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Too Early, Says Sanders, But 2020 Run 'Not Off The Table'


So let;s slow it down a little more - you vote for the person, OK, but if the person is not a D would you vote for 'em?

" ...you find out which way is the worst way to go and then you try the other way!"

And what if there is more than one "other way" to vote?

Which is the "lesser of two evils" - strychnine or cyanide? It's too bad you only allow yourself 2 choices ...


LOL! Cute - so let's try electing a Green Sen and see - the D Sens won't do it, so lets try getting someone else ....


Good post, PB!


Bernie Sanders - Nearly as narcissistic as Obama; but, nowhere near as cunning.

In a way, I'd love to see Bernie elected POTUS. Domestically, he couldn't be any worse than Trump. Then, once and for all, we'd finally see just how many campaign promises Bernie would actually try to follow through on. My bet...not many. His presidency would eventually be termed "The Great Disillusionment".

But, I doubt he'll run. He's simply in the process of collecting sheeple for the DP. Harry Reid has likely given Bernie his marching orders. And, Bernie will comply.


Hmm, if he wants to keep folks "like me" on his side he will ditch the DP lickety-split, wipe the mud off his shoes, abjure the MIC and adopt a GP like platform ...

Indeed, he has to "build trust" - shucks, they all do, oh wait, Clinton and Trump were two of the most distrusted candidates of all time - yet he supported her - perhaps one of his "mistakes" was in signing on with the DP, years ago .... sorry, that is not my idea of "building trust" - B Clinton and B Obama, our last 2 D Pres. "built trust", - yes indeedy .... we "trusted" them ...., Sanders indeed appears to be "build(ing) trust with other constituencies the way Clinton spent time doing ....." and that's supposed to be a good thing? Seems to me an invitation to run the other way ,,,

Profess from Harry Reid's staff? And that is supposed to be a good thing? Somehow i am not reassured ...

I don't care if he wins the nomination - i wouldn't vote for him anyway ....


I don't get it. He is the same Bernie Sanders whether he runs as a Democrat or as an Independent. It is much more likely that the Democrat/Progressive vote will split the ballot if he runs as an Independent, and T-Rump gets to be president for four more years on an even smaller popular vote for Bernie because he is right on most of the issues, but he ran as a Democrat for good reason. We are a two-party duopoly. It really is that simple.


Huh? I'm not sure I follow you. Sounds a bit like cutting off one's nose to spite one's face.


OK, I'll call you skeptical. And exactly what good it that? Find a candidate that is better than Bernie and tell me if you seriously believe that person stands a snow ball's chance in hell of winning. Cut off your nose to spite your face if you like, but it means your vote will be as useless as your attitude.


Sheeple- what, no link to RT or The Duran? All the Trump Carpet Bombers are reloading for tomorrow's media run and you're here kicking Bernie. Volunteered for the late shift, did we? Relief pitcher for Aquifer? Or, are you mixing imaginary Molotov cocktails on the back porch, anticipating the end of the witch hunt against your broheim, Herr Trumph. Time for imaginary payback then, eh? You'll get to all of them, in time, in your dreams.
It's all just fake news. And, fake Bernie is the biggest fake of all, right? Fake, fake, fake, .....
Unbelievable. Not Bernie, you RT guys and...


Maybe you haven't noticed, but the Dems are minorities in both houses. They aren't going to pass ANYTHING.

But you still want to carp about Warren not filing one more losing bill.

Come on LibWing, I thought it was just Trumpees who needed to pound on people just because that's what they like to do.


No we aren't and no it isn't.


I'm sorry but I'm not supporting and voting for Sanders if he runs as a Dem again in 2020. Not unless the currently collapsing Dem Party has undergone a drastic overhaul and been purged of its neolib crypto-fascist leadership in the interval between now and then.

If he runs as an indie or Green, however, I might just. We'll see.


How about we use upcoming elections to focus on strengthening 3rd parties? Since we know both parties are corrupt, we should in all future elections vote for EVERY SINGLE 3rd party candidate (Green, Progressive Independent) on the ballot. There's many Greens running for office with elections being held THIS YEAR. Doing this we may get some more greens/Ind candidates elected to office. With each 3rd party candidate elected, the stronger 3rd parties become and weaker the corrupt duopoly becomes.

If we did this in every election, and if just a few were elected, the only thing we'd risk losing, is a bought government.


Imagine all the people sharing all the world -
you may say I'm a dreamer but I'm not the only one,
I hope someday you will join us and the world will live as one.

It's wonderful to live in a world of imagination.


But will the DNC allow it? Bernie has to get on the content of the DNC emails that reveal the corruption and get off the Russia hobby horse. Russia is the story that distracts from the crooks who will block a run for the leadership and is also the distraction from the fact that establishment democrats are republicans.

Further ramping up conflict with Russia enables the MIC and if he is serious about climate change the MIC is the strong arm of the world's worst polluters - big oil.

The MIC is the ultimate welfare state. Oddly 4 years of Trump - trump care - more poverty - more wars - alienation from the allies - may be the medicine the US needs to swing to the left.

A generation getting more info on the web and less and less from MSM is very important.

But Bernie has to start discussing how the DNC cheated and start calling the Russia story a distraction from the criminal contents of those emails. He needs to take over the Democratic Party ala The UK's Corbyn -


The Sanders haters lump him with the DINO Dem "Party" with zero daylight between them and rightly point to the duopoly as destructive and corrupt.

They also laud the Green Party as savior and many here do vote Green whenever possible. The Greens are now, as usual between elections, moribund - almost invisible for another 4 years except for a few local candidates who deserve our support - partly due to a media owned by wealth - the duopoly-corporatocracy. Maybe a new "party" is the only answer or takeover of an existing one.

The two "major" parties support that system of domination of the many by the few - the trump fascist corporate regime agenda of the wealthiest 1% now in power. The Dem establishment party refuse to reform or alter their course of deceit, corporate servitude, complicity, cowardice, collusion and capitulation - that "party" is a disgrace and part of the problem - some within that structure are as corrupt and evil as RepubliCons, some not.

So what are people who see the critical need for real change to do? The Greens nationally are dysfunctional but have a great platform - that and $4.75 will buy a small latte. The R'Cons are contemptible swine and don't deserve the breath to comment on. The Dem establishment "party" is a corrupt corporate tool that has betrayed voters and our republic since at least Bill Clinton's sellouts trying to be Republicans. Going further back in history to FDR, JFK, is fruitless. Then there are some politicians willing to at least fight for and energize the people on critical issues the "party" once defended, but as politicians know one must first win to effect change.

R'Cons and baggers are entirely corporate/banker/wall st tools, simpletons, and bigoted fools in so many ways - "Dems" comprise two wings; the Sanders wing and the entirely corrupt establishment DINO Obama/Clinton/Blue Dog sellout wing who want to be Republican's.

Voters who are fed-up with betrayals and lies and war and greed and environmental destruction (kind of a lot of differing issues huh?) look for a way to make the changes they deem critical and wise within our corrupted by money system and that means what is now.

One politician speaks of that change and is wise enough to realize to win one must attract voters. One politician has the energy and integrity to keep on fighting even in the "off season". One politician energizes and builds the coalition needed to win and effect change - not always the perfect, but the needed. When I see and read stupidity and intentional divisive rubbish charges denegrating this politician - Bernie Sanders and our "wing" and our issues - I suspect those repeatedly trashing one of the only viable candidates are agents for business as usual - shills for the status quo and continued serfdom and financial slavery for all.

The fact these "usual suspects" never write or say why, or what, or who, or educate/energize others - our brothers and sisters, tells their tale - they disparage without understanding (or articulating) how change may be effected within our corrupt politics dominated by big-money and greed and vast wealth and racist bigotry and endless for-profit wars and so much more standing against any change. They are as narrow-minded, divisive, and subversive as any party politician or corporate lobbyist operative.

One cannot walk or be led into the forest for decades and walk out in a month.........................


What's not to follow ...

The only ones cutting off their noses are the ones who vote D/R - Stein put it pretty well - by practicing the "politics of fear" (voting D because one is more afraid of the R) "has gotten us everything we were afraid of" - look around .....war, declining health care, more debt, declining environment, etc., etc - tell me, has anything gotten better with D's in the last 30 or 40 years or so or just worse perhaps at a slightly slower pace .... do you like the D schmucks you vote for, or do you hold you nose as you cut it off by voting for them ....

Look, we have a 90 foot gap between where we are and where we need to be - yet folks argue we should vote for a guy/gal who proposes a 30 ft bridge rather than one who proposes a 20 ft one or even no bridge,at all, because the former is "longer" ... - but at the end of either more and more are falling into the abyss - and the gap is getting wider ...

Read the story of the Gordian Knot -


We started out as a no-party country - why are you so intent on perpetuating the duopoly? There were a lot of things that "were", and "couldn't be done" but are no longer - denial of women's suffrage an example - because we the people decided to abolish such absurdities .... it really is that simple ....

The Ds are relying on precisely your argument, TINA to D/Rs, to stay in power ...

Sanders ran as a D to keep folks tied to the party, out of "hope", and how's that been working out,- his "reasons" may have been "pragmatic" but they weren't "good" ones for us - good for the party,(why the heck do you suppose they appointed him "Head of Outreach"?) but not for us


Oh hell - that's easy, Stein was a much better candidate - even a number of Sanders supporters on this site admitted that - as to the "chance of winning", any candidate on a ballot can win if enough folks vote for 'em - who wins is up to us....

And a snowball won't even have a chance in the Arctic if we don't take the steps that both D/Rs refuse to make ....


The reason for "kicking Bernie" is, by virtue of being that "most popular politician". he is keeping us enthralled by, and tied to, a terminally corrupt political party that has been, along with the Rs, dragging us down for decades, so who are the "sheeple" here - ..

Unbelievable , indeed, or he should be ... we have been down this road so many times before - we are way beyond the "fool me twice" stage ...

As for a "pinch hitter" - what you don't like is that the "team" is bigger than me - and growing .....

Hey, Hedges has a show on RT - so does Hartmann, a big Sanders .acolyte. so what does that make them/ .