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Too Early, Says Sanders, But 2020 Run 'Not Off The Table'


I like Jimmy Dore for president. That being said people need to get away from the personality thing and support coherent policies. One of Trumps main themes in the 16 election was money buying politicians--so what has he done about it?-----There needs to be a fundamental agreement on some base issues--and number one should be getting corporate money out of politics!


Agreed, but #NeverWarren. Tulsi Gabbard would be a fine VP, though.


Check out DraftBernie.org


She'll be 72. She's a loyal Hilary endorser who couldn't back Bernie when he needed her most.

If that makes me a purist, I'm cool with that.


C'mon now. Respect that some of us don't care who the D-party runs. We're done with them, period.

I mean, how many times are we supposed to fall for their feint left, tack right shiftiness?


To quote a not-so-great American statesman:

"Fool me once, shame on me.
Fool me twice...? Uh...ub...



I like Tulsi but I don't perceive her as having name recognition nationwide. Warren does and rightfully so!

Lol. My idealized slate (s) would be Sanders and Warren and then Warren and Gabbard and then Gabbard and ? !!!


Spare us the drivel okay? When you find a realistic perfect candidate let us know. I don't care about the party but I do care about the person.

Is Sanders perfect? Is Warren perfect? The answer would be yes but only in comparison to Trump. That gets real. Anybody but Trump would be an improvement so let's get real and start from there!


Sanders is NOT a "champion" of a progressive agenda. He is, at best, a mouthpiece for it. And for that I'm grateful.

But a "champion" connotes the best, the top dawg, a true hero. Sanders has proven himself to be a shill for the DNC—even when the DNC torpedoed him, he caved and gave his endorsement to Clinton. Unforgivable.

Please, Bernie, go on a speaking tour. Retire and count your blessings. Or better, actively seek out and support a true champion of a progressive agenda. Perhaps Tulsi Gabbard. Now there someone who just might prove to be the right first woman President.

Show us, Bernie, what you're willing to do to break the back of the tyrannical DUOPOLY. Show that you know we do not live in a democracy but a plutocracy, an oligarchy of the Deep State. Redeem yourself thus!


I'm delivering drivel? Yet meanwhile you literally expound on your D-party ideal slates like a teenage fan girl.

I guess no amount of D-party pragmatic shifts to the right will ever sway you away from your sweet dreams. As such, when it comes to reform, you're part of the roadblock. A pity, that.


Like Bernie, Warren supports war and Israel. They're sorta good on domestic things, but they cancel their vote by supporting the DNC and not doing what they can, ACTIVELY AND VOCIFEROUSLY, to break the back of the corporate DUOPOLY that makes a mockery of any kind of democracy you think we have.


Great link. I work in marketing. I often hang my head in shame.


It would be fatalistic of the Dems to want a 'younger candidate' assuming Bernie remains as healthy and popular as he is now. Per the article, he knows what he did wrong. I believe that. That man is all kinds of 'not stupid' like Dems who refuse to look at their culpability in the face of horrific losses. Do not count Bernie out. He is still making waves, and as long as he does so, I am on his side.


The oligarchy is already sending its demonizers to go after Bernie's wife.

Direct Democracy


Yes drivel! So you want to do away with the duopoly right? And just how will that happen? Do you intend to build a third party over the years? In the meantime while you are building it then you probably feel excused for not voting out Trump or whomever because someday not voting will lead to a third party.. um... maybe! That is drivel!

People like you and others rail against the duopoly but offer only fantasies of any real alternative! No Jill Stein could not ever have won. Not ever! You don't win an election after being in several races over the years and never gathering more than 1% (1/3 of 1%) of the votes.

Meanwhile you tell others not to vote in their own interest because you think not voting for either party in the duopoly will count for something. Yeah sure it will. The Repubs benefit from people not voting at elections, so by not voting you actually help elect a republican.

Yes drivel!


Not enough space in your living room?


Stay the course.
Keep moving to the right.
Ignore all the voters abandoning the D-Party and their epic losing streak.
Or castigate them, because the D-party is the lesser of two evils.
And they're too dumb to understand what's in their best interest.
And the hippies shouldn't care that Ds would rather lose with centrists, than win with liberals.

I'll be honest. I don't think the Dems care about winning. They only care about money.

Oh, and by the way, you said that you "don't care about the party but [you] do care about the person." So how come you're defending the moribund, soul-less, ex-brand called the Democrats so fiercely, fan girl?


Thank you, CD, for this story on Bernie.

Besides the local newspaper and a little TV news, I visit HuffPo and CD for news. HuffPo, corporate behemoth, ignores Bernie. Here at CD I find this piece, "It's Too Early, Says Bernie Sanders, but 2020 Run Not Off the Table," just a few days after his recent health care coverage in Kentucky, which HuffPo also ignored.


Bernie's the 1 national politician who summons our better angels, and inspires, for hope, justice, equality, peace. I never get tired of reading about Bernie!


Aside from your petty schoolyard insults (in this forum being called any kind of girl, fan girl or otherwise is never considered an insult. Females and males are equals. You show your true troll colors).

How can I type this slow enough for you to finally get it? I am voting against Trump, against Republicans, against oligarchy where I can etc. It matters little to me if someone like Bernie runs as a Dem or an Indie. Or if Warren is a straight out Dem. The person is whom I am voting for not what party they belong to.


You typed slowly enough for me to understand that you're obsessed with Republicans.

And I read slowly enough between the lines to notice that the result is that you support Democrats because they're the lesser of two evils.

Finally, I slowed down to the point that I laughed at how your behavior amounts to nothing more than a further drift to the right. After all, if you vote for a party that fears the ghost of Reagan so much that they've enacted Romneycare, ended welfare as we know it, helped institute mass incarceration and militarized policing, and presided over an unprecedented rise in income inequality, then how could I not conclude that you're just another status quo enabler?

Oh, and calling anyone a girl isn't an insult. But pointing out that your fawning over an ideal slate is silly FAN girl behavior definitely was. Were you, by the way, being insulting when you called my comment drivel? Twice?