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Too Early, Says Sanders, But 2020 Run 'Not Off The Table'


"When there are few other options ... "

Ah, but there ARE "other options" ...

It is not so much a question of "integrity", with Sanders as it is his decisions of how to carry the ball - he may well have decided that "he could do better to live to fight another day", but so what - every pol who backs down can, and does justify such with such "pragmatic reasons", there are others like "not politically feasible" etc., etc. and that is not the only time he has backed down - with the same rationale, there is a pattern....... So, by now, knowing that the pressures will be the same, and knowing how he responds to them, isn't it rather obvious that we need to stop spending time, energy and money. nay, past time I would argue, on supporting someone who we have many reasons to believe will drop that ball, even for "pragmatic" reasons, and "move on" to "other options" ....

With regard to the DP we have become Charlie Brown, trusting whatever Lucy the DP puts up, and there have been several, Sanders being only the most recent, but by no means the last ,,,, The observation that when he pulls the balls away he may do so with "contempt and obvious reluctance" is, for our intents and purposes, rather irrelevent - it is the pulling away of the ball, not the expression on one's face when one does it that is all that really counts .... the rest is window dressing ....

As for denigrating without trying to build, pray tell, who is that ....


LOL! - "hey, look what I did in my mafia gang - put a hot dog stand on the corner! Never mind all the dead bodies around the back - you can't have everything, at least they died with a full stomach..."


Oh, i have - and i prefer to "imagine" Stein ...


"I believe the only solution is to make them pay for their deceit and mistrust. Never again support them."

Welcome to the club! May it grow ever larger - and lickety-split .... (smile)


I suppose not. But it could be the way to win.


"Think about the task of starting virtually from scratch--the infrastructure it would take just to create a NATIONAL presence, the amount of coordination it takes to pull a 50-state strategy together, what it would take to gain media attention, and where would the money come from?"

We don't have to "start from scratch" we HAVE a party with a national presence - and a "50 state strategy" As for "media attention" - we do have to do a better job of being our own media ...

"Tell me what good it would have done if Bernie had run as a Green candidate, or any other third party. We would not even know his name, let alone his progressive platform. Why? Because the MSM would have given him the same treatment they gave Jill Stein...."

So on the one hand you applaud working for a 3rd party, then OTOH you say, in essence, that such a party is a waste of time "Because the MSM would have give(n) him(/her) the same treatment they gave Jill Stein"...

That "nitty-gritty" needed . consists of enough folks putting the same amount of time, energy and money ito that 3rd party as they did into Sanders campaign - good heavens, think what Stein could have done with that $200+ million folks poured (down the drain) into his campaign - we are the ones who decide the "odds"....

What Sanders "figured out" was how to keep fols from jumping the DP ship for a better party - he has whatever microphone f him, including sites like this, time to give it to someone else ...

He wears an "I" on his cap but a "D" on his shorts - he has gotten as far as he has because of his accommodations with the DP - he is a very "pragmatic" fellow, indeed

Oh i agree about learning lessons from his campaign - and the two I think are the most important are, a) to pooh pooh that "can't win" nonsense attached to a candidate and support him/her anyway if we like 'em and, b) how much money the "little folk" can raise once they decide to


You apparently seem to think you are so "attuned and in touch" - or, if you have no idea what his "thinking, actions and intentions" are, on what basis do you support him ...


A comment on the article? I agree ...


Or when you realize both pathways suck, you use your imagination to carve a better path.

That is, if you have an imagination.

Thanks for typing slowly.


All you "message" to me is smartass loser. Have fun making jokes in the camps.


Again, not much to actually SAY. I'd grow weary of your humor faster than I would have Clinton's crap. And that's saying something.


So RT is not the big bad media platform after all, eh?

Hartman has given Sanders a platform for years - I called his show once years ago and put it to him about 3rd parties - after some bluster, he hung up on me, it was enlightening to say the least - an "unbiased prog" he is not - he is one of those who would prefer prog Ds, but, when push comes to shove, would not back anybody any non D .... Indeed, "well within the understood parameters of the left wing ... of the DP " and that's the problem - safely inside, no pushing the envelope for him.- no doubt he is a "good family man, etc., etc.," but, sorry, that doesn't qualify him as an arbiter of a suitable prog agenda in my book - lots of "good family men, good business men, good writers" out there - some of them even Rs! (smile) but that doesn't mean i would follow them into the voting booth.

Pretty much the same for DN - when O was running in '08, I naively called, e-mailed them about the many red flags (red as in color, not in ideology) in his campaign - nada from them - AG was so excited about having "the first black Pres." she didn't really care about those little "details"

As for Hedges, he has been a Nader and Stein supporter - though i wish he had spent more time and more words on doing that - he is not a fan of Sanders - as for this Duran bit, I dunno - what do you have in mind, he quotes a lot of folks ...

LOL! "Green Party bromides" - oh, you mean their platform? Yeah I am sure Stein was singing "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" when she was arrested and handcuffed to a chair for hours in '12 and "escorted" off site last year at Pres debates ... Do Sanders' tent revivalist screeds on the "billionaires" inspire you more? Is he more in tune with your "left-libertarianism", whatever that means to you?


Shucks, i don't mean it as a "correction" - that is just my take ... (smile)


Which camps are those, the D ones or the R ones?


Oh Walter, without a sense of humor we are indeed screwed ....


Yeah, but humor is all you are offering. What you may GET is Elizabeth
Warren or whoever. That's the way the United States works. I don't like
it either, but I don't look at all of this as an idle exercise in wit.


I'll pass on Gabbard since she came out in favor of military confrontation with North Korea.


We get who we vote for, but all too often not what we hope we are voting for - until we start voting for what we really want instead of for a LOTE, we will keep circling the drain ... And there is nothing funny about that ...

As for what i "offer" - anybody who has been around here for any length of time knows that - I have been a Stein supporter for some time, and before that Nader...

I am frustrated as hell - but without a bit of humor here and there, stuff can easily deteriorate into personal insult and we have too much of that already ....


Really? She did .eh - tch,tch,tch .... good grief ...


I was a bit surprised when I saw the email from her office. I really had thought she had a bit more sense then that.