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Too Early, Says Sanders, But 2020 Run 'Not Off The Table'


Oh Lawrence - I am a retired doc, worked over 20 years in a hospital - i spent my whole professional life "paying attention to real human beings ..." trying to keep them from dying ...

But the Ds of today are not the Ds who passed Medicare, Medicaid and SS ... the last "healthcare" bill they passed, when they a majority of all 3 branches of gov't the ACA, was a Rep plan out of the Heritage Foundation - which lined the pockets of big insurance and big phrma and left millions out in the cold - O took SP "off the table" even before he got the nomination in '08 - the D controlled Sen hearings on healthcare under Baucus arrested a bunch of docs for trying to get SP as part of the discussions ... And now the Ds are "focused" on "saving the ACA" - so what will happen, instead of fighting like hell for SP - they will "work with" the Rs to get a "kinder, gentler" R bill and then come out looking like heroes for keeping those awful Rs from gutting it completely - :"look what we did - if it weren't for us, it would have been so much worse! We stood up for you!" Never mind that the bill which comes out is one that, in essence, extends the trend they started with the ACA - just "tweaked" a bit - so the Rs get in essence what they want and so do the Ds - both come out looking good to their faithful base - but we get screwed, again

The difference between Ds and Rs is that the Rs shoot you up front, where you can see them, the Ds stab you in the back and then hide, "we didn't do that!"


I am trying to "help" - i realized some time ago that we can march 'til our soles (and souls) wear out, phone 'til our ears fall off and type our fingers to the bone - but if we don't take that "resistance" to the polls, and better yet, if we don't take a positive agenda to the polls, stop voting for the lesser evil and start voting for the greater good - all that other stuff will be like spitting in the wind - all our "victories" can be undone in the next election ...


Tough shit. It's true, and I'll bet you know it.


You are the type who will bury us before we get off the ground.


My beef is that he is not really trying to "accomplish" much of anything other than to keep folks in the DP - that is his job as "Head of Outreach"


He doesn't want to "gut" the Party ...


Tough shit. It's true, and I'll bet you know it.

I know you are deluded. That is self evident. You also suffer from Danth's syndrome.

You are the silly type of person who keeps trying the same thing over and over hoping for change.

Lie to me once, lie........ Shame on you

Blame Nader who believes in democracy for stepping on the fascists toes - blame Nader for daring to exercise his rights under the very foundations of the US so-called system of democracy. Nader is a far superior person and intellect than those he challenged. A guy who cares rather than the soul sucking liar classes. And him you loath? Outrageous.

Nader reveals that only about 1 or 2 % of the population has any discernible thinking skills

William Casey to Ronald Regan when asked in 1980 what he felt was the CIA's role "We'll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false."

The Democratic party/ CIA & MSM are all in lockstep. And you blame Nader - that is just sick.

Politicians are only a small part of the problem. The public's inability to think and susceptibility to obvious propaganda is the bigger problem.

Maybe that's why Dylan wrote later in life "I used to care but things have changed."


I am afraid you are correct. And it needs gutting and Bernie needs the logo to win. Marketing is everything - and if he had the party name he would probably win.

Why I would like to see his feet held to the fire and as I like his rhetoric. Corbyn is the real deal, Sanders needs to do is required to win. Pleading with the zombies to see the light is a chump's approach.

I suspect you are correct in your analysis.

Voting third party will lose but at least we can piss of Walter. That is something.


Huff Po took THE dive shortly after Arianna H. sold it and sold-out - and not long afterward, and similarly, with the "Guardian". Both of which, look like farcical mutations of "USA Today". Just goes to show, Bill, how now, WE the People, are under constant assault by corporations. Not only do these, "its", hide the criminal behaviors of the oligarchs, (no insult meant for the Addams Family!) - BUT these "its" project "value" savagely, by wringing-out We the People's lives for profits, ravaging our Planet - now you see it, now you don't - and Peace to an "it" = war. These "its" paint everything around "its" selves, as itself - psycho savages! So, to "them", We the People, aren't deserving of the truth - 'cuz to an oligarch, the "truth" is whatever the hell "they" say it is ..... or else - it's to a private prison for us, with "its" slave laborers - making solar panels, I just read.


Hello Aquifer,

As an MD you have my total respect.

But political perspective - that's something else. As much as I want Single Payer, I fail to see how adding 20 million people to health insurance is "stabbing you in the back." Yes, ObamaCare was an R plan 20 years ago, but now the R's want to take more than 20 million back OFF the roles, and raise prices for everyone else except the young and healthy.

There are no magic wands in politics. You have to go through all the steps. If we want Single Payer, we have to PRIMARY all the corpo-dems in congress and replace them with BernieCrats who will vote for universal care. And then make sure they beat the Grotesque Old Psychopaths. That won't happen on the ideologically segregated internet. We have to go door to door and pound the streets. And respectful listening is more effective than denunciations. It's hard. It's exhausting. But it's the best way to make real change. And it can be deeply satisfying.


And you suffer from a mild case of logorrhea. As if I don't already know most of the facts you present. I am well aware. Now, your assignment is to work withing those facts towards delivering us someone we can at least sort of be in agreement with. You know, the real world. Unfortunately THAT IS WHERE WE FIND OURSELVES.


The real world - such a subjective concept.


Sure is for you. Not me. I have to live in it every shiteating day. 59,
gay, made it through AIDS with most of my classmates from college dead.
Yeah, it's quite real. No retirement. No family money. Sound real yet?


Ah, your assertion that my steam is weaker than your waterbucket full of " whata, whata, whatas " , is why greenies are always so blue. They like posing, a lot. Are you a model, per chance?
Posing ??s, and little else. Whata crock, mostly.
Steam moves engines and steam cleans, too.
Waterbuckets are for people who sometimes need to soak their stinky feet. Even when it's someone else's water.


Don't think you NEED to piss off Walter--he's already been DONE by this society. Do you have any idea what it feels like? Do you ever have real discussions with people outside of your social cohort? Tell me something I don't already know.


I would hate to be you and write about another poster in such a stupid fashion. You are failure for "us" although you and I probably live in utterly different universes..


Agreed Warren is a slimy opportunist. Where you say the point of introducing a bill is to out those against it is on the money.

I like Sanders and he does seem sincere but he is unwilling to expose the faux progressives.

He is unwilling.to attack those who cheated and to run with the evidence revealed by the emails. He even suggests the Russians released it - he downplays it but he will not reform the Dem party by playing nice

He needs to talk about the corruption in the party and move to clean house. If he said I intend to clean house and I want millions to sign up so I can accomplish just that he might actually succeed. But thinking he can get most existing corporately owned Democrats to change course is either naive or disingenous.

Corbyn ousted the old guard in the U.K. Labour - Sanders needs to do the same or else it is all rhetoric.


Different universes.

Loath Nader for running and it follows those who voted for him.

Real world truth - people died because 99% voted for one of the two war parties.

You said I know what you said was true - it wasn't true - you vote evil?

I don't vote evil - greater or lesser.

Blaming people who won't vote evil ? Think about what is implied.

People who voted Stein did not elect Trump. Those who voted Trump elected Trump.

Those who didn't vote Stein or Johnson however did vote for war.


While I respect you for voting your conscience, I'm afraid you may be
disrespecting others who don't vote for a solid antiwar candidate.
Besides, the rest I told you went right over your head. Which surprises me
not the least. Life is quite hard for a lot of us right now in the U.S. If
you cannot discuss those issues I'm afraid we have zero to discuss.


And I don't "vote evil." But you do generalize, stupid.