's in, I'm in with him, without any conditions about running as a Democrat, Independent or Green Party candidate. I simply want him to win and am pragmatic about the choices to make that happen.


I wish I was a fly on the wall in the same room as Elizabeth Warren when she heard this.

By the way, it's been FIFTEEN days since she said the Democrats should make Single Payer their next priority, fifteen days that she could have walked her talk and introduced a Senate version of HR 676.

I predict she'll NEVER introduce it or co-sponsor it if someone else does.

But she must be fuming. She kept her powder dry and didn't support Bernie in '16 so she wouldn't alienate the party and even endorsed Hillary before the Convention and then campaigned for her. Then she triangulated to taking Bernie's signature issue, Single Payer, and making it her own to win over the Progressives. (Without actually introducing the bill, thus making the establishment Dems happy.) She was certain she was uniting both wings and was a shoe-in.

But that rascal Bernie isn't going to let her 'have her turn.'

I don't expect she yelled and cursed the way people say Hillary acts when she's angry in private. I expect she got very silent and fumed so intensely no one wanted to talk to her.


All America would give thanks to see Bernie in the WH following Trump! It is very likely that he would get the highest numbers of votes cast in any election.
Warren would make a fine Veep too!

Imagine! After Trump came Bernie!

Imagine indeed!


Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice.... well that just makes me a typical mindless progressive. Sanders is a shill for the Dems. He proved that with his last "run." Which Democratic corporatist do you think he will support in 2020 once his phony campaign implodes?


Bernie's smart and knows 4 years is an eon in politics. Vox has a great piece on what he's doing to set up a run in four years. I know a lot of people here think he ran a near-perfect campaign only to be undermined, but he didn't and he knows it. This time, he's preparing early for a running 4 years, fixing things he didn't do right his first go around. Here's the link:


jamb: I am on your wavelength. But if Bernie gets around to actually introduce the Medicare For All Senate companion bill to HR-676 he has been talking incessantly about (S-1782), and Elizabeth Warren becomes a cosponsor of it, these two will have a lot more credibility with me. Otherwise, they do look like more bark than bite. We need consistent progressives, and that ultimately calls for a reincarnation of the Progressive Party (the only third party that actually beat a Republican presidential nominee in the 20th century), with a platform binding on all its announced candidates. The Democratic Party has become too venal and sets too low a bar.


If not you, Bernie, Who? Corporations are winning control because of the faux citizen "consumer" pinned on us since our first "Pledge of Allegiance" in 1st grade. Consumers are simply brain-washed. From former "customers" who were always right, with sizable savings accounts and home ownership! Even vacations and Wednesday nights to the drive-in movies and a "Dairy Queen" stop. And those Saturdays at the roller-rink!


78 years old.
Fell in line behind Hilary.
Bides his time on that Medicare-for-All bill.
Loyal D-party foot soldier.

I'll wait and see on Bernie. As of today, nope.


We will have to endure 4 years(or less) of this fracking fascist/corporate nightmare and destruction of our nation and world by the ginger pig and his co-conspirators, but the people will be waiting for a plain-talking candidate of integrity.....and then we will lobby Bernie to really put out after he's elected in a landslide!


You have nothing of substance to say shill....nothing positive or other than dividing people and selling BS


This is not about Bernie, but your post reminds me of an article I read today:


It would seem certain that Democrats would want a younger candidate. And unless Bernie can connect better with minority voters he would have no chance of winning the primary. Clinton wasn't exactly the strongest candidate and he lost by quite a bit to her. But Bernie is right that resisting the Trump agenda should be the top priority now. Bernie will not run as an independent since that would just help the Republicans, perhaps Trump running for a second term or the way thing are going with the Russian connection scandal maybe Pence, or perhaps someone else form the right.


As a Green I do not want him in the party.


Correct ez and others are the problem in the party controlled by their puppet masters. Talks Cheap


And it does NOT Matter who we run. I personally hoped the Democrats had run Elizabeth Warren last year. For some readers, she would not be purist enough. And if you continue with that line of preciousness, you are headed for a lifetime of Ralph Naders. I despised Hillary and knew it was the wrong move. If you are looking for: someone who knows the system, is at the highest percentile intelligence wise, knows how to put that IQ to use other than for white corporate daddies, Warren is your candidate. She WILL open the books at that kitchen table, and that's what they are all afraid of. No reason to be afraid if you are telling the truth. Again, Bernie or Elizabeth or someone else. Don't get hung up on Bernie. Get hung up on the OUTCOME.


If Bernie develops a sane, sound foreign policy, then I think he'd win despite his age or other shortcomings. Dennis Kucinich was more vocal about a better foreign policy, like his suggestion of creating a Department of Peace for example. I hope Bernie doesn't screw this part up again.


There is way too much of that goin round.


Gee i sure wish that were true but what the majority of the voters seem to care about is what DT offered except for the absolute lies he told to get elected. Even he knew that you can't knock medicare, Medicaid and Social Security and win a position as public restroom supervisor. With all the rest of the corporate welfare his cabinet is dishing out We will be lucky to have a government in three more years.