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Too Early, Says Sanders, But 2020 Run 'Not Off The Table'


Well, she was career military - the mindset is there - one does what one knows how to do ..


Oh agreed those are the fires Sanders feet should be held to. He says Trump's policies expose him as a fraud that he is. Ask Sanders if he is so concerned with fraud shouldn't he start at home with the DNC and the fraud it perpetrated on him and his followers? Or why does he repeat the fraudulent Russia story - Bernie - the media pushing it have admitted in private there is nothing there.

Also agree it is only the blatancy of Trump but isn't that point for all the libtards in the USA and in the allied nations. A percent of the population is good with mass murder and theft on a grand scale as long as it is massaged. Trump makes people uncomfortable with the same old - that they have not the observational skills to know it's all the same is a reality - but it will create a rebound left from a blatant right GOP to a disguised right DNC and that leaves the avenue open for a real left.

But back to the real problem - Sanders - is he really just a healthcare for all- militarist? He needs to be cornered on his complacency of him and his followers be defrauded by the DNC.

Key for change is how does MSM become discredited. Can it be?


I loathe Nader for running in 2000. He's a great guy, but talk about
clueless. Just what do you expect is going to happen with voting for
Nader, Stein, etc. Do you REALLY think it's for the best? I don't. I
loathe Hillary. Bernie would have been fine. Thanks for giving us the
2000 SCOTUS decision--essentially the END of the country as we know it.
Real funny.......


It says a lot that you loathe anyone who would dare to exercise their democratic right. And now that it is obvious conventions are rigged ....

Nader is one of the few decent people who cared enough to try ... and you loathe him?


Frankly, i,have decided that there is no point in wasting my own time in "asking" Sanders anything - it is rather clear to me, as i have said, where he is coming from - but for honest folk who want to "clear things up" I think it is indeed important o ask, and, more importantly, to get answers to, those questions ... The fact that he failed to challenge the fraud in his own party's primaries, and continues to tout a "Russian" cause for Trumps victory instead of the widespread disgust with his own party "suggests" he wants to protect his own party - "My party right or wrong, may it be right, but my party .."

I wonder if it is "lack of observational skills" or simply blatant denial of the fact their own party is screwing around, too - as in Sanders approach to it as mentioned above .... our loyalty to "our teams" is so entrenched it defies honest examination ... So where is the "real left" and what does that mean anyway ...

As dor discrediting the MSM - methinks the problem may be that in fact folks already don't really trust it - but just as with the parties, they pick sides to defend ... So U have been pushing, for some time, for us to be our own media and that means going back to the old ways - "non-partisan" newsletters, unfiltered, unedited by "the media' whether it is the MSM or "social media" distributed door to door - reaching all sides on a regular basis - everybody in an ares gets the same stuff - it would be somewhat different for rural vs urban vs suburban areas because particular concerns are different but they would be talking about the same basic stuff within those tailored contexts ... we do have some good writers, and with cartoons and humor, we could be the "best read in town" - we have shoe leather and copy machines and it wouldn't have to cost a fortune in each area ... shucks, Tom Paine fueled a revolution in this way, and he had to typeset! - if it's good enough for him, it's good enough for me - this is doable, but in this age of the magical computer, I can't seem to conjure any enthusiasm for such "lo-tech" "old-fashioned" stuff ....


What a mindfuck statement. Little suburban kids were sent to their deaths
by people like the Weatherman with shit like that "That I would loathe
anyone who would dare to exercise....."
Well, if you put it THAT way. Neat word tricks. But the universe does not
turn on word tricks. More like deeds. I have no idea WHY he did it, I
just know that he DID it likely knowing full well what the act was. Unless
of course he's as mentally fucked up as Trump, who is delusional, etc. So
that sort of knocks that one out the court.....


Oh Walter, still on that "Nader gave us Bush" kick - which has been so thoroughly debunked over and over ....

Do i really think it's for the best? Yeah, more and more all the time - we just need enough of us to do it ...

So you "loathe Hillary" and "Bernie would have been fine" - but Bernie wasn't on the ballot - so you would rather vote for someone you loathe than for someone who had an even better platform than Bernie's ..... Oh dear ... do you not see that is how we have gotten as low as we have ...


Okay, spouse and kids. We in this family are going to practice democracy tonight about what we're having for dinner. So let's vote.

But let me tell you before you vote, I'm only giving you two choices and you must vote for one or the other. So the two choices are boiled beef with potatoes or roast beef with potatoes.

What do you mean you want to vote for a salad because it's healthier? Better stop talking about that, it's undermining our democracy. I told you, you have to vote for one of the other of the choices I decided you get to vote for.


And your post reminds of this video:


Sure I do. But I did not cause it. Lay it on someone, not me.....


No, but you can help fix it ...


Look, I go to resistance events. I sign whatever I can. You can find me
at the Nation shouting off weekly. And you can help......


Hi LibWing,

Yes, you are right. We need a SP Bill so that all the Dems will have to stand up & be counted. Then it'a OUR job to primary & defeat all the nay sayers. For every million Americans who don't have health insurance, a Harvard Med School study says that more than a thousand will die, EVERY YEAR. So get rid of the mass murderers.

Whether Warren will support a SP bill is, of course, an open question. But I think she will, especially when you see how fast SP support is growing among Dems.
43% to 38 last January, and 52 to 30 in June of '17.

There is an argument to be made that the Dems' job right now is to mobilize opposition to TrumpCare, and that SP should be introduced AFTER the monstrosity has been defeated. That seems to be the opinion of Bernie Sanders, who has introduced SP in the Senate before, but now is traveling around the country speaking against TCare.

Certainly, Warren is not as principled and is more opportunistic than Bernie, but until the Greens or another 3rd party learn how to organize efficiently without corporate money (and I am a GP member) Bernie NEEDS Warren as part of his coalition, along with some Dems who are much worse than she is. So I'm not going to stomp on her.


That's more of your b.s. on Bernie. He said, don't focus too much on Trump's Russian/MoneyGate crapola, months ago. Fight with Warren, etc. on the dismantling of the regulatory laws affecting banking, the environment, net neutrality, et al. And, more MENA garbage, too. Saudi& Israeli dirty dealings, also. The situation there is being overlooked except for the Russian/Trump ceasefire.
He's trying to get people's attention to focus on McConnell. And, The Right Wing Agenda which he and the Koch's are proposing.
The MSM is driving the coverage of the Trump's Adm.'s effin' soap opera. There's only so much oxygen in the room. Trump sucks it up even with...being dumb as a post. It's a sham, actually.
Where's the outrage from your Greenies, or you, on all that, comrade smokescreen?


Hello Aquifer,

I don't know about you, but my life was saved by Medicaid (Medical in CA) when I had pneumonia with a fever of 106 degrees. It's a Single Payer system and it cost me nothing.

Passed by the Dems and now threatened by the Greedy Old Psychopaths.

I'm a Green and I voted for Jill. But don't tell me there is no difference between D's & R's. And try to pay a little more attention to real human beings, who live and die.


Great video and history. Thanks!


Sadly you are probably right about Sanders. without a Corbyn like take over of the DNC he would not even accomplish single payer.


a thumbs down to your comment.


The first order of business is transforming the DNC ... without a wholesale change he would pass nothing... the Dems will stand in the way.

Bernie has an opportunity to say the DNC defrauded its contributors who had a right to expect a honest result. This was a consumer issue and the DNC are criminally culpable. With the current lot SP will not pass - education - nope - etc....

Warren is not committed to SP...

Bernie has to stop saying "I respect them but we disagree"... it blunts his message. Try "we need wholesale change and those who disagree will be on the outside." Whether he respects them or not is not relevant . Enlist more for the party with a Promise to run Anyone against your platform out of the party. To embrace the email revelations and to oppose those who openly work against him.

Corbyn did it ... Bernie most popular politician in USA can't pull a coup? Without it - all his policies are noise. He needs the Dem label to win - but gutting the party is the only way forward.


Hmmm - trying to make sense out of a rather steam of consciousness post ...

He said a lot of things "months ago" - but he is still referring to "Russian interference" ...You want me to "fight with Warren"? or did you mean "fights"
And as for MENA - does he oppose arms sales to the ME - did he condemn O's Saudi or Israeli arms sales?

Yes, i know he is trying to focus attention on McConnell - of course, all the problems of the world are due to the big bad Rs (and the solution is to elect more Ds) And that has worked so well, hasn't it (smile)

Where;s the outrage - hmm, seems the thing with the Greens is that they, and I, are outraged at what is happening with ALL this stuff and understand quite well that it is both major parties who are perpetuating it ... and the only chance we have is to dump both parties - on sites like this simply crapping on Rs is like carrying coals to Newcastle - we all want to dump the Rs, but the Ds are standing in the way of fixing anything as well and Sanders is the (current) Pied Piper trying to get us to keep them in power ...

You oughta read some BAR and CP stuff on the subject ....(smile)

LOL! I am not the one casting the "smokescreen"