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Too Early, Says Sanders, But 2020 Run 'Not Off The Table'


I wish people would see how well Bernie has conducted himself all through last year's campaign, election, and in the aftermath of that election. Because he's a United States senator, he has a much better platform from which to get his message out, and now he has a tremendous following. (The last time I checked, he was named the nation's "most popular politician").

At the outset of the 2016 campaign, he said that he would support the Democratic Party nominee. Yes, he was cheated, and he lost. But he did the smart and ethical thing by sticking to his word. During the campaign and afterwards, he continued to fight for his progressive values. Now Our Revolution is a great success, and eventually it will win.

Politics is one field in which people cannot expect instant gratification. Bernie has now given the Democratic Party fair warning that it is not changing enough. I continue to give my time and money to Friends of Bernie and Our Revolution.


Still not slow enough for you I guess? Once yet again, I re-reiterate that I do not vote for the party but for the person. You again insist that I support the Dem party, saying it is because it is the lesser of two evils. Well duh! Yes that would be correct. In life I have learned that you should always choose the lesser of two evils otherwise you may just get the greater of two evils for not having voted at all. I however do not support the Dem party just because I have usually voted for Dem candidates. I just don't see myself voting for Repubs. Then again, I wouldn't normally vote for the old guard Dems either but I would in a heartbeat if one of them opposed Trump. Yes I would still vote for them even though they sabotaged Bernie and managed to always cave before the Repubs. I would even vote for you rather than for Trump.

In life, you find out which way is the worst way to go and then you try the other way!


Sanders is carrying out his role as Head of Outreach for the DP - as long as folks think he might run they will stick with the party and not look elsewhere - but until they ditch the DP and put all that (DP misplaced) time, energy and money into an indy 3rd party, like the GP, they will get nowhere ....

I was gonna say i can't believe folks are still falling for this con - but,sadly, apparently they still are ..

"Sanders would once again bring his progressive agenda to the forefront on the national political conversation—this time with potentially strong support for his key issues including universal healthcare, tuition-free higher education, bold climate action, and tackling economic inequality....."

"His" agenda? Leave it to CD to give him the credit for an "agenda" that lives outside him, and which he will only talk about - always with the proviso that "first we gotta blah, blah blah " There is always something we have to do "first" before we can get serious about that agenda or hasn't anyone noticed ....

So for all those D "champions" of SP, old and new - Sanders, Warren, Gillibrand - where is your SP bill - all ya gotta do is slap a Sen # on HR676 and introduce it .... talk is cheap, especially when your party makes a lot of money when you actually do - nothing ...

As for Sanders at the head of a GP ticket - no thanks for me - and he wouldn't do it anyway, he'd have to sign on to a hell of a lot more than SP and free college - including an anti-industrial-militarry-complex platform and that he will not do

The sad thing is that what gives him credibility with his supporters is that he actually may believe that salvation lies only within a party that is terminally corrupted, hopelessly addicted to corp cash - but if he is that delusional, he is hardly what we need ....


The "rational thing"? There was a candidate who was far better than both - and with his support might well have made a difference - the funny part is, he abandoned his (purported) principles to back a crummy candidate who lost anyway - how "rational"is that ...

The GP was quite "viable" in '16, on enough ballots to get enough of the popular AND EC votes to win - Is it that "it" wasn't there - or that we weren't there .....

Oh come on - Bush "resonated" enough to get elected - twice, and so did Obama. - maybe its time. past time, we were a bit more discriminating about with whom we "resonate" Those social principles that can move us forward will NOT be advanced by a guy/gal who insists that we stick with a duopoly party ...

LOL! The "perfect as the obstacle to the good"? So tell me, what was "good" about Clinton - oh yeah, she wasn't Trump .... And that definition of "good" has been what keeps us circling the drain ...


Where' s the Green Party Senator's bill? What # is it so I can look it up and read all the particulars and who's co-sponsoring it, etc.
And then, of course, list all the Green Party members who are co-sponsoring Conyor's bill.
If your arm gets tired from typing call Dr. Zhivago and he'll diagnose your problems.
Or, if you fall in a septic tank while picking beets, call the woman who stands upon Trump's shoulders. She'll give you a good rinsing, comrade.


I couldn't have articulated it better than you just did Aquifer.

Perhaps one day the average Joe will wake up to the fact that he's been voting to support the Status Quo his whole life, and in that moment realize that his choices have helped to decimate our way of life by enabling corrupt politicians to sell our government to the corporations, allowed the MIC to build and maintain an Empire consisting of 700+ Military Bases worldwide that are the largest contributor to Climate Change through the burning of fossil fuels.

And perhaps on that day, Joe will say to himself, "That's it, I am never voting again to support a political party that doesn't represent me. The Democrats and Republicans are only interested in Big Money and well, I am going to find a party that puts People, Planet, and Peace over Profit".

That Joe was me in 2003. When the Democrats allowed the invasion of Iraq, that was the last straw. For me.

I will never again vote to support the wholesale murder of innocent people. A vote for any Duopoly candidate is a guarantee of this continuing.

May God have mercy on the souls of those too fucking blind to see this.


And "that rascal Bernie" will still keep the bait dangling in front of his supporters to keep them tied to the DP - just as he did right up to the convention ....guys and gals like Sanders and Warren, are, IMO, a much bigger obstacle to advancing effective prog politics than even the right wing - because they keep us in the DP tent, where, as they say, prog ideas go to die ....

You are absolutely correct - as the old lady said "Where's the beef?" - Sanders, Warren, etc - where's the bill?,


Sorry - i have a much better imagination ....


He is doing what he needs to do to keep his followers attention focused on the DP and not looking elsewhere - what else would you expect from the Head of Outreach from the DP - what the party is counting on is that by a few more years there will be a whole rash of new young voters who won't remember or know about the con the first time around ...


So what's in S-1782? The same wording as HR676? Or a convoluted watered down version of "SP" like his last one that he abandones when somebody said "boo" ..

We have had a party in the last two elections that had a "mathematical chance" of winning - and we didn't support it ....so what makes you think it would be any different for a "Progressive Party"? Something magic about the name?


Hmm, a plain talking candidate with integrity ... now who would that be, i voted for her the last two times, but not enough folks did ....

So stick with the DP - and get screwed again - we really are a very masochistic nation ...


LOL! - (s)he's not the one "selling BS" ...


Gee, we could do a lot worse than a "lifetime of Ralph Naders" and we have been with a lifetime of D/Rs


We are the ones who decide who is "realistic" - if your bar is low enough to make any D "realisric" then, IMO, you are part of the problem ....


The way to "break the back of the duopoly" is decidedly not to support any D/R ...


I disagree. I think he's trying to keep folks like you on his side, while working to build accord with traditional Democratic constituencies. As the article I linked to indicates, it's obvious he knows he didn't do things right in his campaign. He's bringing professionals from Harry Reid's staff aboard (read: labor) and others with roots in these constituencies. He's also doing this early, something important.

He knows he can't win a primary with Common Dreams readers alone. He also knows he has to build trust with other constituencies the way Clinton spent time doing if he wants to win. He does that, peels off some colleague support like Obama did, and he'll be on the strong track to win the nomination.


Great link! Says what I have been saying for years ....


Sorry, wf - Stein was on enough ballots to get enough of the popular and EC votes to win, she could have - we just didn't pull those levers - here's the real farce - spreading the BS that she couldn't became a self fulfilling prophecy - folks who were exposed to her liked her but didn't vote for her because they believed she "couldn't win" and guess what - if a candidate doesn't get votes, the candidate - doesn't win .... This ain't rocket science - so keep on spreading this BS, I've seen a lot of it - it helps keep the duopoly in power .- THAT is what is "drivel" but very effective "drivel"..

The solution, indeed, is not to not vote at all, but not to vote duopoly


HuffPo and CD - oh dear, you need to expand your horizons .....


So you don't care what kind of schmuck the Ds run .... If sanders ran as an indy would you vote for him?